Anna Stahn/Denmark

Anna Stahn


Text, Sculpture, film

residency 2018 November






I live and work in Copenhagen. I am a visual artist, writer and filmmaker, often combining all three medias in film, drawing or installation projects.
Aesthetically and content-wise, I am interested in sociality and finding ways of working in social plat-forms, but keeping a strong sense of own-style and handwriting. Beside my own praxis I participate in a lot of collaborations and run a weekly writing group at the art academy in Copenhagen. Here, we develop student-based teaching, respond to each other’s work and create new work collectively. I also run a small publishing house Longetti with a Danisg writer Julia Bertelsen, we publish short stories, essays and non-fiction.
Another continuous element in my works ate the use of garnish, hobby materials, make costumes, wearable sculptures, social performance experiments,
and write poetry in a consumerist pop language to investigate the feminine, the comic and the cute.
I feel related to artist as Isa Genzken, Meret Oppenheim and writer Hiromi Ito and young poets writing in the genre ‘Gurlesque’ (girly and grotesque) in this interest.
My work have been published in several magazines in Denmark and in one New York based magazine, I have published two small books.
In the past years I have been making a collaborative film project with colleagues
in Tokyo, the collaboration gained both aesthetic experience, language
experience and helped me find new potential for works, expanded my skills and
thoughts and I wish to return and learn more, collaborate with more Japanese
artist who work differently from me but whom I share visions and interest with.

社会性に関心があり、SNSなどソーシャルプラットホームの中で働く方法を探しています。しかし、自分のスタイルの強い感覚や手書きを継続してもいます。さらに、多くのコラボレーションに参加したり、コペンハーゲンにて毎週のライティンググループを運営したりしています。このグループでは互いの作品について意見しあったり、共同で制作を行うと言った生徒が中心となる学び方を開発しています。また、小さな出版社『 Longetti / ロンゲッティ』も他のライターと共同運営し、短編集やノンフィクションのエッセイなどを出版しています。私の作品の中の要素は他に、装飾や好きな素材を使うこと、衣装や着用可能な彫刻の制作、社会的性能の実験、詩を通して女性らしさを理解すること、漫画、可愛いものなどがあります。
数年の間、東京で合作映画制作に携わりました。それは仕事につながる出会いや技術や視野を広げる美しい経験でした。自分とは全く異なる日本人のアーティストと共同制作を行ったり、意見や関心について話してみたいです。Translation:Mina Ino

Anna Stahn, the writer of ‘Daily Miracle’ and Yukako Atsuchi, the Japanese translator will read the text ’Bathhouses’ together out loud at the exhibition in the closed Takasagoyu Kikunoyu Onsen bathhouse in Kofu as a performance for the opening in English and Japanese.

‘Daily Miracle’ is a small book containing four short stories and various illustrations of painted prints and will be published in Japan this autumn Friday afternoon. Its about sorority, fallen-fruits, jealousy and companionship and translated by gifted translator and reader Yukako Atsuchi into Japanese.




[Daily Miracle] It consists of four short stories by bilingual
Anna Stahn
Translated to Japanese by Yukako Atsuchi
Participatory reading performance English & Japanese /参加型朗読パフォーマンス日英
Day 1 : [Bathhouse] with Yukako Atsuchi  厚地由佳子
Day 2 [Gardener] with Araya Michika 新谷みち香