William Matheson/USA

William Matheson



painting, drawing, video

residency December 2018







My current paintings explore conflicted relationships based on touch, interaction and control, manifesting themselves as awkward yet sensual moments between physical bodies. A foot on top of a face, a foot on a shoulder, and even a disembodied leg searching for connection all reveal a thread of uneasiness and the absurd. How we communicate, and all so often miscommunicate is at the core of my current work.

My process begins with locating and re-working found sources- appropriated images become reconsidered, portraying something that shifts between precarious and playful. The figures I create often contain a sense of ineffectuality, like performers ill equipped for their roles.

At AIRY I want to continue with utilizing figurative work to explore the absurd, while also incorporating elements from recent readings of poetry and literature. I’ve been engaging with the work of Kitasono Katue and Sagawa Chika, and I’m very excited by the both poet’s usage of dark mercurial imagery in conjunction with abstraction. I would hope to make a group of small paintings at AIRY that incorporates these inspirations, culminating in a series that continues my exploration of communication and interaction in a more abstract, dark, slippery fashion.