Heewoo Jeong /South Korea

Heewoo Jeong

South Korea


Visual Art, rubbing, painting, installation

residency February 2019







I document cities. 

I am living in Seoul, rapidly changing city. Seoul was severely destroyed through the Korean War in 1950s. Ever since then, a lot of construction has happened in Seoul. In early times, they built buildings to live in. Nowadays they deconstruct those buildings and construct the larger buildings. For the result, I lose my historical places. I lost the house I lived in when I was 9. On that site, there is 5-story building. Seoul is always renewed like this. 

I document places to remember. 

Using rubbing technique, I make documentations with the name, <Peeling the City>. I made documentations from signs on the ground, on the street, and the walls from apartment. Relentless construction and deconstruction in Seoul take these away before long. 

I document cities with touch.

I don’t photograph to record. I rub to record. I like this way because I touch the object I record. You can record things from distance if you use camera. But if you use rubbing technique, you will make contact with the object. I feel I am taking care of the object when I make rubbing out of it. It is important for me to touch things that will disappear soon.