Bangkok ‘Art Study Tour’

Bangkok ‘art study tour’

January 2019

Bangkok Art Biennalle



Visiting Bangkok Thailand a week on January 2019, this is a continued ‘art study tour’ to Thailand from last year was Chiang Mai. The high light is the first Biennalle in Bangkok, Bangkok Art Biennalle [BAB] -Biyond Bliss that was held Oct 19, 2018 – Feb 3rd, 2019. Involving 75 artists from 33 countries.
Amazing thing is the addmission is free except Temple venues along the river Chao Phraya because of donations from companies.


Dinh Q. Le [Pure Land] @
Tang Contemporary Art


Art Space [Tentacles]


Art Study Tour Participants:

Yumi Ozawa, Izumi Sakamoto, Mio Negishi(Bangkok)