Noriko Nakamura/Australia

Noriko Nakamura

Born in Japan based in Australia

Installation, Sculpture

Studio Artist May 10th-23rd 2019


ナカムラ ノリコ



スタジオアーティスト 2019年5月10-23日

Animism is the belief that the boundary between the physical and spiritual is not absolute, but can be transgressed. According to this idea a spiritual force resides in all things; animals, objects, even landscapes. My work uses stone carving and organic elements to make installations drawing on ideas of animism and ritualistic practices.

In my recent exhibition “Erosion” , large limestone boulders were placed in their natural state, forming an anchor in the centre of the exhibition space, creating a path between the video projections which documented the environment and literal, physical form in Mount Gambier. My previous work had consisted of smaller scale hand carved limestone sculptures with designs informed by mythology and folk-tales. I was originally going to carve limestone for this exhibition, however after visiting the quarry in Mount Gambier and deep consideration, I decided to leave the boulders in the forms in which they were excavated. I realised that excavation is a large form of carving from the earth by mechanical forces. I seek to show how materials change in an effort to temporarily transgress boundaries that are set up by systems of categorisation.




AIRY’s current studio artist Noriko Nakamura (Melbourne) is joining Open Airy program. We have organised a casual cross talk event for this Saturday. Baby Rina is joining too. Please come along, kids are all welcomed.

Title: Kofu→London→Melbourne Dates: Saturday 18th May 1:00pm-1:20pm Artist talk 1:30pm-2:30pm Cross talk

Talk topics: Why did I leave Japan? My story of how I moved to Australia after dropping out of high school in Kofu. Thinking about Kofu from an overseas perspective. Motherhood etc.

This is an English and Japanese bilingual event. No booking needed. Free entry.

Noriko Nakamura She was born in Kofu in 1986. She currently lives and works in Melbourne. Noriko moved to Australia after dropping out of high school in Kofu. She graduated from high school in a small town called Geelong. After this she moved to England to study fine art at Central Saint Martins college for a year. Following this Noriko studied fine art for four years at Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne. She maintains her art practice while teaching at Melbourne Uni. Noriko has an 11 month old baby and is a current Airy studio artist until the 23rd of May.

5月のスタジオアーティスト ノリコ ナカムラ(メルボルン)がオープンエアリーに登場します。気軽なクロストークの会を計画しました。

1:00pm-1:20pm 作品紹介
1:30pm-2:30pm Cross talk

会場:甲府市丸の内2-37-2  AIRY 二階スタジオ

作家:ノリコ ナカムラ


ノリコ ナカムラ
Instagram: @norikonakamuracat


projector showing of these 10 years art works

cross talk with the participants
Yamanashi Jpmon Dogu inspire on Animizm or Motherhood
The first Happy Birthday to Rina next week














Created with great influence on Japanese Shinto Animism

How to convey it within the framework of western culture

Life lives on everything

I am attracted to Japanese houses especially ‘Fusuma’

It is a door, a wall, and a mechanism that changes the space

The sculpture works mainly use limestone

A life should be dwelling on a stone raised by seawater at the bottom of the sea

Involved in Artist Run space for 5 years in Melbourne

How do I change after having a baby?

Want to make use of the joy I get from childbirth and child care

Women can change physically and mentally

I do not think that it is difficult to produce because there are children

The concept of motherhood will be added to future research and creattion