Stephanie Whitelaw /UK

Stephanie Whitelaw


installation, sculpture, eco therapy

Residency July 2019







I am an installation Artist, Sculptor and Eco Therapist who is working site specifically within both urban and natural space. Building installation inside and outside; I predominantly work with wood, stone, mirror, fabric and with the land itself.  I am currently working with fallen tree, minimising my material use. My work is sight responsive, reacting with sensitivity – to what already exists. Following organic processes of ephemerality, fluidity and transformation my work attempts to make connections that are seen and unseen – revealing the threads that run through ourselves and our environment.

I believe it is important to honour what is already here. I create transitory installations, establishing a space where the elements meet and harmonise momentarily, underlining a state of impermanence. I also use photography to explore the seen and unseen, capturing something that will never be here again.

I have three years experience facilitating creative Art workshops with community groups in London and Edinburgh. I believe creativity is born out of Nature – we are all creative and nature can help guide us back to our intrinsic creative selves.  I am interested in the deep exploration of the self in nature and what it evokes for us creatively.

During an Artist Residency in Shimoyoshida, Japan last year, I was able to build and reconfigure an outdoor installation space for the local community. I worked closely with the land and natural form and material.  Working with earth and land rhythm, The space was liminal in its fluidity – evolving and lyrical. This concept of ‘liminality’ is something I am still exploring within my work.  I believe it is both local and universal and exists everywhere.

During my stay at Airy, I plan to develop ephemeral installations that explore liminality; as a place where we find ourselves passing through.  Liminality is a rite of passage where everything is fluid and nothing is fixed. I believe without hierarchy or order, transformation can take place.  Merging Art and Eco Therapy, I would also like to reach out and provide workshops for the local community., further exploring how we relate to each other and to our surrounding environment and the objects that inhabit it.



私はロンドンとエジンバラのコミュニティグループと一緒にクリエイティブアートワークショップを円滑に進めた3年間の経験があります。創造性は自然から生まれたものだと思います -。私たちは皆創造的であり、自然は私たちを本来の創造的な自己へと導きます。私は自然の中で自己を深く探求し、それが創造的に私たちに何を呼び起こすかに興味を持っています。

昨年、日本の下吉田でアーティストレジデンシーで、私は地元のコミュニティのために屋外のインスタレーションスペースを構築して再構成することができました。私は土地や自然の形や素材と密接に協力しました。地球と土地のリズムを使って作業すると、その空間は流動性の点で限界的でした 。進化と叙情的ーこの「限界性」の概念は、私がまだ私の仕事の中で探求しているものです。私はそれがローカルでありそして普遍的でありそしてどこにでも存在すると信じます。


Translation: Olly Thwaite, Yuko Kanda



A big “Mandala” installed by all the participants using natural materials. Some material of flowers and branches are prepared by artist and staff the day before.

精神を落ち着かせる など
Installation starting by the center of Mandala

Plus we started walking to the park and touch the trees, smell the flowers, picking up stones before creating Mandala. It was s good start of releasing our sensory. 


山梨の自然からインスピレーションを受けた作品をインスタレーションとして展示します。 また、エコセラピストでもある作家ステファニーが、五感で楽しむ「愛宕山サイレントウオーク」を開催いたします。 両日とも10:00エアリー出発 12:00同解散、予約制です。 歩きやすい靴と雨具をご用意ください。

12才以上、各回5名まで。無料 お名前、希望日、電話番号を添えてメールにてお申し込みください。