Stefan Guggisberg/Switzerland

Stefan Guggisberg

Born in Swiss lives/works German

drawing, painting

Residency September 2019






Since the advent of quantum theory we can assume that the universe does not reduce to elementary particles. If the universe is not made up of particles, it cannot be partitioned. This also means that we humans are not parts of reality but rather participants; we enter into the universe at the same time as it enters into us. I am a participant in a process of continual genesis. The universe is continually forming itself anew from out of a living web of interrelations at the micro level. It is from this structure that everything comes into being. As one of its participants I have direct knowledge of its nature, I have direct knowledge of the interrelations between spirit and matter, of the nature of the living.

In my work I am attempting to let this knowledge guide the process. The main constituents of this process are the application, distribution and removal of paint on paper. The aim is to develop a chaotic chromatic structure, which I intuitively attempt to steer into an ordered pictorial structure. This structure is the result and manifestation both of inner movements and the external visible world. I see the intersection of the two as a kind of cosmology.



Translation: Olly Thwaite, Yuko Kanda


① AIRY会場⛰EXHIBITION 会場:山梨県甲府市丸の内2-37-2

date:2019.9.20(fri)18:30-20:00 opening

MMM Café/ Macau Cuisine & Drink

9.21(sat)22(sun)11:00-18:00 Exhibition

artist:Stefan Guggisberg/ Switzerland  mixed media


photos by Aki Yamamoto