Thomas Lord

Thomas Lord / NZ

Residency Artist July 2024

New Zealand

Painting, Photography, Sound Art

Thomas Lord

Thomas Lord is an artist and educator from New Zealand who works as a lecturer in photography at the Dunedin School of Art. Between 2012-2014 he lived in Yamanashi as an ALT at Masuho and Kyonan Senior High Schools where he formed a love for this area of ​​Japan.

His practice is primarily in photography, but he also has exhibitions in painting where nostalgia, ecology and different modes of time form a common thread between the two media. He utilizes very slow methods of photography to explore the interconnectedness between living things and make representations that ask questions regarding our place in the cosmos. During his time at AIRY he has made photographs and daily drawings of details and often overlooked moments which form a kind of visual poetry of nature, memory and the overlapping experiences of time spent here.




Thomas Lord Exhibition “Caught A Glimpse / 垣間見る”

photos, drawings, paintings   

date:July 27th sat, 28th sun 11:00-18:00

*cyanotype photo demonstration & workshop  27th 14:00-16:00

作家によるデモンストレーション&ワークショップ ご参加ください。

venue: AIRY 2F gallery

admission free


*cyanotype photo (サイアノタイプ写真)とは

青写真(あおじゃしん cyanotype、サイアノタイプ、シアノタイプ)は、青色の発色を特徴とする19世紀に発明された写真方式。日光(太陽光)で印画することができるため日光写真ともいう。