Donation to AIRY/寄付のお願い

一期一会 ichi-go-ichi-e     書:松村瑞山

Once-in-a -lifetime Chance







店舗/営業所  2012年1月現在

① 「西ときわ食堂」 甲府市丸の内2丁目  一口:一万円分(100円券x100枚綴り)食事券

② 「喜久の湯」  甲府市朝日町  一口:3,650円分(10枚綴り)入浴券

Since AIRY is managing only by the stay resident artist’s hotel expenses fundamentally, an activity budget is abundant but never becomes precocious.

Moreover, not only hotel expenses but the artist needs to work out expenses, such as food expenses, transportation expenses, and painting-tools expenses.

I want the artists who come from domestic or overseas to carry out art activities as hard as possible with the background in Kofu in Yamanashi. The direction which carries out the support to AIRY begun in such a feeling is under collection.

Although I regarded the contributory method as various owner, it was considered in order to also attain activation of the area.

He buys the coupon in the following stores/offices, and contribute for AIRY.

Resident artists use these coupons effectively in a daily life in Kofu city.

As a result, artists can keep the inside of Kofu in a contributory benefit, taking a walk happily.

And it is said that cash goes also into a store/office.

A store/office    As of January, 2012

“Nishi Tokiwa Shokudo” 2-chome, Marunouchi, Kofu-shi

10,000 yen coupon (100 yen  x 100 sheet) meal ticket

“Kikunoyu”    Asahi, Kofu-shi-cho

3,650 yen coupn (10 sheet ) bathing ticket