Donation to AIRY/寄付のお願い

一期一会 ichi-go-ichi-e     書:松村瑞山

Once-in-a -lifetime Chance




銀行口座:山梨中央銀行 本店 普通口座 2094421 AIRY


AIRY is organizing only with the residence artist’s payment basically, therefore the activity budget is never abundant.

In addition the residency artists need to pay expenses such as meals, transportation and art materials. We would like all artists who come from all over the world to Yamanashi are able to do art creations enough.

If you feel like supporting residency artists kindly please support AIRY donating to this Bank Accout.

This will contribute to raising the culture scene of Yamanashi Prefecture.

The name of the donor’s name on the website will be announced and an art work will be presented. With a feeling of gratitude

Bank Account: Yamanashi Chuo Bank(head office) 20944211 AIRY