Liisa Kruusmägi/Estonia

Liisa Kruusmägi


paint, illustration

2015 November – December






I am freelancer artist living and working in Tallinn, Estonia. I finised my graduate studies 2013 in Fine Art Departement at Estonian Academy of Arts. Now I am mostly working with exhibition projects, illustration and teaching in Estonian Academy of Arts.

Last two years I have been working mostly with personal topics. I have been looking back and forward to my life. I think it is related with fact that I just finished my degree and I am thinking what to do next in my life.

Last exhibition that I took part was Journey in Tallinn at Vaal Gallery. It was a group exhibition with three artist. I had there large-scale installation with title Detour. It consisted different format and material works.

I took topic Journey as a long road that we have to pass in our lives and Detour comes from when you just stop for a while from this long way and look back and forward and think what and why we are going along. Every piece have own small statement, and titles are going to lead viewer in strange maybe even misunderstanding level. If I say it shortly all this installation is one period/condition from my life.

I started to make these large-scale and different materials-format installations two years ago. I get bored making series with same technique and I am always enthusiastic to start with something that I havent done before. So my first that kind of installative work was my thesis project about dreams that I saw. I lived half a year writing up all my dreams and living according to them and made artworks based on that kind of living.

Next installation took part in exhibition America Talks and New York Sketchbook. It was half a year later when I visited New York and I made installation based on short strange notes that I found from public places.

I am really interested in public places and how people behave there. It all became in 2011 when I started to collect overheard stories from public places, mostly in buses and trams in Tallinn. I really liked how these small random sentences are showing the time and enviornment where we are living. I did this project in Tallinn and when I moved to study in Rhode Island School of design then I continued it. Also it was very nice to compare these both societies.

My works are very commonly looking into absurdity that we have in our society. As I mentioned before I really like to scan people behaviours in public places. Like example beach. Its a place where all come, rich and poor fat and skinny. They took off their clothes showing their body and doing staff that they are usually doing. It is one purest way that people do in one place so close to each other. Usually people have or want to have their own space above them, they close doors in apartements and show only this kind of part of themselves that is safe. So I am interested to look behind that, look how we really are and how we act in situations that we are not used to.

In this residency I would like to start with my personal exhibition project that is at the moment in thinking process. Topics that I am interested is Fear, Disgust and Lost. All of them are related with people and city and partly also with myself.















[We Are Homesick for Most of the Places We Have Never Known]

Liisa Kruusmagi/Estonia   2015,12,26 saturday

11:00-18:00  exhibition



リーサ・クルースマギ (エストニア) Liisa Kruusmägi
絵画、イラストレーション /2015年11-12月滞在

[We Are Homesick for Most of the Places We Have Never Known]
★★★ 17:00-朗読音響パフォーマンス ★★★
[performance made with JHP]

予約不要 無料


山梨に滞在した二ヶ月間の作品をインスタレーション形式で発表します。今年9月のバンクーバーでの個展「The Other」、10月のシカゴでのグループ展「Maailm Poleb」から継続する展覧会です。作品は日本社会についての私自身の考えや、私の表現がどのようにこの世界で生き残るのかについての考察が基になっています。

Installation of works that I did during my residency in Japan. It is continuation of the solo show “The Other” (Vancouver, September 2015) and group exhibition “Maailm Põleb” (Chicago, October 2015). Exhibited works represent my interpretation of Japan society and teach you how to survive in this world.


Calendar 2016 /A5

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