Sophie Beneteau/France

Sophie Beneteau


Photography, drawing, painting, installation

residency 2016, May






SofiA Beneteau Protrait1 - コピー


My artistic research calls into question its own form through performance and ephemeral installation – media which allow the public to easily interact with my work. My creations focus on two highly interconnected themes:

territory/cartography and urbanisation/architecture.


I intend to let my feet guide me as I strive to better understand Japanese urbanisation. Walking commemorates the slowness of the human experience of space and time. I will walk daily, gaining a thin perception of urban organization and environment. Walking will allow me to discover anodyne places, ways of life, artisans at work. During these walks, I will take photos, and draw a chalk arrow on the ground in the precise place of each shot. I will be able to briefly inhabite urban space with the softest of touches.


Last October, I went in Japan, this time of observation has inspired me to learn more about Japanese culture. I have decided to return for a longer period during the spring, focusing on medium sized cities. The location of your residency is perfect for my research because it is the regional capital and is located in a beautiful natural environment close to the mountains. That your residence is in close contact with locals and farmers is a further attraction.

I am very interested in working in public space because it is open to everyone. My photography will be a memory of this ephemeral action. At the end of the residency, I would like to project the photography on a glass painted with white meudon.


人々が私の仕事と対話することを可能にするメディア – 私の芸術的なリサーチは、パフォーマンスとインスタレーションを通じて表現しています。作品は、2つの高度に相互接続されたテーマに焦点を当てています。それは領土または地図作成と、都市化または建築です。









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