Zhuowen Ma/China

Zhuowen Ma



painting, multidisplinary installation

residency July 2017











This summer in Japan is a beautiful being. I work in the studio at night with summer heat and breeze. Starting from an idea, a color, or whatnot, I look at them and see how they would become. I’m really into creating images, space or presence that holds a parallel yet distinct relationship to the world. There’s a charming fact that material is sometimes resistant and becomes something totally unintentional, which is always the surprise in the process.

In Japan there’s no hang-ups about loving cute. Cute is for everyone. Young and old, women and men. I embrace the cuteness and find it very inspiring. Cute touches something that is primal in a human being. It could be raw, innocent, goofy, fragile, embarrassing, playful, urgent, and make no sense. There are always this inner child and the wonderful and scary world coexisting in my work. They pull on each other and offers a sense of myself.