Danika van Kaathoven/Netherlands

Danika van Kaathoven



product design, image making

residency February 2018







I graduated from the Product Design department of ArtEZ University of the Arts in Arnhem, the Netherlands. I have a fascination for storytelling, poetry and the interplay between words and objects. In my work I dive into the world of everyday objects and observe and play with their ‘’rules’’ and interpretations. For me, it is all about exploring the amazing potential of the ordinary objects we surround ourselves by and finding new shapes and silhouettes that are hidden in our daily lives.

In June 2017, I graduated with THE WALLS WERE COVERED WITH CUT-OUTS, a project where I studied the idea of positive and negative space through the paper cut-out. Cutting paper with a pair of scissors became my starting point to experiment with shape in a direct and intuitive way. I explored the intentionally cut form and the residual form (‘’rest form’’) that simultaneously appeared. Rest form does not mean waste. I consider both parts of the cut-out, its positive and negative shape – the form and the rest form – as equally valuable. There is an interaction between the two where they influence each other. I was fascinated by the poetic simplicity of the cut-out and the amazing beauty and potential I saw in the forms that appeared while cutting in old newspapers, magazines and advertisements. The cut-out became my platform to play with the perception of the ordinary.
With the poetic simplicity of the cut-out and this idea of form and rest form in mind, I started my dynamic design process: by combining the cutting technique with other simple methods, such as folding and pasting, I constantly transformed the shapes, creating an evolutionary chain of new forms while keeping an eye on both form and rest form. It resulted in a broad collection consisting of scarves, chair covers and paper collages, which show my love for playing with shapes and silhouettes.

During this Artist in Residence, I will continue to develop my graduation project and work on a new series of form and rest form. I want to dive into the Japanese daily life and zoom in on the objects that play a part in it. I plan on analyzing these everyday objects and their silhouettes using the idea of form and rest form. Through its objects, I want to learn more about Japanese culture and explore the shapes and silhouettes that are hidden in Japan’s daily life.


大学卒業時の紙の切り抜きによるポジティブ・ネガティブスペースのアイディアを研究した「THE WALLS WERE COVERED WITH CUT-OUTS ー 切り抜きで覆われた壁」というプロジェクトは直接的で直観的な方法という形を試みる原点となった。意図的に切り抜かれた形と同時に現れるそれ以外に残った紙の形を探求した。その切り残しは単なるゴミというわけではなく、そのポジティブかつネガティブな形ー意図的に切り抜かれた形と切り残しの形ーの両方が同じように価値のあるものだと考えている。互いに影響を及ぼしあうその2つの間にはある相互作用がある。古い新聞紙や雑誌、広告を切り抜いていた時に現れた様々な形の中にみたその詩的な単純さと素晴らしい美しさと可能性に魅了され、作家にとって切り抜きは日常の知覚と戯れる土台となった。


AIRYに滞在する間、このプロジェクトを続け、切り抜きと切り残しの新しいシリーズに取り組む。作家は日本の日常生活に飛び込み、そこに溶け込んでいる物をクローズアップしてその形やシルエットを分析して、新しいシリーズに反映させる。それらを通して日本文化を知り、日常生活に隠された形やシルエットを探求したい。Translation:  Mina Ino



A playful analysis of daily life in Kofu, Japan








会場:AIRY  400-0031 山梨県甲府市丸の内2-37-2  2F

opening 24th 16:00-18:00,

artist talk, live music: Djembe+whistle+guitar


(re)semblance is a series of photographs and collages, inspired by and taken from daily life in Kofu, Japan. It is a playful analysis of everyday settings that are very real and familiar, yet always combined with a slight twist of reality.

I treasure the poetic side of daily scenes and always look for different ways to interpret the things people see on a regular basis and the steps people might have taken a thousand times before, but perhaps not thinking more of it than being mere trivial encounters.

Throughout the simple method of collage-making, I give shape to my impressions of life in Kofu city and show the original silhouettes that are hidden in these Japanese daily scenes.





Ms.Danika van Kaathoven’s wonderful exhibition at AIRY in Kofu, Yamanashi, Japan this weekend !


今週末、オランダ出身の女性作家 ダニカさんの個展が開かれています。