Summer Residency Chemin Du Bonheur

坂本 泉 |Sakamoto Izumi

Drawing, Steching, Installation, Performance

Residency 3 – 13th Auguat 2020

Residency Hosts: Hideo and Takami Hosokawa

Technical support: Ryu Motosugi, Ikumo Motosugi


the gallery view from the accomodation
the entrance and clear house (tiny house for studio or gallery)
lovery grape shelf view from accomodation
water closet and gallery view
HITOSTUKI graffity in the back wall of gallery



運営方法が少し変わりましたが、 手の行き届いた快適な空間で思う存分制作に打ち込むことができました。改めて自分の住む界隈を見回して、アーティストの制作と発表スペースがあることを確認することができました。これからも自律的なアーティストの活動を自ら進めてまいります。

starting with Washi paper and yarn
the paper comes from Josephine Watanabe Vejrich illustration
morning accomodation of the exhibition .. after 10 days
color chart of yarns on the desk
12th August 2020
‘Chemin Du Bonheur’ 幸せの小径
outdoor exhibition has lot of abilities, display itself was so fun
can you imagine this beutiful house is a water closet toilett and..
Van Gogh and me and tiny house
every works are displayed on the back showing which is unconcious side
In search and chill of shadow
these are from Gogh
[I got new hope to learn from the classics] 
this is from Jean Francois Millet
daily sketches on every morning
the clear wall of tiny house mixes green and sketch
mountain wind goes throgh this small space
house made elder flower tea served 🥤



Chemin De Bonheur hosted by Takami and Hideo Hosokawa
appreciate treats and gifts from Hokutoshi friends