Andree-Anne Mercier/Canada

Andree-Anne Mercier



Painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, computer art

Residency October – November 2017


アンドリーアン・ メルシー





I’m a multidiciplinary artist; painting, drawing, sculpture, installation and computer art are my skills. I want to include in my work kitsch of different cultures and nation. In order to do so, I must learn and open my universe.
My approach is eclectic : it varies of abstract arts to figurative portraits; installation to collage; illustration to video. What gathers my corpus it’s a certain taste for irony, absurd and everyday life. On the visual plan, the pastel or pop colors, the rounded off and soft forms, miniatures, compose the majority of my work.
My practice explores the universe of popular culture and tends to question various aspect of the society. I offer a mockery of the society through absurd, colored and dreamlike universe. I want to raise the commonness of everyday life and give it an impressive status. My approach tends to accept, to analyze and to use all the elements carried by hand to make it playful and accessible. I work with objects who have served and are now old-fashion, anecdotes which took place and were
transformed and forgotten in time. They are there and waiting to serve.
The use of mass consumption is for me a way to question and criticize the subject. An auto-derisory shutter sector is always present in my work; I’m include in the mass thus, I self-criticize myself. I use kitsch as esthetic template and the ways of marketing popular culture as autopromotion of my work.
I also play with the status and convention of the art world; transform an object from a trash can into an art piece, it’s fascinating. The mediocrity calls out to question me and I position it in an imaginery universe, where the limit between truth and forgery is thin. Playful and easily accessible, my work questions the everyday life of the mass. By using key referents and humour, it can be appreciated
by the common run of people.



Kei Ota (太田恵以)Japan,USA

Kei Ota

born in Japan lives in NY

painting, drawing, photography

residency September – October 2017







Kei Ota (b. 1988) was born in Osaka, Japan and grew up in New Jersey, USA. Previously she spent 16 years as a full-time ballet dancer before graduating from New York University in 2013 with a BFA in Studio Art. She currently works as an art educator for Studio in a School and Queens Museum in NYC.

This will be Ota’s first extended stay in her mother country since she was a child. In returning to her father’s hometown of Kofu she intends to investigate her deep ancestral connections and Japanese roots. Her research includes the lives of her late grandfather Eizo Ota and her late uncle Toru Ota. Eizo served as a Chief of Police in Kofu, implementing the first traffic technology in the 70’s. He was not only a civil servant, but an artist as a self-taught photographer. His son Toru, having watched his father’s dark room procedures, went on as a photojournalist with a 30-year career before his untimely passing in 2016.

Utilizing Eizo and Toru’s personal archives and collecting anecdotes from friends and family, Ota hopes to retrace her family’s steps and record both the visible and invisible changes in the city of Kofu since their time.

Ota will explore how the longing for home and cultural identity within herself shift as she uncovers her family’s lineage of image-makers, from Eizo to Toru. She hopes to create a dialogue around the idea of memory, loss, and a reconfiguration of identity based on bi-cultural experiences between the US and Japan.

Ota works in painting, drawing, and photography. Through the lens of biculturalism and her experience as a dancer, she is interested in investigating the power of the visual image and its physical and emotional presence to the viewer.









Flowing Out 2017 出店


Kei Ota Exhibition “えいぞう”

Sat 28th-Sun 29th @AIRY








日程: 2017年10月28(土)29(日)11:00-18:00

会場: 400-0031 山梨県甲府市丸の内2-37-2  AIRY


   28(土)16:00-18:00 無料・予約不要

Daniel Miller/USA

Daniel Miller


Drawing, Installation, Performance

residency August – October 2017











「もののあはれ」@AIRY 10/15

*illustration & design by Daniel Miller



@Bodega G  10/6

           *illustration & design by Daniel Miller


                     *illustration & design by PICNIC

高砂無尽 / 祝・愛すべき高砂湯90年


もちろんお風呂も限定復活します。5組のバンドを迎え、”お湯に入りながら音楽を聴く”アコースティック・ライブのほか、お風呂に入る前も上がった後も楽しめる寺崎COFFEEのコーヒー、PICNICとKei Ota,  Andree-Anne Mercier (AIRY滞在アーティスト)による物販も併設いたします。

会場:高砂湯 400-0025山梨県甲府市朝日2-16-10
日時:2017年10月15日(日) 16時〜20時
会費:入湯料  400円

出店:PICNIC, 寺崎コーヒー, Kei Ota, Andree-Anne Mercier




In celebration of 90 years of service and as a final farewell to the lovely Takasagoyu public buth

Please come have a bath, listen to some acoustic music, and enjoy some coffee by Terasaki.

Yes you can take a bath, and yes, swimming suits and tattoos are daijoubu!
Art for sale: PICNIC and AIRY artists





A two day exhibiton of work by AIRY artist Daniel Miller, Culminating in an experimental live event on the evening of the 20th

10/19-10/20 – exhibition
exhibition of drawings by Daniel Miller

10/20 – live event
6:30pm open
7:00pm Tamayura Kurage, Live noise and Biwa from Tokyo
8:00pm ambient/noise guitar by Jun Nakadate with interactive live drawing by Daniel Miller

The live drawing will involve tying a thread from the drawing tool to the hands of the audience, and putting the control of the piece into the hands of the viewers.

Please come and fill the tiny space!

Terasaki Roji next door has agreed to stay open late on the 20th, so there will be tasty treats available!

PICNIC 甲府市中央4丁目3-25 (ロジ寺崎となり)
10/19(木)20(金)  11:00-18:00

10/20(金) パフォーマンス&ライブ
18:30 open
19:00 TamayuraKurage(東京) ノイズ/琵琶
20:00 Jun Nakadate(山梨) ギター Daniel Miller ライブペインティング

会場となりの寺崎COFFEE ロジは20日(金)のみ、20時まで延長して営業いたしますので、美味しいコーヒーもぜひ。

もののあはれ/monono aware

もののあはれ/monono aware

date:2017年9月15日(金)open 18:3o    start 19:00


Artist In Residence Yamanashi [AIRY]gallery

admission:¥1500 (当日会場にて)


Experimental Improvised Night


Katt Hermandez/Violin バイオリン(Sweden)

土橋加実 Masumi Dobashi/Thereminテルミン

望月正人 Masato Mochizuki/Didgeridooディジュリドウ

玉井康成 Yasunari Tamai/Dancerダンサー

武内靖彦 Yasuhiko Takeuchi/Danceダンサー

Daniel Miller/Live paintingライブペイント (USA)


Katt Hernandez

即興ヴァイオリニスト、プロデューサー、作曲家。2010年にストックホルムに移り多くのプロジェクトで多数のアーティストと共に活動している。 2015年からスウェーデンルンド大学で音楽の博士号を取得中。スウェーデン王立音楽アカデミーの研究員として勤務し、修士号を取得。 彼女の作曲と即興演奏は定期的かつ国際的に行われ、 米国を離れる前は東海岸の実験的な音楽シーンのベテラン。ミュージシャン、ダンサー、人形劇、映画製作者、その他のアーティストと協働した経験がある。

Maverick violinist, improvisor and composer Katt Hernandez moved to Stockholm in 2010, and works with a host of artists in many projects. She began a PhD in Music at Lund university in 2015. She is also employed as a researcher at the Royal Music Academy of Sweden, where she earned her Masters degree in composition. Both her compositions and improvisational work has been featured regularly and internationally. Before leaving the U.S., Katt was a veteran of experimental music scenes on the east coast, where she worked with a vast array of musicians, dancers, puppeteers, film-makers and other artists.


土橋加実/Masumi Dobashi

山梨県甲斐市出身在住。国立音楽院音楽療法学科卒業。 在学中より、テルミン・マトリョミンの演奏活動を始める。 リトミック講師、テルミン奏者、ブライダルオルガン奏者。


望月正人/Masato Mochizuki

 1972年 山梨生まれ。オーストラリアの先住民アボリジニの楽器ディジュリドゥの演奏者。2003年、ディジュリドゥの演奏を始める。 2009年、improvisationバンドをスタート。田中泯/坂田明と共演。2010年、「アカシア」結成。 2012年、玉井康成氏(ダンサー)と6時間半の即興DUOライブ。新潟県「水と土の芸術祭」に出演。


玉井康成/Yasunari Tamai

1962年東京生まれ。87年より北杜市白州町に移住、舞踊活動と農業に従事する日々を送る。 国内外での公演多数。白州では養鶏、稲作、畑作に取り組む。 1996年、2005年ソロリサイタル「山上のドン・キホーテ」(草月ホール)、2006年、2007年、チェコの名優ヴラジミール・ヤヴォルスキーと「ドン・キホーテ」を再演(プラハ アルカシアター)。2012年「水と土の芸術祭」新潟。2013年ソロ公演+WS(パリ)、2014年「NOT AWAY」(ロスアンゼルス エレクトリックロッジ)他。


武内靖彦/Yasuhiko Takeuchi

1968 年/土方巽「肉体の叛乱」を観る。1971 年/単独処女舞踏會 。1973 年/大野一雄氏に師事 。1992 年/第23 回舞踊批評家協会賞 受賞 。 2011 年/踏業40周年記念独舞リサイタル「舞踏よりの召喚」20 世紀、牡丹。2017年 /パンドラの柳行李 ー仕舞ー



Daniel Miller


My art has taken many forms, first, always, and most importantly, I gravitate toward the act of drawing. Taking tool to substrate, against friction and with intention, while balancing the lie of a grand drawn illusion against the vulnerable truth and history of a single stroke somehow allows me to relax and react to my influences freely, like nowhere else. Feelings of confusion, insecurity, isolation and error suddenly flip and become reasons to speak. I juggle a strong passion for both ligne claire and expressionism, observation-based art and the abstract, sumi-e and ukiyo-e, and these sort of stylistic contradictions are important to me. I need and use clarity to access the chaotic, and vice versa, both in style and substance. And this approach, this practice of fostering and accepting both hard edge and dense fog has tended to give me a capability to improvise and collaborate when I have expanded my technique into sculpture, photography, animation, painting, performance and installation.


The performance ended  successfully

We appreciate to six performers and

all the people who shared such an experience together!!!

もののあはれ|mononoaware 」

Artist In Residence Yamanashi [AIRY] gallery

15th September 2017, Kofu, Yamanashi, Japan

生から死へと向かう一連の営みに伴う無常観 しみじみとした日々の哀愁を日本の秋景に合わせ 実験的即興的にて奏で踊り描く一夜の試み

Experimental Improvised Night


First section:

望月正人 Masato Mochizuki/Didgeridoo ディジュリドウ

武内靖彦 Yasuhiko Takeuchi/Dance ダンサー

Daniel Miller/Live painting ライブペイント (USA)

Second section:

Katt Hermandez/Violin バイオリン (Sweden)

土橋加実 Masumi Dobashi/Theremin テルミン

玉井康成 Yasunari Tamai/Dancer ダンサー


First section 1/3

First section 2/3

First section 3/3

Second section 1/2

Second section 2/2

(video by Toshihito Watanabe)

談話室〜写真で辿る欧州アート・イベントMina × Harumi


談話室〜写真で辿る欧州アート・イベントMina × Harumi

Danwashitsu #2
European art and events 2017 following with photos



世界各地から総勢約50名のアーティストが集い、制作、展示、パフォーマンス、ディスカッションを行うアート・イベントCAMPBASELにアーティストとして参加したAIRYスタッフによるレポート。そのほか、世界最大級の現代アートフェアArt Basel、世界で最も歴史のある芸術祭ヴェネツィア・ビエンナーレ、ヨーロッパ滞在で目にしたAIRやアートスペースについて写真で振り返りながらお話します。

About 50 artists from all over the world gathered, created, exhibited, performed and discussed. A report by AIRY staff who participated as an artist at CAMPBASEL.

In addition we will look back in the photos about Art Basel that is world’s largest contemporary art fair, Venice Biennale that is the world’s most historical art festival,  AIR and more art spaces during staying in Europe.

– –

主催:Artist in Residence Yamanashi





Mina was Born in Gunma Prefecture in 1994. Currently acquiring teacher license at communication college. From this fiscal year as an AIRY intern, she supports artists’ stay, creation support, photography etc. She also joined CAMPBASEL as an artist. This was the first creation and exhibition.



早稲田大学大学院美術史学専攻修了。美術館やギャラリー勤務の後、あいちトリエンナーレ2013実行委員会事務局勤務。アシスタント・ディレクターとして編集およびアーカイブ業務担当。その後はNAKAZAKI Tohru HOMEROOMプロジェクトマネージャー(2014年中房総国際芸術祭いちはらアート×ミックス)、ミハイル・カリキス来日公演企画運営(2014年)、宮島達男Relight Project、松井紫朗「手に取る宇宙」など、アートプロジェクトを中心に活動。

Harumi Completed her MA in Art History at Waseda University. After working at art museums or gallery, she worked at the Aichi Triennale 2013, which is held in Aichi Prefecture every three years (since 2010) and is one of the largest international art festivals in Japan. As an assistant director, she was in charge of editing and archiving work. After that, acting mainly on art projects; Project manager of NAKAZAKI Tohru HOMEROOM (Ichihara Art × Mix, 2014), Planning and Management of Mikhail Karikis’s Screening and Performance(2014), Tatsuo Miyajima’s Relight Project, Shiro Matsui’s “Message in a bottle” etc.



Artist in Residence Yamanashi

The road to Camp Basel 2017



We participate to CampBasel at Basel Swiss 12th -25th June,

if you are there or close on this duration we love to see you come and join us.

===AIRY Japan===

Toshihito Tosso Watanabe/渡辺俊仁

Mina Ino/井野美奈

Charlotte Colgate(Germany)/シャーロット・コルゲート(ドイツ)

Izumi Sakamoto/坂本 泉


This is about you!
CAMPBASEL is about art and how you, as an artist, deal with our crazy world. Please do not only bring pieces of your work, bring yourself IN, create OUT put and confront yourself with critique.
We at CAMPBASEL try to offer you the easiest way to exchange ideas, produce them on spot and get feedback instantly.Location
Holzpark-Klybeck at the river Rhine. The area was a former part of the Basel harbor. Now it is home of cultural projects and a place to be.


2017年6月12日~25日 スイス・バーゼルで開催されるアートイベント







主催者のロイ・ホファー/Roy Hoferはアーティストでギャラリー[a-space]運営者でもある。彼をはじめとするチームはヨーロッパ各地からスポンサーを募り、一方でクラウドファンディングにより資金調達している。5年前からAIRYと交信があり、2016年1月東京での彼の展示をAIRYがサポートした縁で今回キャンプへの招待を受けた。







route:Haneda Tokyo✈Doha Qatal(city sightseeing)✈Berlin✈Basel

Doha city tour, Temperature over 40 degrees ドーハ市内バス観光へ、気温約40度以上

Children’s Museum 時間の都合で寄れなかった美術館

Souq with no people during Rammdan day time ラマダンのため日中は人がいないスークにて


-Riverside Gallery
-Bauhaus Archive
– Little walk through Tiergarten to the Kaiser Church
– Coffee at Bikini Berlin
– Train to Hauptbahnhof and from there walk to Hamburger Bahnhof
– Walk from Hanmburger Bahnhof by the river to the Holocaust Monument and Brandenburg Gate
– Greek Restaurant

Berlin Hauptbahnhof/ベルリン中央駅、地上三階ガラス張りで気持ちの良い駅

Riverside Gallery ウォールミュジアムは東西時代の壁を残したもの

Spree River side walking


Bauhaus Archive バウハウスアーカイブ中庭で子どもたちのWS

Hamburger Bahnhof ハンブルガーバンホフ美術館!!!


-Walk to Mauerpark a big Sunday flea markets
-Lebanese cuisine
-Train down to Kreuzberg – walk to the Bethanien new exhibition first
– After Bethanien cross over the bridge by Ostbahnhof and walk towards

Sunday morning flea market 日曜日は美術館休み多し

Bethanien ベタニエンは病院をスクワットしてアートスペースにした元祖的なところ

Lebanese cuisineレバノン料理ランチ


Bahnhof Basel SBB,

バーゼルSBB駅 はバロック調の駅舎が重厚感いっぱい、メトロが静々と走る大人な街

Live in France, work in Switzerland via German – Border of the Three Countries



Starting display in the space called “Pavilion”





An independent art space/art project organizer in each region has become a panelist and had a casual talk held at camp site. Then after all BBQ party.


Jasmin Glaab from Kunsthallekleinbasel  
Alice Maselnikova from Supermarket art fair Stockholm 
Izumi Sakamoto from AIRY Residency in Kofu (Jp)
David Hancock from PAPER Gallery Manchester
Kohei Kanomata from Arts’n’Shelter Tokyo
Pierre Courtin from DUPLEX100m2 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Matthieu Fischesser Oy3 collective France
Nicole Langille former Satellite Gallery Las Vegas 
Chris Rupp, alte Schule Hohenstein Germany
 Panelists of camp participant artists or curators.

*borrowed some pictures from FB page of the participants thank you

so many good photos it was hard to choose only these though, see you all in somewhere!!!




About “Art Festival” and “Artist-in-Residence”


This is a cozy room where we can speak slowly about matters related to art with a cup of coffee.
About the “art festival” and “artist in residence” we will talk about two experiences who worked on both sites. Please send an application by e-mail.

主催:Artist in Residence Yamanashi



tosso=航舳峻一(WATANABE Toshihito)

これまでにAIRY(個人運営/山梨県甲府市)と秋吉台国際芸術村(財団による運営/山口県美祢市)でスタッフとしてAIR(アーティスト・イン・レジデンス)業務に携わる。自身もアーティストとしてスウェーデン・Tomma Rum(参加アーティストたちによる自主運営)、ハンガリー・Partizan art studios(企業による運営)でAIRを経験。2017年はリトアニア、スイス、エストニアのAIRに参加予定。

Tosso has been involved in AIR (artist in residence) work as a staff at AIRY (individual administration / Kofu city, Yamanashi prefecture) and Akiyoshidai international art village (management by Foundation / Mine City Yamaguchi prefecture). He also experienced AIR as an artist with Sweden · Tomma Rum (independently operated by participating artists), Hungary · Partizan art studios (company operated). He plans to participate in AIR of Lithuania, Switzerland, Estonia in 2017.


harumi=堀切春水(HORIKIRI Harumi)

早稲田大学大学院美術史学専攻修了。美術館やギャラリー勤務の後、あいちトリエンナーレ2013実行委員会事務局勤務。アシスタント・ディレクターとして編集およびアーカイブ業務担当。その後はNAKAZAKI Tohru HOMEROOMプロジェクトマネージャー(2014年中房総国際芸術祭いちはらアート×ミックス)、ミハイル・カリキス来日公演企画運営(2014年)、宮島達男Relight Project、松井紫朗「手に取る宇宙」など、アートプロジェクトを中心に活動。

Harumi Completed her MA in Art History at Waseda University. After working at art museums or gallery, she worked at the Aichi Triennale 2013, which is held in Aichi Prefecture every three years (since 2010) and is one of the largest international art festivals in Japan. As an assistant director, she was in charge of editing and archiving work. After that, acting mainly on art projects; Project manager of NAKAZAKI Tohru HOMEROOM (Ichihara Art × Mix, 2014), Planning and Management of Mikhail Karikis’s Screening and Performance(2014), Tatsuo Miyajima’s Relight Project, Shiro Matsui’s “Message in a bottle” etc.


miyaken=宮本賢一朗(MIYAMOTO Kenichiro)元 寺崎COFFEEスタッフ
主催:Artist in Residence Yamanashi[AIRY]