Petra Sirola/Finland




アート&インスピレーション を綴る


2021.02.21 ⛰甲府駅→ 遊亀公園動物園


This time we walked 30 minutes from Kōfu Station to Yuki Zoo. The weather was perfect, so a relaxed city walk felt good. For me as a Finn, 18 degrees and sun is basically a summer weather☀️


Yuki Zoo was the first Japanese zoo for me to visit. I had heard some stories of them, so I had some idea about what to expect.


Of course seeing happy and cute animals made me happy, but that wasn’t the case most of the time. Looking at animals put to way too small cages, I could’t help but hate humans. We really shouldn’t take anything we want just because we can.


The most heartbreaking was the swan there. The cage was way too small for it, and all we saw was it trying to hopelessly get out, but ending up just staring at the river right next to the cage. As I’m used to seeing swans in my summer cottage where they live in the nature with their families and swim on the lake, looking at this made me so sad. I just wanted to help it but I couldn’t.


I was happy to see even the cute penguins looking happy. However, I can’t suggest this zoo to anyone. If a zoo doesn’t think about the animals’ well-being, I think we shouldn’t support anything like that.


2021.02.07 ⛰AIRY→山梨県立美術館


AIRYから出発して、45分ぐらい山梨県立美術館まで歩きました。This time instead of hiking, we took a little walk. We started from AIRY and artived to the Yamanashi Prefectural Museum of Art in about 45 minutes. The weather was perfect for a walk, 15 degrees and sunny🌞


I liked especially this little road and cherry trees you can see on the pictures. It was very quiet there, and it was pretty even if the cherry trees aren’t blooming yet. I definitely want to see this place when the cherry trees bloom! Once I saw the river, I felt like it’s like Yamanashi’s Meguro river 🌸


At the Yamanashi Prefectural Museum of Art we took part in a workshop of an artwork there called Tables. I had a chance to hand-sew something I would not usually make.


Once the hanami season starts I really want to take a walk here again!


2021.01.30 ⛰
緑ヶ丘体育館駐車場 →湯村山東屋/甲府市



This time we went hiking to Yumurayama! There are various routes to choose from, also very long ones, but we went for this one to Azumaya that was a little difficult but last only one hour there and back. We climbed up in the forest, and chose this easier path on the way back. It was pretty windy that day, but it was sunny and it got warm as soon as we climbed a little ☀️


We had these two cute guides for the hike, which made it a lot more fun. Looking at the two run up the hill all excited made me want to climb up faster too 🥾


I think in Yamanashi, no matter where you go for a hike, you will always be rewarded with a beautiful landscape when you reach the top. Today we saw again the beautiful view of Yamanashi, the surrounding mountains and Mt. Fuji. As the route today was pretty steep, it really felt like a good refreshing exercise!


2021.01.17 ⛰勝沼駅→つぐら市

 今回のハイキングは、勝沼ぶどう郷駅から歩いて、つぐら市の朝市に行ってきました🍇 勝沼ぶどう郷駅から30分ぐらい歩いて、山梨の下に可愛いマーケットがありました。今回のハイキングは少し逆に最初に山を下げて、戻ったら山を登りました。

This time we went hiking from Katsunumabudokyo Station 🍇 After about a 30 minute walk, there was a cute market that is held once a month. This time we did our hike in an unusual order – first we walked down the hill, and on the way back climbed up.


There were many kinds of food and handmade items sold at the market. The candy in the picture is a famous handmade caramel that sold out quickly also this day 🍬


As a hike, this one was like a combination of hiking and a city trip. At the market you can get inspiration from the grape tunnel and the handmade items, and near the station there was a beautiful little bamboo forest that looked like a real-life painting 🎍


I recommend this hike for everyone who wish to try a city-like hike and make a little trip at the same time!


2021.01.10 ⛰甲府駅→愛宕山


On Sunday, we went for a little hike near Kōfu Station. I hadn’t tried hiking in Yamanashi before, so I didn’t quite know what to expect. It was nice that the route started right next to Kōfu Station and the weather was good. Sunny and 4 degrees – perfect for a Finn though someone might find it a bit chilly. What I was surprised about was that we found a plum tree blooming even if it’s only January!


I think this hike is good for people who aren’t used to hiking or would like to try it. It takes only about 30 minutes to reach the top, so you’re not too tired at the end and get the feeling you could try hiking also another time. Even if it’s a small hike, you’re rewarded with a beautiful scenery of Yamanashi and the surrounding mountains. Yamanashi looked beautiful on a sunny day, as if it was sparkling.


Because of corona, I think many of us have ended up staying at home a lot. To feel refreshed and get inspiration, I think a hike like this is such a good and easy way to safely enjoy outdoors!


「かいぶつくんの探し物」ジン発行記念 クロストーク


甲府市宝1-20-22 一階ラウンジ


第一部 14:30~15:15 
大方 岳   2016 韮崎高校卒業
      2018-19 西オーストラリアカーティン大学留学
      2020 山梨学院大学国際リベラルアーツ iCLA卒業
第二部 15:15~16:00



定員10名 以下のフォームからお申し込みください

design Nanami Hanzawa



活動記録「かいぶつくんの探し物」大方 岳
B5版 フルカラー 本文16ページ 中綴じ



尹 聖文 (イン セイブン)
中国雲南省出身 25歳

尹 聖文 作品例

王 辛顔 (オウ シンガン)
25歳 中国四川省出身



2019年7月来日 2021年3月ユニタス日本語学校卒業予定


王 辛顔 作品例(舞台美術)

左から大方、尹、王   司会:鈴木(ユニタス)


第一部 大方への質問 聞き手:鈴木(ユニタス)

Q1 ご自身のことを教えてください。

2020年3月 山梨学院大学国際リベラルアーツ科 (iCLA) 卒業。 在学中に一年間オーストラリアへ留学経験あり。卒業後の進路(北海道)への就職がキャンセルになり、エアリーでのインターンとコーディネーターとして活動。


Q2 大学卒業の年に新型コロナウィルスによるパンデミックがありました。キャリアや制作にどのような影響がありましたか?(進路、制作方法の模索、作家活動について)





Q4 甲府市内10カ所を廻る参加型にした理由とその面白さ難しさなど



不安に駆られている正体のわからない不気味な生きもの、人並外れた生きもの 。キャンディーを探しているかいぶつくんがそれを見つけて和み慰められる。一時的にでもネガティブを忘れる。

Q6 プロジェクトを終えて改めて伝えたいこと


Q7 作品完成後の巡回展を決めた経緯 (甲府市役所→スタジオペレット→山梨県民信用金庫本店→ユニタス日本語学校)


Q8 「らくがきワークショップ」を開催したが落書きへのこだわりは?


Q9 活動記録集「かいぶつくんの探し物」発行の経緯は?

紙媒体で記録を残すことの大切さ。大宣堂印刷 宮田龍二氏との出会いにより実現できた事に感謝している。

Q10 今後の展開について



第二部 大方 岳 x 尹 聖文 x 王 辛顔 クロストーク

Q1  尹、王さんのご自身について教えてください


Q2 コロナによって海外で学ぶことに影響はありましたか?


王:ことばの苦労 (日本語理解)があった。


Q3 海外で制作するうえで苦労はありますか(ありましたか)?


王: コロナによる影響と同じくことばの問題

岳: オーストラリアで最初はことばの苦労 (英語理解)あり。

Q4 海外で学ぶことで得られること、気づきなどはどうですか?

尹: 他の文化の考え方を知ることで志向が柔らかくなる。中国ではアニメへの理解がまだ低いように思う。


岳: 寛容な土地柄が自分に合っていた。路上の似顔絵かきで投げ銭もらった。 アートと人が近いと感じた。

Q5 今後の活動について計画や、実現したい展望などありますか?


王: 日本の伝統的文化(神社、禅、枯山水など)を学びたい。冷静でシンプルな表現は見る人がイメージを広げられる。





★ Zoom Up ☆ KOFU 市民レポート ★


半澤奈波/Hanzawa Nanami

半澤 奈波


写真 、動画、デザイン



Hanzawa Nanami

Aichi Prefecture

photograph, movie, design

December 2020


The exhibited works are not the only works, and I think that human beings have lives before they make art, and their daily lives are full of creativity. I am very interested in what kind of moment the artist will be inspired by the life. I’m interested in artist-in-residence because I find the process of creating work interesting. And it may not be enough from the length of stay this time what kind of place Kofu is, where the inspiration is studded, but I hope I can get to know even a little.



動画制作(撮影と編集) 半澤奈波

2020.12.19 「かいぶつくんの探し物」大方 岳x尹 聖文x王 辛顔 クロストーク


かいぶつくんの探し物/大方 岳


「かいぶつくんの探し物」参加型巡回展 -コロナに負けない!落書きを続けよう




This project can be called as interactive mobile drawing project. Ideally, the canvas goes to many spaces in the city and people paint or draw on the canvas. There is no rule for putting color. Painting over Gaku Okata’s drawing is what this project wants. In this corona pandemic, we easily become anxious. If this project distract people’s mind from anxiety for a bit, it would be great.




The monster’s mind is full of anxiety and fear. Circle of negativity doesn’t stop. The wings of the monster is connected to its mind so it cannot fly. It decided to go on a journey to find something that can calm its mind. As it thought, the world was messed up. Many things happen simultaneously. Emotions of people and things are everywhere around. It is so hard to find out which emotion is whose, and who feels what. Candy is what the monster is looking for. It always makes it feels better. It found candy and put in the mouth. It was subtly sweet and distract the monster from chaos of its mind. The wings are recovered. The monster decided to fly a little.

無観客ライブペイント by Gaku Okata
大方 岳 5月20日@AIRY

③5月27日@ヤマワラウ (R/Shoei)
④6月2日@ Cafe Ripe

⑤6月3日 @へちま
⑥6月7日 @総合画材ぺきん堂
⑦6月10日 @Answer Knocks
⑧6月13日 @五味醤油

⑨6月14日 @寿ハウス

⑩6月22日(月) @澤田屋本店













山梨日日新聞 6/4付け

読売新聞 6/4付け

朝日新聞 6/10付け
山梨新報 6/12付け
6/10 NHK甲府 NEWSかいどき
山梨日日新聞 6/19付け






かいぶつくん巡回地図 ①~⑩店舗





ワークショップ開催イメージ 講師:大方岳


らくがきのそのさき 2


会場:スタジオ・ペレット 甲府市上石田

講師:大方 岳/エアリー・コーディネーター

定員:中学生以上6名 SNSダイレクトメールで予約受付中


参加費:1500円 ジェラートまたはコーヒー付き



intuitive drawingについて(10分)


落書き実践: (1時間)

ステップ1 鉛筆で考えずに直感的に線を引き続ける

ステップ2 意識的にインクで表出させる線や形を選びなぞる(書き足し可能)

ステップ3 色を付ける


手法の説明: 最初の段階で参加者は無意識的に考えることなく線を引いていく。この作業はウォームアップであるフリーライティングによって、自由に書くということに慣れているので比較的受け入れやすいはず。そしてその線を意識的にみてインクを使って線をなぞって選んでいくさらに色を付ける。この作業は無意識や直感が作り出したものを意識的にとらえ理性的に処理することなので参加者に自分の中に自覚していなかったものや感じてはいたが表現できていなかったものの存在を認識することを促す。



展示期間 10月7日〜11月12日



展示期間 11月12日〜

Practice to Talk abou Art



Teresa Currea/Colombia

Teresa Currea


Drawing, Cutting Paper, Bookbinding

Residency March 2020






I have been working with drawing and cut paper since almost ten years. It is the aim of my work to create small universes with paper, exploring fiction as a path for expressing the complex nuances of our daily situations. Using different elements for inspiration like plants, animals, and everyday objects, and mixing them into something new, using the infinite possibilities of drawing. At the beginning of my career I used just paper in all their multiplicity, but now I add to my work different objects like lightbulbs, wires and little doll hands. In every single piece I look forward to find a special conjunction of elements and characters.

For this one month art residency in Japan I would like to work with the third volume of the Hokusai manga “Fanciful, mythical and supernatural”, redrawing some of that characters of Japanese mythology and take pictures of them as if they where living in modern Kofu.


日本でのこの一ヶ月の滞在制作のために、北斎漫画の第3巻「奇想天外」を元に、日本の神話の登場人物の一部を描き直し、現在甲府に住んでいるかのように写真を撮りたいと考えます。 (Translation: Olly Thwait, Yuko Kanda)


Installtion View with Teresa Currea

Oriana Marin/Colombia

Oriana Marin


Drawing, Installation, Photography

Residency March 2020






My artistic work often relates with the uncommon. It pursues a longing for going out of the daily routine in which we are immersed. Taking the uncommon as a base, early in my work, I explored the concepts of alienation and the anomalous in the human race, and the consequences and repercussions of being considered different within the society. Later I became interested in the ideas of calm and contemplation, both Buddhist concepts studied in the path of illumination. In my investigation I found the metaphor of the calm of the sea, this is the word the seaman use to refer to the complete stillness in the waters. Continuing with my research, always attracted to the uncommon, I landed in the notion of introspection and solitude, how the humans can feel alone even when they are in crowds and how can they with daydreaming create their own worlds or even meditate in odd situations.

I’m interested in how introspection can be used as a form of meditation. I have explored these themes in my last works but I want to continue to evolve the investigation bringing it to a Japanese context. I have been always drawn to Japanese culture; I want to explore the concept of introspection applied to the Japanese everyday life.

I find Kofu, Yamanashi, the perfect place to immerse myself into the everyday life and compare my Latin roots with this very different environment. The fact that Kofu is not a big cosmopolitan city makes this an even richer experience. The techniques I use more commonly in my work are photography and drawing, I plan to use both to capture the essence of the everyday life viewed through my foreigner eyes.



山梨の甲府は、日常生活に入り込み、私のラテンのルーツをこの非常に異なる環境と比較するのに最適な場所です。甲府は大きな国際都市ではないという事実は、これをさらに豊かな経験にしています。私がよく使うテクニックは写真とドローイングで、外国人の目を通して見た日常生活の本質を捉えるために両方を使うつもりです。 (Translation: Olly Thwait, Yuko Kanda)


Picture Installation View

Helen Lee/USA

Helen Lee


Performance, Film/Video, Installation

Residency March 2020

Many of my interests and curiosities lean towards the quiet, the tactile, sensations and the internal shifts that happen within us and around us.  I often wonder how these elements can create possibility, space and bring us closer to ourselves, to others, truth and nature.  I has been seen to performing in unconventional venues utilizing sensory stimulant and/or deprivation techniques and have been seen ripping open grapefruits, releasing ladybugs and inviting audience members to walk with their eyes closed in gardens, busy city streets or quiet corners. 

Most recently, I have found myself unpacking family history and investigating home, identity, memory, travel, migration, immigration, displacement, belonging, guilt, shame and what it means to be an Asian American woman…which ultimately has meant, looking deeply at myself through the lens of my mother, my father and animals.  Through these investigations I have weaved various mediums: performance, storytelling, film/video, animation and installation to attempt to tell this story.


ごく最近、私は家族の歴史を解き放ち、家、アイデンティティ、記憶、移動、移住、移民、追放、帰属、罪悪感、恥、そしてアジア系アメリカ人女性であることの意味を探求しています。母、父、動物の目を通した自分自身。これらの探求を通じて、パフォーマンス、ストーリーテリング、映画/ビデオ、アニメーション、インスタレーションなどのさまざまな媒体を用いて、この物語を伝えようとしています。(Translation: Olly Thwait, Yuko Kanda)

[I love you, I kill you]
28th March 2020 @AIRY #205
[The Crying Cabinet]
29th March 2020 @AIRY gallery

Jeong Heewoo/South Korea

Jeong Heewoo

South Korea

Painting, drawing, installation

Residency 9-23th February 2020

(returned artist of February 2019)


チョン ヒーウ





When I am in my city, I do my project, “Peeling the City”. I make records of my rapidly changing city by rubbing of old walls, signs, and streets. When I travel, I do another project, “Facebook”. I bring my drawing book and record people I meet by drawing their faces.

Physical distance to what or who I record is important to me. When I document cities, I choose rubbing to photo. I make records of old things which soon be replaced by new things. Old apartments are demolished and redeveloped due to economic reasons in my city. It is sad to keep losing the places where I grew up and made memories. To record the wall of old apartment in my town, I step forward to the wall and touch all over to make rubbings. It’s a farewell to something that will disappear. I don’t feel enough with photo which captures the lights that visited to the wall while I am away from it.

When I draw people, I sit very close to them to see well. When I sit as close as I can see even their eyelashes clearly, I feel intimate but also intimidated. It feels awkward, but this situation makes difference on my drawing. When one’s vivid presence is right in front of me, I cannot draw the one on my own. Something (emotion or personality) of the person affects my drawing. Their sensitivity, anxiety, strongness or something that cannot be named in words make my hand move differently. The person is reflected on my drawing in this way. This drawing takes about ten minutes. Looking at someone very carefully for ten minutes is an unusual event. Nobody can be left nobody to me after this. The drawing becomes an intense meeting in nonverbal way.

Drawing of your face would be the easiest picture to say you like it or not. I get reactions very quickly. My drawings please some and annoy others. I pose for them to draw for a FAIR TRADE. I give them a chance to pay me back (whether reward or revenge). It becomes a drawing exchange or a drawing battle. Both are enjoyable. Drawing is a very basic method of art. Picture of your face is easiest art to make and talk about. While less and less people are interested in art, I am trying to share this whole process of art (creating, critique, being a subject of art) with more people in this simple and entertaining way.

I am so grateful to people who sat and posed in front of me at AIRY last year and I’d like to record them in 1 year. Also I’m looking forward to seeing new faces.

私はソウルにいる時は、プロジェクト「Peeling the City」を行います。古い壁、標識、通りを擦って、急速に変化する都市の記録を制作します。旅行中は、別のプロジェクト「Facebook」を実行します。スケッチブックを持ち、顔を描いて出会った人を記録します。私が記録する対象や人との物理的な距離は重要です。都市を作品化するとき、私は擦り出しの方法を選びます。すぐに新しいものに置き換えらてしまう古いものの記録を制作します。街の経済的理由により、古いアパートは取り壊され、再開発されました。私が育ち、思い出を作った場所を失い続けるのは悲しいです。ソウルの古いアパートの壁を記録するために、私は壁に向かって一歩踏み込んで、擦り出しをします。消えてしまう何かへの別れです。壁から離れて壁に当たる光を捉えた「写真」は十分ではありません。





【Draw you Draw me】The FACEBOOK Project

私のドローイングは2020年2月に甲府で会った人々のドキュメンテーションです。ドローイングブックに甲府での滞在中に出会った人の顔を描きます。 人に出会うことは旅の重要な部分です。 私が出会った人の顔を描くことで、この出会いはよりわかりやすくなり深くなります。 顔を描くことで、私の旅はもっと楽しく思い出深いものになるのです。
元々Facebook はネット上のつながりですが、わたしのFaceBookはもっと直接的な方法のつながりと言えます。

My drawing book becomes the documentation of people in February 2020 in Kofu. I draw faces I met in travel to Kofu on my drawing book. Meeting people is important part of travel. Drawing person’s face I meet makes this meeting easier and deeper. Drawing faces make my travel more enjoyable and memorable.
As Facebook on internet is for networking, my FaceBook is for networking in Kofu in much more direct way.