Larissa Linnell & Eliot Palmer/Australia

Larissa Linnell & Eliot Palmer




Visual arts (drawing, sculpture, textiles)

Sound arts (sound, vibration installation)

Residency 14-27th December 2019


ラリッサ・リネル & エリオット・パーマー





Larissa and Eliot will conduct research and experiment with new methods in their AIRY residency, bringing together their disciplines in paper installation, printmaking, sound and vibration. Larissa’s practice explores boundaries, containment and place; with works incorporating tea dyeing, sewing, and suspension of large washi paper arrangements. Eliot works with vibration speakers to generate resonance in building structures and objects, creating an audio and tactile experience from sound. In this research residency the artists will build the foundations for new work exploring the theme of water as a resource and cultural asset.

The artists plan to make a series of sound recordings in Yamanashi, with an interest in the sounds of cleansing rituals at temizuya, which Eliot will bring together with recordings he made of past water-based paper making at Awagami factory, Shikoku. Together, the artists will also experiment with ways of resonating paper forms, and creation of paper objects as a vessel and sounding object. The research period will also offer the opportunity to experiment with ways of representing the presence of groundwater, with an interest in drawing on traditional, hand drawn hydrogeological maps as a reference source for drawing and printing. The different challenges around water abundance and use between Japan and Australia provide a point of focus and dialogue.



Translation: Olly Thwaite, Yuko Kanda


Experimental Display

12/21 sat – 22 sun 11:00-18:00 @FOLLOWERS

Aqua Impura

Presented in the gallery are the beginnings of experiments by artists exploring the concept of water, groundwater, and vessels for containment of liquids. Vibration speakers are used, with specially tuned compositions, to create resonance in the drinking bottles. The concept is to reflect on the properties of hidden aquifers as a container for valuable water resources, and deep storage of water and the importance of this. 

The artists are exploring how paper vessels may be used to transmit vibration energy and sound. The forms and paper dying and shaping process reflect on the ways in which paper can carve grooves and shapes into the land and stone.In in addition, in the the studio space we have set up initial compositions and field recordings taken from the Shosenkyo Gorge and Zenkoji temple, including natural water and machinery. 

今回ギャラリーに展示するのは、水・地下水・液体を容器に閉じ込める概念を探求する二人のアーティストによる実験の紹介です。振動スピーカーは特別に調整された構成で使用され、飲用ボトルに共鳴を生じさせます。 コンセプトは、貴重な水資源の容器としての隠された帯水層の特性、および水の深層貯蔵とその重要性を反映することです

私たちは、振動エネルギーと音を伝えるためにどのように紙容器を使用できるかを探っています。 その形と紙の染色および成形プロセスは、紙が溝や形状を土地や石に刻む方法を反映しています。さらにスタジオスペースには、昇仙峡と善光寺から採音した自然の水と機械の音を含む野外録音が設置されています。

Eliot Palmer & Larissa Linnell have stayed in AIRY as family residents from Melbourne, Australia. Eliot is a Sound artist, and Larissa is a Visual artist. They are both deeply interested in Japanese cultures, arts, and this is not the first time visiting Japan as Art residents. In the work that Eliot exhibited this time, he wanted to show the importance of water by using “water” and “vibrations”. Since Japan has a lot of water resources such as water from Mt.Fuji, water for Onsen, water of Purification trough (temizuya) at Temples and Shrines and it is familiar to people. At the same time it links to negative circumstances such as natural water disasters and water pollution, and people tend to be not seeing from the perspectives. Since Eliot and Larissa came to Yamanashi, Eliot recorded several sounds of water including both natural and machinery at some places such as Shyosenkyo Gorge and Zenkoji Temple to make his work. In a week or less, he got an idea of making his art work which consists of special vibration machine, water bottles, and paper vessels made by Larrisa. Paper vessels were used to transmit vibration energies and sounds. There is air in the paper, and this work shows how sounds are being delivered and vibrated through objects as well. I really enjoyed their work. By using paper vessels and actual water to be vibrated, the work let invisible sounds become visible and that function audience can even touch and feel the sounds. The term Sound art itself is sometimes not familiar to everyone, however this art work engaged audience to be interactive. I was happy to see the connections between water and vibrations, and this work made me think of the fact that every dot is connecting to the other and that makes people to have broader perspectives. (Kaho Tanaka, iCLA)

オーストラリア、メルボルンからAIRYへ約二週間滞在されたアーティストのエリオット・パーマーさん&ラリッサ・リンネルさんはご夫婦揃ってアーティストとして活躍されています。旦那様のエリオットさんはサウンドアーティスト、奥様のラリッサさんはヴィジュアルアーティストです。サウンドアートという言葉を聞きなれない方もいらっしゃるかもしれませんが、サウンドアートとは音を制作素材や媒介とした美術作品の総称です。 今回のAIRYでの展示は”水”と”音の振動”をテーマに、お二人がユニットとして作品を制作されました。一週間前後という短い間でアイディアを形にされたという作品は、録音した水の音を飲用ボトルの中の水に共鳴させ、さらにその振動を上から吊るした紙風船のなかの空気に伝えるというものでした。 日本は温泉の文化、神社・寺院等の手水舎、富士山からの天然水等豊富な水資源があり、”水”が身近なテーマではありますが、それと同時に汚染されている水、物の製造過程で無駄になっている水の存在など、私たちが普段あまり考えることのない視点からの水の存在もあります。このように豊富にある水の種類からエリオットさん選んで録音した水の音で、ボトルの中の水を振動させ、さらにその水の波紋の振動が紙風船の中の空気に伝わる様子と音を見聞きしていると、全ての物事の点は繋がっていて、見えないそれらの小さなもの達のお蔭で私達は生かされているのだなと深く考えさせられた気がします。普段、私達が”見えない音”の世界を、物体と振動を融合させて”見える音”に変身させる彼のアートは、発想力が豊かであらゆる点から感性を呼び立たせてくれるような作品でした。

(田中 花歩、山梨学院大学国際離べラルアーツ学部)

Noriko Nakamura/Australia

Noriko Nakamura

Born in Japan based in Australia


Installation, Sculpture

Studio Artist, November 19th -Decwmber 9th 2019





タジオアーティスト 2019年11月19-12月9日


井上征剛 教室 「地域研究・実践論」ゲスト講師

Yamanashi Eiwa University INOUE Seigo Seminar

[Area studies/Practice theory] Guest lecturer











Dropped out of high school in Japan and transferred to and graduated from Australian high school

School days in Japan felt stuffy

Stydy Fine Art and Sculpture from London and Melbourne

Expressing Japanese animism and rituals by thinking outside Japan to sculptures and installations

Active as a member at Artist Run Gallery for 5 years

Work as a lecturer at university and as workshop instructor

Part-time job at after school childcare center, holding a solo exhibition to create carrior

Continue the research in the future by going to graduate school and doctoral course

Want to express my experience of marriage and childbirth in my art work

Greatness of female body, biological gender differences, etc.

starting lecture that dropped out japanese high school and went to Australia
talking about her life and art

Nakamura brought her daugter to the classroom that seems inevitable

Horikiri, Nakamura Noriko & Rina, Inoue
beautiful autumn Yamanashi Eiwa University front garden

Art & Breakfast @AIRY
2019.12.01 Sun 10:00-12:00 @AIRY studio
コーヒー出店:Dusa Coffee
Organised by Nakamura Noriko
-Australian Brunch-
Avocado mushed toast,
poached egg, baked chickpea, grape
coffee, russian hut
Art & Breakfast とは?
avocado mushed toast, poached egg, baked chickpea, grape
coffee, Russian hut
Selvian Sweets by Dusa Coffee

写真協力:堀切春水(歩帆舎) 参加者:大人15名、子ども5名

Frankie Chow/Australia

Frankie Chow


video, performance, installation

residency November-December 2019






Time, the everyday, and the relationship between fantasy and reality are recurring themes in my practice. I often experiment with different creative processes through site-specific works, where I intend to explore aspects of time based on the areas of Yamanashi. This residency project would look at concepts of transition, limbo, liminal space, and memory while presenting my experience of the local culture and surroundings.

Held annually in November, the Kofu Ebisu-Ko Festival will be the primary focus of my residency project as a study of the local tradition in relation to concepts of liminal space and the sublime. Through video works and drawings, an additional component to my project includes my first impressions of Kofu that documents and transforms both natural and urban areas into psychological landscapes.

時間、日常、そして空想と現実の関係は、私の作品の中で繰り返される主題です。 山梨というエリアに基づき、時間の側面を探求するサイトスペシフィックな作品を通して、私は様々な創造的な過程を試します。 このレジデンスプロジェクトでは、地元の文化や周辺環境に関する私の経験を提示しながら、変遷、中間の場所、境界、記憶の概念を考察します。

毎年11月に開催される「甲府えびす講祭り」は、場所の限定と崇高さの概念に関連する地元の伝統の研究として、私のレジデンシープロジェクトの主な焦点となります。 ビデオ作品とドローイングを通して、私のプロジェクトの構成内容には、自然と都市の両方を心理的な風景に記録し変換する甲府の私の第一印象が含まれます。

Translation: Olly Thwaite, Yuko Kanda


Chow films Kofu Ebisuko Festival on 23 November

then she will show the Video Work at last stage Exhibition

21,22 December @AIRY



Exhibition :December 21 (sat), 22(sun) 11:00-18:00

Opening : 21(sat) 15:00-17:00


The final exhibition of 2019 at AIRY ‘FOLLOWERS’ presents two solo projects by international resident artists, Carla Cañellas (Spain) and Frankie Chow (Australia).

AIRY 2019年の最後の展覧会「フォロワーズ」では、滞在作家であるCarla Cañellas(スペイン)とFrankie Chow(オーストラリア)による2つのソロプロジェクトを紹介します。


During November and December, I documented the annual Ebisu-Ko Festival, local sightseeing areas and everyday moments in Kofu to explore concepts of liminal space and creative process. Through video and ink drawings, my project titled ‘Sidelines’ reproduces ordinary scenes as minimalist landscapes as a way of examining the relationship between physical surroundings and psychological space.

わたしは二か月間(11~12月)滞在しました。毎年11月恒例「甲府えびす講祭り」では、地元の観光地である甲府の日常の瞬間を記録して、限られたスペースでの創造的なプロセスの概念を探りました。 「Sidelines/傍観者」というタイトルの私のプロジェクトは、ビデオと墨ドローイングを通して、通常のシーンをミニマリストの風景として再現し、物理的な環境と心理的な空間の関係を調べる方法を提示します。

Frankie Chow /Australia

Filming a documentary movie of ‘Kofu Ebisu-Ko Festival’ held in 23November annually is one of the goals by Frankie Chow. She had been researching of this festival on internet long before starting two months residency in Kofu. The documentary lasted about 5 minutes, it began with preparations of the previous day. The behind people who prepared silently was drawn. And the climax of the festival, the carrying of Mikoshi, was carried out lively.

As another work in Kofu she made ink drawings of landscape. The title ‘Sidelines’ reproduces ordinary scenes as minimalist landscapes. These two works are a way of examining the relationship between physical surroundings and psychological space.

I feel loneliness first then feel warms from these works strangely. I feel the story of the conflict between the artist and the characters in the process of reaching the bare minimum expression.


ドキュメンタリー映画の撮影、毎年11月23日に開催される「甲府えびす祭」撮影は、滞在中の目標の1つでした。 彼女は甲府での2ヶ月のレジデンスを始める前から、インターネットでこの祭りを調べていました。ドキュメンタリーは約5分間の作品です。前日の祭り準備から撮り始めて、 黙々と準備する人の姿が描かれました。 そして祭りのクライマックスでは、神輿担ぎが生き生きと描かれました。

甲府でのもう一つの制作は、墨で風景のドローイングでした。これらの2つの作品は、物理的な環境と心理的な空間との関係を現す方法です。 タイトル「傍観者」は、通常のシーンをミニマリストの風景として再現します。


Carla Cañellas/Spain

Carla Cañellas


drawing, painting, installation, video

Residency October-December 2019






I work with the construction of identity in different social contexts. My artistic practice questions society through the tools of criticism, education and transformation. I’m interested in creating identity portraits through dialogues with the viewer in order to trace the construction of personal narratives.

I develop my work through the disciplines of drawing, painting and video. Also I develop my work through collective collaboration and educational workshops. Since 2006 I’m a member of Fotoeduterapia: Photography as an educational tool in this sense, generates content, strategies and ways of examining contemporary practices to be applied within art therapy, psychotherapy as well as social intervention. Last year I published my first book: ‘Arrested’, a project about the influence of the economic crisis and unemployment in Spanish society. I have shown my work in selected individual and collective exhibitions within Europe and Japan. I’m represented by Silvana Retamal, the director of “A ciegas Gallery”  in Spain,



ワークショップ: 2006年以来、私はFotoeduterapia(フォト のメンバーです。この意味での教育ツールとしての写真は、芸術療法、心理療法、および社会活動に適用される現代の習慣を問い掛ける内容、戦略、方法を生み出します。


スペインの「A ciegas Gallery」(ディレクターSilvana Retamal代表)

Translation: Olly Thwaite, Yuko Kanda


Residency artist Carla Cañellas_Spain in October-December 2019

Interview and edit by Olly Thwaite


Workshop 「Super Hero」




企画:井上拓己 通訳:三森なぎさ


②どんなヒーロー?箇条書きにしてみよう !目を閉じて想像してみる






It will cancel because of the physical condition of instructor. We are sorry.


workshop 「味覚絵画」お知らせ

共感覚というものを知っていますか?共感覚は一つの感覚からほかの感覚も共に引き出されること。例えば音を聞いて色が見えたりすることです。何かを食べたとき私たちはいろんなことを感じます、においや触感、もちろん味覚も。それらの感覚を色や形などの視覚情報にすると今までとは違ったものの感じ方ができます。今回のワークショップでは味わったものを絵で表現します!講師はスペインからの滞在アーティスト カルラさんです。スペイン料理と新しいアートを楽しみましょう!

The new workshop from AIRY! This workshop explore the connection between taste and visual images! Carla Canellas, the artist from Spain will teach how you can develop your art work from tasting food. Let’s enjoy Spanish food and painting!!
This workshop requires booking.


venue:AIRY studio

instructor : Carla Canellas /Spain
planner:大方岳 Gaku Okata



Free for preschoolers and elementary school students
reservation:12th deadline




Exhibition :December 21 (sat), 22(sun) 11:00-18:00

Opening : 21(sat) 15:00-17:00


The final exhibition of 2019 at AIRY ‘FOLLOWERS’ presents two solo projects by international resident artists, Carla Cañellas (Spain) and Frankie Chow (Australia).

AIRY 2019年の最後の展覧会「フォロワーズ」では、滞在作家であるCarla Cañellas(スペイン)とFrankie Chow(オーストラリア)による2つのソロプロジェクトを紹介します。

Paper House

These three months I have been researching on sacred mirrors. One of them, Yata no Kagami, is considered one of the three imperial treasures and the legend says it is in the sanctuary of Ise. Following this trail through readings and trips around the country I have started a work in which I try to join these ancestral pieces with the “current mirrors”, the “Black mirror”, that is to say the smartphones.

In the exhibition I show part of my research process, together with an installation piece that I have called “Paper House”, a room completely covered by ink-drawn papers that are a kind of living diary of my experience in Japan.

この3か月間、私は神聖な鏡について研究してきました。 そのうちの1つである八咫(やたの)鏡は皇室の三つの宝物(三種の神器)の一つと考えられており、伝説によると伊勢の聖域にあると言われています。 書物研究や伊勢への旅を経て、この先祖代々の作品を「現在の鏡」と「ブラックミラー」、つまり現代のスマートフォンと結び付けようとする研究を始めました。



Carla Canellas is creative and thoughtful artist. Since she came to Yamanashi, she has been always working on some project. Every time I see her, she was always making art or studying Japanese culture. Everyone can see how much she likes Japanese culture and tries to explore it as much as possible. Her works are mainly full of message, context and thought. Sometimes they are about politics and social injustice. However, her art also has aesthetical beauty to it. Her point of view to the world is unique and original. That is why she can make art with deep thought and social context. As an art student who studies contemporary art, I’ve always wanted to see how artists work with their context and theme. In that sense, I am so lucky that I could see how Carla works on her art. In the exhibition, she exhibited the work called “Paper house”. It was the house made with her drawings based on what she experienced in Japan. Beautiful structure gave audience impression and memory she experienced in Japan. It becomes screen for projection in the dark. Seeing the work combine video and drawing was interesting and fresh. (Gaku Okata )

スペインからの滞在作家カルラ・カニェラスさんの作品は主にメッセージ性や文脈に富んだものが多い。社会的、政治的なテーマを扱うことが多い反面、彼女の作品には純粋な美しさもある。芸術を学ぶ学生として作家がどのようにテーマや社会的な文脈を作品に反映させるのかとても興味があった。そのためカルラさんの制作過程を近くで見られたことは非常に幸運だった。成果発表の展示会では“紙の家“という絵の描かれた紙で作られた構造物を展示した。紙と墨とプロジェクションによる映像の組み合わせが簡潔かつ新鮮な美しさを醸し出していた。(大方 岳 インターン)

Natalie Andrewson/USA

Natalie Andrewson


comic, printmaking, illustration

Residency October 2019






I am interested in exploring themes of fantasy and imagination for young women, pulling inspiration from intense nostalgia and personal narrative as well as current challenges and local environment. Constructing dark, yet whimsical stories of powerful women on adventures gives me an outlet for the everyday obstacles I face as a woman in a patriarchal world. I hope my work wakes the imagination in the viewer and they linger in magic for a moment.

I use Risograph as tool to make these narratives, which are often dismissed as unimportant and naive, and the Riso makes them feel grand and timeless. The numerous layers of ink creates a luscious texture that looks similar to old advertisements, comics and woodblock prints. The Risograph inspires both nostalgia and innovation, which I think is the perfect medium to express the work I care deeply for.

During the residency I intend to focus on developing a foundation for a longer narrative form, be it comic or picture book, with a series of sketches, paintings, comics and Risograph work. The collection would center around fantastical themes with one common narrative, which would be inspired by my time in Yamanashi.




Translation: Olly Thwaite, Yuko Kanda


Fantasy Flower Workshop;

タイトル:Fantasy Flowers
講師:Natalie Andrewson ナタリー・アンドリューソン/USA
会場:Kofu Scramble Park (屋外公園)
費用:1000円 *DM又はメールで事前申し込み制
雨天時はCafe Moalaにて開催です。

Choose flowrers
3 steps of drawing Fantasy Flower Drawing
1. Draw fowers as you look
2. Draw without looking at flowers
3. Draw an imaginary world of flowers
using color pencils
using color pens


Last Stage Show;

  • Natalie Andrewson ナタリー・アンドリューソン/USA(10月滞在)



“During the residence, artist focused on developing longer narrative forms such as comics and picture books, including a series of sketches, paintings, comics and lithographic works. This collection is a fantastic story based on one theme, inspired by the time spent in Yamanashi. “



展覧会来場者のコメント(菊地原 梓)


comment ( Kikuchibara Azusa)

I went to the AIRY exhibition, then I was thrilled with all the wonderful pictures. A really cute girls with a different expression !! I also like the partner of the girls Black Cat🐈I bought a piece of ‘ fighting woman and beast’ it’s kind of Greek mythology I think.I forgot the important thing! Tomorrow! Until 18:00 open. After all it is more enchanting to see real pieces more than photos.

photo by Azusa


Paint on Glass @Terasaki roji cafe;

photo by Yucco
iCLA Lecture

Residency artist Natalie Andrewson_USA in October 2019
Interview and edit by Olly Thwaite

Judy Pilarczyk/Poland

Judy Pilarczyk


Painting, Drawing

Residency October 2019






My practice is focused on figurative painting and drawing where the human being is the main subject. I have always been interested in painting people as it’s the most complex and absorbing theme; I am fascinated by our mental and emotional state, philosophy, thinking, love etc

My current paintings question intimacy as a form of self-love:

How intimate do we get with ourselves, how affectionate do we become? How much do we understand ourselves, our needs and dreams?How remote do we become when we feel lonely?    How much do we love who we are when we go through difficult times? Do we realise that no one can make us happy if we are not happy with ourselves? I am not interested in myself as a subject for painting but I am someone who I’ve gotten to know better than anyone else therefore my paintings are very often self-portraits. Choosing monochrome adds more harmony and intimate feelings to my artworks.

At AIRY I want to continue doing intimate paintings and make a series of small artworks. I hope to make a 20-page artist’s book in collaboration with poets living in Kofu city. My objective is to explore poetic response that my work might evoke amongst artists from a different field; each poem will respond to each painting that I will make.





Translation: Olly Thwaite, Yuko Kanda


タイトル : Realistic Drawing
講師 : Judy Pilarczyk ジュデイ・ピラークチク/ポーランド
会場 : AIRY 2Fスタジオ
対象 : 中学生以上8名くらい
費用 : 1000円 *DMまたはメールにて事前予約制


iCLA Lecture:


Last Stage Show:

  • Judy Pilarczyk ジュディ・ピラークチク/ポーランド出身ロンドン在住(10月滞在) 


Portrait x Tanka 短歌





Collaboration with Tanka group (organized by Shinobu Kurosawa, Kurosawa group)
Tanka by Shinobu Kurosawa, Hiroshi Asakawa, Hiroko Enami, and Rieko Hiraga will be exhibited simultaneously.
An attempt to sing an imaginary Tanka from portraits drawn by the artist,
edited after returning to England to publish collaborative art book of portraits and poetry.


Tanka Workshop:

「その先に 何が見えるの 少しだけ 光はあるの たずねたくなる」宏子

「ワイエスが ふとよぎるよな そのタッチ 心模様は 画面の奥に」理恵子

「黒シャツに 沈めた悲しみ まとう人 淡い光を 受けて立ってる」洋

「乳首の 向きの違いは どこまでも 交わらずして はなればなれに」黒沢


Residency artist Judy Pilarczyk_Poland in October 2019
Interview and edit by Olly Thwaite

Thomas LO Si In/Macau

Thomas LO Si In


Graffiti, Installation, Painting, Short Movies

Residency September 2019


ロー・シー・イン (トーマス)




Born in Macau, living at the edge of the small hill for 30 years. When I was small, I used to bring a small chair to the terrace to see the greenery scenic of the hill, the hill changes everyday, the songs of birds and the dancing of the squirrels are so attractive, I just sit down there day-dreaming all the time. I love to listen to the nature, I like to understand what I am dreaming. So as now I love to use the local resources for inspirations and form the linkage of me and the city. I try to use visual images to express my inner feelings, thoughts and my status, and share them with the others.

 私はマカオで生まれ、30年間小さな丘の端に住んでいます。 小さい頃、私はその緑の景色を眺めるために小さな椅子をテラスに持って行きました。丘の風景は毎日変わり、鳥の歌とリスの踊りはとても魅力的。ずっと夢を見ているようです。 私は自然に耳を傾けることを好み、夢見ていることを理解したいと思います。 現在は地元の資源をインスピレーションの源として、自分と街を連動させることを考えます。 私は自分の内なる感情、考え、そして自分の状態を表現し、他の人たちと視覚的なイメージを共有することを試みます。


講師:トーマス・ロー/ マカオ

LO Si In (Thomas) /Macau
lives and works in Macau
Graffiti painting&spray, Installation, Short Movies





① AIRY会場EXHIBITION 会場:山梨県甲府市丸の内2-37-2

date:2019.9.20(fri)18:30-20:00 opening

MMM Café/ Macau Cuisine & Drink

9.21(sat)22(sun)11:00-18:00 Exhibition

artist:Stefan Guggisberg/ Switzerland  mixed media

Thomas LO/ Macau  Graffiti, Installation     

Masako Danno 団野雅子/ Yamanashi Japan Japanese Painting


山梨県甲府市相生1-3-16  2F outside wall 14 meter wide

2019.9.15(sun)16(mon)9.21(sat)22(sun)23(mon) 8:30-17:00

Thomas LO Live Gaffiti by Spray

Live Graffiti by Thomas LO (MCZ)/Macau [Happy Zai]
2019 September 1min version
Edit by Thomas Lo


Interview to Thomas LO (MCZ) /Macau
5min version
Interview and Edit by Olly Thwait

What do you imagine when you hear a word graffiti? Hip hop? Illegal drawing on the subway?
According to MCZ Thomas, graffiti is something to convey a positive message to people in the city. You can see the smiling character in the wall painting on the CANVAS. I feel like that character represents the personality of artist. Peaceful, chilling and very gentle. Against the powerfulness of graffiti, he was delicate and charming character. While he was working on the wall. I sometimes go and see him painting. I was amazed how fast he can paint and how deeply he concentrates on the work. As an art student, I’ve learnt many thigs from him and sincerity toward art was one of them. (Gaku OKATA)
(インターン 大方岳)

Stefan Guggisberg/Switzerland

Stefan Guggisberg

Born in Swiss lives/works German

drawing, painting

Residency September 2019






Since the advent of quantum theory we can assume that the universe does not reduce to elementary particles. If the universe is not made up of particles, it cannot be partitioned. This also means that we humans are not parts of reality but rather participants; we enter into the universe at the same time as it enters into us. I am a participant in a process of continual genesis. The universe is continually forming itself anew from out of a living web of interrelations at the micro level. It is from this structure that everything comes into being. As one of its participants I have direct knowledge of its nature, I have direct knowledge of the interrelations between spirit and matter, of the nature of the living.

In my work I am attempting to let this knowledge guide the process. The main constituents of this process are the application, distribution and removal of paint on paper. The aim is to develop a chaotic chromatic structure, which I intuitively attempt to steer into an ordered pictorial structure. This structure is the result and manifestation both of inner movements and the external visible world. I see the intersection of the two as a kind of cosmology.



Translation: Olly Thwaite, Yuko Kanda


① AIRY会場⛰EXHIBITION 会場:山梨県甲府市丸の内2-37-2

date:2019.9.20(fri)18:30-20:00 opening

MMM Café/ Macau Cuisine & Drink

9.21(sat)22(sun)11:00-18:00 Exhibition

artist:Stefan Guggisberg/ Switzerland  mixed media


photos by Aki Yamamoto


I saw two of Stefan’s creating style during September 2019.

The first is Erasing/Removing oil color that is applied on a thick paper. He never uses a brush. Erasers are cut a sharp angle in this technique. He erases or removes oil colors instead of adding, he has created this style while ago by himself.

The second is drawing on a tablet by pencil then print out on a photographic paper. We almost believe that must be a photograph but this is a drawing. Soft and blurred gray tone attracts us a lot.




Oliver Thwaite/UK, Japan

Guidance – Revelations

Oliver Thwaite

born in UK, lives/works in Yamanashi Japan

painting, drawing, sculpture



イギリス生まれ 山梨県在住




Artistic styles of the ancient worlds 古代世界の美

The ancestors of Art Civilization and Human Experience アート、文明、人類の歩みと祖先たち

Their lives Our life 彼らの人生、私たちの命

Their memories Our memory 彼らの記憶  私たちの記憶

Do you remember? 忘れてない? I ask you – look! 頼むよー見て!  

From a young age, the artist has had a deep fascination with ancient cultures and their artworks. This exhibition was created from a personal desire to reconnect with these long-gone civilizations, and study their various expressive styles in order to deepen his own range of artistic expression. On a broader level, he hopes to showcase their richness and rekindle some interest in them. The main cultures and  civilizations that formed the inspiration for this exhibition include: 

Egyptian, Mayan, Aztec, Olmec, Mixtec, Mesopotamian, Middle Eastern, Indus Valley, Easter Island, Indonesia, Chinese, Britannic, Slavic, Celtic, Germanic, and Australian Aboriginal. 

作家は幼少期からは古代の文化と彼らの芸術作品に深く魅了されていました。 この展覧会のコンセプトはこれらの古代文明と自らを再接続し、 彼自身の芸術的表現の範囲を深めるために様々な表現スタイルを研究したいという個人的な欲求から生まれました。 広義では、彼は古代文明の豊かさを披露し、人々にそれらへの関心を寄せて欲しいと考えています。 今回は約10点のアクリル絵画を中心に展示します。

*この展覧会のためのインスピレーションを形成した主な文明は以下 エジプト、マヤ、アステカ、オルメック、ミシュテック、メソポタミア、中東、インダスバレー、イースター島、インドネシア、中国、イギリス、スラブ、ケルト、ゲルマン、オーストラリア先住民


Exhibition [Guidance Revelations] Oliver Thwaite /UK & Japan
August 2019