Teresa Currea/Colombia

Teresa Currea



Drawing, Cutting Paper, Bookbinding

Residency March 2020






I have been working with drawing and cut paper since almost ten years. It is the aim of my work to create small universes with paper, exploring fiction as a path for expressing the complex nuances of our daily situations. Using different elements for inspiration like plants, animals, and everyday objects, and mixing them into something new, using the infinite possibilities of drawing. At the beginning of my career I used just paper in all their multiplicity, but now I add to my work different objects like lightbulbs, wires and little doll hands. In every single piece I look forward to find a special conjunction of elements and characters.

For this one month art residency in Japan I would like to work with the third volume of the Hokusai manga “Fanciful, mythical and supernatural”, redrawing some of that characters of Japanese mythology and take pictures of them as if they where living in modern Kofu.


日本でのこの一ヶ月の滞在制作のために、北斎漫画の第3巻「奇想天外」を元に、日本の神話の登場人物の一部を描き直し、現在甲府に住んでいるかのように写真を撮りたいと考えます。 (Translation: Olly Thwait, Yuko Kanda)


Oriana Marin/Colombia

Oriana Marin



Drawing, Installation, Photography

Residency March 2020






My artistic work often relates with the uncommon. It pursues a longing for going out of the daily routine in which we are immersed. Taking the uncommon as a base, early in my work, I explored the concepts of alienation and the anomalous in the human race, and the consequences and repercussions of being considered different within the society. Later I became interested in the ideas of calm and contemplation, both Buddhist concepts studied in the path of illumination. In my investigation I found the metaphor of the calm of the sea, this is the word the seaman use to refer to the complete stillness in the waters. Continuing with my research, always attracted to the uncommon, I landed in the notion of introspection and solitude, how the humans can feel alone even when they are in crowds and how can they with daydreaming create their own worlds or even meditate in odd situations.

I’m interested in how introspection can be used as a form of meditation. I have explored these themes in my last works but I want to continue to evolve the investigation bringing it to a Japanese context. I have been always drawn to Japanese culture; I want to explore the concept of introspection applied to the Japanese everyday life.

I find Kofu, Yamanashi, the perfect place to immerse myself into the everyday life and compare my Latin roots with this very different environment. The fact that Kofu is not a big cosmopolitan city makes this an even richer experience. The techniques I use more commonly in my work are photography and drawing, I plan to use both to capture the essence of the everyday life viewed through my foreigner eyes.



山梨の甲府は、日常生活に入り込み、私のラテンのルーツをこの非常に異なる環境と比較するのに最適な場所です。甲府は大きな国際都市ではないという事実は、これをさらに豊かな経験にしています。私がよく使うテクニックは写真とドローイングで、外国人の目を通して見た日常生活の本質を捉えるために両方を使うつもりです。 (Translation: Olly Thwait, Yuko Kanda)


Helen Lee/USA

Helen Lee



Performance, Film/Video, Installation

Residency March 2020

Many of my interests and curiosities lean towards the quiet, the tactile, sensations and the internal shifts that happen within us and around us.  I often wonder how these elements can create possibility, space and bring us closer to ourselves, to others, truth and nature.  I has been seen to performing in unconventional venues utilizing sensory stimulant and/or deprivation techniques and have been seen ripping open grapefruits, releasing ladybugs and inviting audience members to walk with their eyes closed in gardens, busy city streets or quiet corners. 

Most recently, I have found myself unpacking family history and investigating home, identity, memory, travel, migration, immigration, displacement, belonging, guilt, shame and what it means to be an Asian American woman…which ultimately has meant, looking deeply at myself through the lens of my mother, my father and animals.  Through these investigations I have weaved various mediums: performance, storytelling, film/video, animation and installation to attempt to tell this story.


ごく最近、私は家族の歴史を解き放ち、家、アイデンティティ、記憶、移動、移住、移民、追放、帰属、罪悪感、恥、そしてアジア系アメリカ人女性であることの意味を探求しています。母、父、動物の目を通した自分自身。これらの探求を通じて、パフォーマンス、ストーリーテリング、映画/ビデオ、アニメーション、インスタレーションなどのさまざまな媒体を用いて、この物語を伝えようとしています。(Translation: Olly Thwait, Yuko Kanda)

[I love you, I kill you]
28th March 2020 @AIRY #205
[The Crying Cabinet]
29th March 2020 @AIRY gallery

Jeong Heewoo/South Korea

Jeong Heewoo

South Korea


Painting, drawing, installation

Residency 9-23th February 2020

(returned artist of February 2019)


チョン ヒーウ





When I am in my city, I do my project, “Peeling the City”. I make records of my rapidly changing city by rubbing of old walls, signs, and streets. When I travel, I do another project, “Facebook”. I bring my drawing book and record people I meet by drawing their faces.

Physical distance to what or who I record is important to me. When I document cities, I choose rubbing to photo. I make records of old things which soon be replaced by new things. Old apartments are demolished and redeveloped due to economic reasons in my city. It is sad to keep losing the places where I grew up and made memories. To record the wall of old apartment in my town, I step forward to the wall and touch all over to make rubbings. It’s a farewell to something that will disappear. I don’t feel enough with photo which captures the lights that visited to the wall while I am away from it.

When I draw people, I sit very close to them to see well. When I sit as close as I can see even their eyelashes clearly, I feel intimate but also intimidated. It feels awkward, but this situation makes difference on my drawing. When one’s vivid presence is right in front of me, I cannot draw the one on my own. Something (emotion or personality) of the person affects my drawing. Their sensitivity, anxiety, strongness or something that cannot be named in words make my hand move differently. The person is reflected on my drawing in this way. This drawing takes about ten minutes. Looking at someone very carefully for ten minutes is an unusual event. Nobody can be left nobody to me after this. The drawing becomes an intense meeting in nonverbal way.

Drawing of your face would be the easiest picture to say you like it or not. I get reactions very quickly. My drawings please some and annoy others. I pose for them to draw for a FAIR TRADE. I give them a chance to pay me back (whether reward or revenge). It becomes a drawing exchange or a drawing battle. Both are enjoyable. Drawing is a very basic method of art. Picture of your face is easiest art to make and talk about. While less and less people are interested in art, I am trying to share this whole process of art (creating, critique, being a subject of art) with more people in this simple and entertaining way.

I am so grateful to people who sat and posed in front of me at AIRY last year and I’d like to record them in 1 year. Also I’m looking forward to seeing new faces.

私はソウルにいる時は、プロジェクト「Peeling the City」を行います。古い壁、標識、通りを擦って、急速に変化する都市の記録を制作します。旅行中は、別のプロジェクト「Facebook」を実行します。スケッチブックを持ち、顔を描いて出会った人を記録します。私が記録する対象や人との物理的な距離は重要です。都市を作品化するとき、私は擦り出しの方法を選びます。すぐに新しいものに置き換えらてしまう古いものの記録を制作します。街の経済的理由により、古いアパートは取り壊され、再開発されました。私が育ち、思い出を作った場所を失い続けるのは悲しいです。ソウルの古いアパートの壁を記録するために、私は壁に向かって一歩踏み込んで、擦り出しをします。消えてしまう何かへの別れです。壁から離れて壁に当たる光を捉えた「写真」は十分ではありません。





【Draw you Draw me】The FACEBOOK Project

私のドローイングは2020年2月に甲府で会った人々のドキュメンテーションです。ドローイングブックに甲府での滞在中に出会った人の顔を描きます。 人に出会うことは旅の重要な部分です。 私が出会った人の顔を描くことで、この出会いはよりわかりやすくなり深くなります。 顔を描くことで、私の旅はもっと楽しく思い出深いものになるのです。
元々Facebook はネット上のつながりですが、わたしのFaceBookはもっと直接的な方法のつながりと言えます。

My drawing book becomes the documentation of people in February 2020 in Kofu. I draw faces I met in travel to Kofu on my drawing book. Meeting people is important part of travel. Drawing person’s face I meet makes this meeting easier and deeper. Drawing faces make my travel more enjoyable and memorable.
As Facebook on internet is for networking, my FaceBook is for networking in Kofu in much more direct way.

Clara Campos/Brazil

Clara Campos


Performance, Video, Voice Actor, Collage, Installation

Residency Febryary-March 2020






My whole life I thought that the lack capacity of making decisions I bare was a weak point, but recently I found out this out to be my strength; from this point on I decided to go deep into my multi focused personality and mix different things that share my interest into one.

I am a product of the globalized western society, an adult with no real goal in a universe full of options and a woman in a men’s world. Some of those themes are always running through my work, be it is as an actress/interpreter or as anything.

Recently I have been studying Jungian archetypes and creating a parallel line between the Witch and the Japanese genre Mahō shōjo.

Every work from this series (be it a video, a collage, a performance etc) stars a Mahō shōjo immersed in everyday actions putting in check the pre-given notions of femininity exploring its pluralities in search of every woman’s individual essence.

これまで私は自分の意思決定能力が不足していることが弱点だと思っていましたが、最近になりこれが私の強みであることがわかりました。 この時点から私は、多焦点の人格に深く入り込み、自分の興味を共有するさまざまなものをミックスして一つにすることに決めました。

私はグローバル化した西洋社会の産物であり、選択肢に満ちた宇宙では本当の目標を持たない大人であり、男性から見れば女性です。 これらのテーマのいくつかは、女優/通訳としてであれ何であれ、常に私の作品を駆け抜けています。




Workshop 「魔法少女ME」

Clara Campos /Brasil









Date: 29 February 13:00-15:00

Venue: AIRY Studio

Target: Any ages and genres

Admission : 1 drink fee

What to bring: Participant printed photo

Workshop Leader: Clara Campos /Brasil

Performance, Video, Voice Actor, Collage, Installation

Loves Comics and Animations of Japan. Every works from this series stars a Mahō shōjo immersed in everyday actions putting in check the pre-given notions of femininity exploring its pluralities in search of every woman’s individual essence.

When we watch mahou shoujo anime, little girls are capable of solving problems by themselves via Magic. 
A transformation can empower this little girls so they can do anything.
In this workshop we will discuss gender roles, anime, and how we perceive ourselves as humans whose transformation is not over.
Let’s create mahou women, mahou men, and mahou shonen while exploring the strength of femininity. (All ages and genres are welcome)  


directed by Clara Campos /Brazil

EXHALE/Gaku Okata


21-25th February 2020

Gaku Okata/大方 岳



Artist: Gaku Okata 大方 岳

Time: 2020.2.21fri – 25tue 11:00-18:00

Venue: Artist In Residence Yamanasai [AIRY] 2F Gallery

Admission free

Opening: 2.21 friday 18:00-19:30
Foods & Drinks (on donation) by Mariko Hirano

Workshop: 2.22 saturday 13:00-16:00

Cafe Dusa


アーティスト:大方 岳・第7代エアリーインターン

Cafe Dusa 出店あり



2018-19 カーティン大学 西オーストラリア パース

2019-20 第7代エアリーインターンシップ

2020年3月 卒業予定



「INHALE 息を吸う」の反意語で「EXHALE 息を吐く」という意味。






The first solo exhibition title is “EXHALE”.

EXHALE is an antonym of INHALE

Gaku Ogata is a prolific artist. He is prolific artist or always draws like breathing. I met him on last September the first time where the graffiti wall of artist MCZ was working.

He took out his sketchbook and started drawing. I guess it was like drawing down MCZ’s work, or like a diary to drawing down himself for the day. Anyway the handling of the drawing was quick and reliable, and I was surprised to see the atmosphere of the place as I saw it. He told me that while studying in Australia, he had honed his skills drawing people who is walking on the street corners. The skills of artists in strange lands can also be a weapon to seeing people.

Since then, he has grown into a presence as AIRY’s seventh intern. He learned how to live and survive from the residency artists and art space management from AIRY. Now, just before graduation he has reached the starting point of his own artist life.

He first applies color to the canvas using acrylic paint and spray, looking like something but not concrete. The color and shape of the initials disappear as they overlap. When it looks like concrete and finally the abstract representation is powerfully covering the screen, it is almost completed. Color contrast, magical motifs, and synergistic effects of dripping spray. Feel the calm in chaos. In “EXHALE” the artist exhales and exudes the joy and possibilities of drawing/painting.





「オープニングパーティーのご案内 」

「この度、大方岳個展 [Exhale]のオープニングパーティーを企画させていただくことになりました。 初の個展に挑んだ作家、大方岳(山梨学院学国際リベラルアーツ学部今春卒業予定)の制作に対する思いや、AIRY(アー ティスト・イン・レジデンス山梨)を運営する坂本泉さんの多岐にわたる活動のお話等・・・ 作品鑑賞をしながらのトークもお楽しみください。現在AIRYに滞在中の韓国人とブラジル人のアーティストにもご参加 いただける予定です。ご参加いただいた皆様と共に非日常空間を創り、味わい、楽しい時間を過ごせれば幸いです。 Taste of arts ・・・作品からのインスピレーションによる Foods &Drink コーナーも設けます。 アートってよくわからない、AIRYってどんなところ?・・・な~んて思っている方もお気軽にいらしてくださいね! 」

■ 2月21日(金)18:00-19:30

■ AIRY 2F  山梨県甲府市丸の内2丁目37-2 

■ 参加費:学生無料、大人ドネイション(食材費をお気持ちお願いします) 


ワークショップ「らくがきのそのさき」the English description below
場所:AIRY[Art in Residence Yamanashi]甲府市丸の内2丁目37-2
Workshop [Beyond the doodling]
Date: February 22nd (Sat) 1-4pm
Duration: 30-60min
Location: AIRY[Art in Residence Yamanashi] 2-37-2, Marunouchi, Kofu, Yamanashi
Fee: 500 yen
This workshop focuses on intuition and flow of consciousness. In the workshop, we will draw without intention or theme. The purpose of this workshop is to experience the randomness of mind and find a new way to express oneself.


Mori Yuni in Vancouver


2019年8月3日、4日、カナダ・バンクーバーのパウエルストリート周辺にて毎年開催される「Powell Street Festival」に参加しました。



このフェスティバルの実行員に所属するLeanne Dunicが2013年に甲府に滞在した際に出会い、そのつながりで今回演奏にお招きいただきました。

2日間の公演で、8/3は屋内ホールにて、現地在住の日本人書道家、姫洲さんの書道パフォーマンスと演奏とのコラボレーション。8/4日は屋外ステージにて、こちらも現地在住の日本人シンガーソングライター、Kohei Yoshinoさんと一緒に演奏させていただきました。

また、このフェスティバルは多数のボランティアスタッフによって支えられており、閉会後の8/6に開かれた彼らへのAppreciation Partyでは、事前に彼らからリクエスト曲を募って日本の歌を数曲演奏しました。日本へ行ったことのないスタッフが多いのですが、それにも関わらず日本のポップソング、アニメ主題歌など私も知らない曲のリクエストをたくさんいただき、日本の今に対する関心の高さを感じました。

I participated to the annual Powell Street Festival around Powell Street in Vancouver, Canada on August 3rd and 4th, 2019.

Powell Street, where many Japanese people used to live. Today, there are many Japanese residents and many people are familiar with Japanese culture such as martial arts and calligraphy. The purpose of this festival is to introduce the past and present of Japanese culture.

This is the 43rd year and it has become a major summer event in Vancouver.

The former AIRY artist Leanne Dunic who belongs Artistic Director, I met her when she stayed in Kofu in 2013 and I was invited to play this time.

Two days performance was a collaboration between Japanese calligraphy artist Himesu-san, a Japanese calligrapher on August 3rd. I performed with Kohei Yoshino, a Japanese singer/songwriter in the outdoor stage on August 4th.

The festival was also supported by a large number of volunteer staff, and at the Appreciation Party for them held on August 6th after the closing. We had a several requests of Japanese songs. Many staff members have never been to Japan, but despite that, I received many requests for songs that I didn’t know, such as Japanese pop songs and anime theme songs, and I felt a high level of interests toward Japan!!

Yuni with a Japanese calligraphy artist Himesu

Yuni with Kohei Yoshino a singer/songwriter

the Appreciation Party