Christoffer Billebo /Sweden

Christoffer Billebo


Painting, Photography, Digital drawing, Digital Painting, Film

residency November 2017







 Through images, and the image of images, I’m working with the contingencies of the human hand and mind. The gap that appears in-between the perceived reality and fiction, the analog and the digital. There is a midpoint where these two can affect each other. Where you find unanticipated grey areas, where the lost gets visible and valuable loses it value.

I never consider myself as a good painter. The clumsy brushstroke.
Predetermination does not exist. Process and digestion is the ongoing result, failing in paint- ing opens up for alternatives. Images morph between abstraction and object, pausing in the two dimensional. When the painting freezes at the surface, its physicality expands.

At the end of my stay at the residence program I would like to make a small exhibition with a few site specific paintings and objects. Document these paintings, objects and the event with a short film of the exhibition. Invite some local residents and some local children and briefly asking them (in  beginner Japanese) about what they see and think, document their response and later on back in Sweden edit the film and audio from the exhibition. Make my own fictional translation of what I believe their thoughts were.




滞在の終わりには、その場所に関係のある絵や物を使った展示を行い、その様子を映像と文書で記録する。また地元住民や子供たちを招待し、彼らが見て考えていることについて(簡単な日本語で)尋ね、回答を文書化し、帰国後に映像と音声を編集予定。彼らへのインタビューをフィクション的に翻訳したいと思っている。(translated by Mina Ino)



山梨英和大学 井上正剛教室「地域研究・実践」レクチャー