Helen Lee/USA

Helen Lee



Performance, Film/Video, Installation

Residency March 2020

Many of my interests and curiosities lean towards the quiet, the tactile, sensations and the internal shifts that happen within us and around us.  I often wonder how these elements can create possibility, space and bring us closer to ourselves, to others, truth and nature.  I has been seen to performing in unconventional venues utilizing sensory stimulant and/or deprivation techniques and have been seen ripping open grapefruits, releasing ladybugs and inviting audience members to walk with their eyes closed in gardens, busy city streets or quiet corners. 

Most recently, I have found myself unpacking family history and investigating home, identity, memory, travel, migration, immigration, displacement, belonging, guilt, shame and what it means to be an Asian American woman…which ultimately has meant, looking deeply at myself through the lens of my mother, my father and animals.  Through these investigations I have weaved various mediums: performance, storytelling, film/video, animation and installation to attempt to tell this story.


ごく最近、私は家族の歴史を解き放ち、家、アイデンティティ、記憶、移動、移住、移民、追放、帰属、罪悪感、恥、そしてアジア系アメリカ人女性であることの意味を探求しています。母、父、動物の目を通した自分自身。これらの探求を通じて、パフォーマンス、ストーリーテリング、映画/ビデオ、アニメーション、インスタレーションなどのさまざまな媒体を用いて、この物語を伝えようとしています。(Translation: Olly Thwait, Yuko Kanda)

[I love you, I kill you]
28th March 2020 @AIRY #205
[The Crying Cabinet]
29th March 2020 @AIRY gallery