Oriana Marin/Colombia

Oriana Marin



Drawing, Installation, Photography

Residency March 2020






My artistic work often relates with the uncommon. It pursues a longing for going out of the daily routine in which we are immersed. Taking the uncommon as a base, early in my work, I explored the concepts of alienation and the anomalous in the human race, and the consequences and repercussions of being considered different within the society. Later I became interested in the ideas of calm and contemplation, both Buddhist concepts studied in the path of illumination. In my investigation I found the metaphor of the calm of the sea, this is the word the seaman use to refer to the complete stillness in the waters. Continuing with my research, always attracted to the uncommon, I landed in the notion of introspection and solitude, how the humans can feel alone even when they are in crowds and how can they with daydreaming create their own worlds or even meditate in odd situations.

I’m interested in how introspection can be used as a form of meditation. I have explored these themes in my last works but I want to continue to evolve the investigation bringing it to a Japanese context. I have been always drawn to Japanese culture; I want to explore the concept of introspection applied to the Japanese everyday life.

I find Kofu, Yamanashi, the perfect place to immerse myself into the everyday life and compare my Latin roots with this very different environment. The fact that Kofu is not a big cosmopolitan city makes this an even richer experience. The techniques I use more commonly in my work are photography and drawing, I plan to use both to capture the essence of the everyday life viewed through my foreigner eyes.



山梨の甲府は、日常生活に入り込み、私のラテンのルーツをこの非常に異なる環境と比較するのに最適な場所です。甲府は大きな国際都市ではないという事実は、これをさらに豊かな経験にしています。私がよく使うテクニックは写真とドローイングで、外国人の目を通して見た日常生活の本質を捉えるために両方を使うつもりです。 (Translation: Olly Thwait, Yuko Kanda)


Picture Installation View