Jeong Heewoo/South Korea

Jeong Heewoo

South Korea

Painting, drawing, installation

Residency 9-23th February 2020

(returned artist of February 2019)


チョン ヒーウ





When I am in my city, I do my project, “Peeling the City”. I make records of my rapidly changing city by rubbing of old walls, signs, and streets. When I travel, I do another project, “Facebook”. I bring my drawing book and record people I meet by drawing their faces.

Physical distance to what or who I record is important to me. When I document cities, I choose rubbing to photo. I make records of old things which soon be replaced by new things. Old apartments are demolished and redeveloped due to economic reasons in my city. It is sad to keep losing the places where I grew up and made memories. To record the wall of old apartment in my town, I step forward to the wall and touch all over to make rubbings. It’s a farewell to something that will disappear. I don’t feel enough with photo which captures the lights that visited to the wall while I am away from it.

When I draw people, I sit very close to them to see well. When I sit as close as I can see even their eyelashes clearly, I feel intimate but also intimidated. It feels awkward, but this situation makes difference on my drawing. When one’s vivid presence is right in front of me, I cannot draw the one on my own. Something (emotion or personality) of the person affects my drawing. Their sensitivity, anxiety, strongness or something that cannot be named in words make my hand move differently. The person is reflected on my drawing in this way. This drawing takes about ten minutes. Looking at someone very carefully for ten minutes is an unusual event. Nobody can be left nobody to me after this. The drawing becomes an intense meeting in nonverbal way.

Drawing of your face would be the easiest picture to say you like it or not. I get reactions very quickly. My drawings please some and annoy others. I pose for them to draw for a FAIR TRADE. I give them a chance to pay me back (whether reward or revenge). It becomes a drawing exchange or a drawing battle. Both are enjoyable. Drawing is a very basic method of art. Picture of your face is easiest art to make and talk about. While less and less people are interested in art, I am trying to share this whole process of art (creating, critique, being a subject of art) with more people in this simple and entertaining way.

I am so grateful to people who sat and posed in front of me at AIRY last year and I’d like to record them in 1 year. Also I’m looking forward to seeing new faces.

私はソウルにいる時は、プロジェクト「Peeling the City」を行います。古い壁、標識、通りを擦って、急速に変化する都市の記録を制作します。旅行中は、別のプロジェクト「Facebook」を実行します。スケッチブックを持ち、顔を描いて出会った人を記録します。私が記録する対象や人との物理的な距離は重要です。都市を作品化するとき、私は擦り出しの方法を選びます。すぐに新しいものに置き換えらてしまう古いものの記録を制作します。街の経済的理由により、古いアパートは取り壊され、再開発されました。私が育ち、思い出を作った場所を失い続けるのは悲しいです。ソウルの古いアパートの壁を記録するために、私は壁に向かって一歩踏み込んで、擦り出しをします。消えてしまう何かへの別れです。壁から離れて壁に当たる光を捉えた「写真」は十分ではありません。