Larissa Linnell & Eliot Palmer/Australia

Larissa Linnell & Eliot Palmer




Visual arts (drawing, sculpture, textiles)

Sound arts (sound, vibration installation)

Residency 14-27th December 2019


ラリッサ・リネル & エリオット・パーマー





Larissa and Eliot will conduct research and experiment with new methods in their AIRY residency, bringing together their disciplines in paper installation, printmaking, sound and vibration. Larissa’s practice explores boundaries, containment and place; with works incorporating tea dyeing, sewing, and suspension of large washi paper arrangements. Eliot works with vibration speakers to generate resonance in building structures and objects, creating an audio and tactile experience from sound. In this research residency the artists will build the foundations for new work exploring the theme of water as a resource and cultural asset.

The artists plan to make a series of sound recordings in Yamanashi, with an interest in the sounds of cleansing rituals at temizuya, which Eliot will bring together with recordings he made of past water-based paper making at Awagami factory, Shikoku. Together, the artists will also experiment with ways of resonating paper forms, and creation of paper objects as a vessel and sounding object. The research period will also offer the opportunity to experiment with ways of representing the presence of groundwater, with an interest in drawing on traditional, hand drawn hydrogeological maps as a reference source for drawing and printing. The different challenges around water abundance and use between Japan and Australia provide a point of focus and dialogue.



Translation: Olly Thwaite, Yuko Kanda


Experimental Display

12/21 sat – 22 sun 11:00-18:00 @FOLLOWERS

Aqua Impura

Presented in the gallery are the beginnings of experiments by artists exploring the concept of water, groundwater, and vessels for containment of liquids. Vibration speakers are used, with specially tuned compositions, to create resonance in the drinking bottles. The concept is to reflect on the properties of hidden aquifers as a container for valuable water resources, and deep storage of water and the importance of this. 

The artists are exploring how paper vessels may be used to transmit vibration energy and sound. The forms and paper dying and shaping process reflect on the ways in which paper can carve grooves and shapes into the land and stone.In in addition, in the the studio space we have set up initial compositions and field recordings taken from the Shosenkyo Gorge and Zenkoji temple, including natural water and machinery. 

今回ギャラリーに展示するのは、水・地下水・液体を容器に閉じ込める概念を探求する二人のアーティストによる実験の紹介です。振動スピーカーは特別に調整された構成で使用され、飲用ボトルに共鳴を生じさせます。 コンセプトは、貴重な水資源の容器としての隠された帯水層の特性、および水の深層貯蔵とその重要性を反映することです

私たちは、振動エネルギーと音を伝えるためにどのように紙容器を使用できるかを探っています。 その形と紙の染色および成形プロセスは、紙が溝や形状を土地や石に刻む方法を反映しています。さらにスタジオスペースには、昇仙峡と善光寺から採音した自然の水と機械の音を含む野外録音が設置されています。

Eliot Palmer & Larissa Linnell have stayed in AIRY as family residents from Melbourne, Australia. Eliot is a Sound artist, and Larissa is a Visual artist. They are both deeply interested in Japanese cultures, arts, and this is not the first time visiting Japan as Art residents. In the work that Eliot exhibited this time, he wanted to show the importance of water by using “water” and “vibrations”. Since Japan has a lot of water resources such as water from Mt.Fuji, water for Onsen, water of Purification trough (temizuya) at Temples and Shrines and it is familiar to people. At the same time it links to negative circumstances such as natural water disasters and water pollution, and people tend to be not seeing from the perspectives. Since Eliot and Larissa came to Yamanashi, Eliot recorded several sounds of water including both natural and machinery at some places such as Shyosenkyo Gorge and Zenkoji Temple to make his work. In a week or less, he got an idea of making his art work which consists of special vibration machine, water bottles, and paper vessels made by Larrisa. Paper vessels were used to transmit vibration energies and sounds. There is air in the paper, and this work shows how sounds are being delivered and vibrated through objects as well. I really enjoyed their work. By using paper vessels and actual water to be vibrated, the work let invisible sounds become visible and that function audience can even touch and feel the sounds. The term Sound art itself is sometimes not familiar to everyone, however this art work engaged audience to be interactive. I was happy to see the connections between water and vibrations, and this work made me think of the fact that every dot is connecting to the other and that makes people to have broader perspectives. (Kaho Tanaka, iCLA)

オーストラリア、メルボルンからAIRYへ約二週間滞在されたアーティストのエリオット・パーマーさん&ラリッサ・リンネルさんはご夫婦揃ってアーティストとして活躍されています。旦那様のエリオットさんはサウンドアーティスト、奥様のラリッサさんはヴィジュアルアーティストです。サウンドアートという言葉を聞きなれない方もいらっしゃるかもしれませんが、サウンドアートとは音を制作素材や媒介とした美術作品の総称です。 今回のAIRYでの展示は”水”と”音の振動”をテーマに、お二人がユニットとして作品を制作されました。一週間前後という短い間でアイディアを形にされたという作品は、録音した水の音を飲用ボトルの中の水に共鳴させ、さらにその振動を上から吊るした紙風船のなかの空気に伝えるというものでした。 日本は温泉の文化、神社・寺院等の手水舎、富士山からの天然水等豊富な水資源があり、”水”が身近なテーマではありますが、それと同時に汚染されている水、物の製造過程で無駄になっている水の存在など、私たちが普段あまり考えることのない視点からの水の存在もあります。このように豊富にある水の種類からエリオットさん選んで録音した水の音で、ボトルの中の水を振動させ、さらにその水の波紋の振動が紙風船の中の空気に伝わる様子と音を見聞きしていると、全ての物事の点は繋がっていて、見えないそれらの小さなもの達のお蔭で私達は生かされているのだなと深く考えさせられた気がします。普段、私達が”見えない音”の世界を、物体と振動を融合させて”見える音”に変身させる彼のアートは、発想力が豊かであらゆる点から感性を呼び立たせてくれるような作品でした。

(田中 花歩、山梨学院大学国際離べラルアーツ学部)