Sage Szkabarnicki-Stuart/Canada

Sage Szkabarnicki-Stuart


photography, sculpture

Residency March, April,May 2019


セイジ シュカバニキ-スチュアート




Sage Szkabarnicki-Stuart’s photographs pull from familiar subject matter related to domestic spaces and subconscious memories. The photo series “I Think You Dropped Something” centrally questions what defines a place as ‘home.’

Artist’s photos are highly constructed, incorporating self-portraiture, performance and personal narrative to create images which communicate layers of meaning related to the artist’s past, familiar iconography, and surreal elements.

She is an award winning artist and has shown her work in numerous exhibitions including at the Toronto Outdoor Art Fair, at Art Toronto, and at the Propeller Gallery in Toronto.

She currently lives in Toronto, and became a Resident Artist at the Living Arts Centre in 2018 under the LAC’s Fellowship Program for recent graduates. Sage graduated from Concordia University’s Animation program, and is a self- taught photographer.

セイジ シュカバニキ・スチュアート の写真は、身近な空間や潜在意識の記憶に関連する馴染みの主題から引用しています。 写真シリーズ「私はあなたが何かを落としたと思います」は、場所を「家」と定義するものを中心に質問を投げかけます。





“NariKiri Dream” Workshop

workshop:「ナリキリ・ドリーム写真を撮ろう」 NariKiri Dream

Aklebono Shien Junior High School 2 students
workshop leader:セイジ シュカバニキ-スチュアート/カナダ

Sage Szkabarnicki-Stuart /Canada

date & time:2019年3月12日(火)10:00~12:00

①なりたい自分をイメージする Imagine myself who I want to be
「ディズニーのディジーダックが好き。 Daisy Duck, Disney 私の好きな色(ピンクと紫)と同じ色だから。  I love pink and purple」
「歴史上の人物 坂本龍馬が好き。 Ryoma Sakamoto 歴史が好きだから。I love history」
②ヘッドドレスの素材を集める Gather the material of headdress
③工夫して楽しくつくる Enjoy creation
④試着する Try on
⑤撮影場所とポーズを考える Think about shooting location and pose
⑥撮影ー現像ー額装ープレゼント shooting-developing-framed -gift present
*英語の会話を楽しむ Enjoy English conversation

Daisy Duck, Disney, I love pink and purple

I love history of Ryoma Sakamoto

Which pose is good?

Think about shooting location

the cute photo with frame finished

Supported by Masumi Yanagisawa, the art teacher of school


Sage Szkabarnicki-Stuart made a presentation about her works

with the translator Nagisa Mitsumori on 27th April,

in the venue of PRAXIS Contemporary Art group exhibition

@Yamanashi prefectural museum



*Other new works are coming soon on the website