Calligraphy & Onomatopeia

Kalligrafiaa & Onomatopoetiikkaa –työpajapäivä

YAMAMOTO Yukina /Japan

Mari Mäkiö   /Finland

I will have a calligraphy workshop in Helsinki, Finland on Jan 5th 2019. This is my first time to explore my calligraphy experience to over the world. Also I will perform calligraphy with Finnish onomatopoeia sounds performedMari Mäkiö. Thanks Mari for giving this opportunity. I can’t wait to see what happening!




Successfully completed my first calligraphy workshop in Helsinki, Finland. I had a fun to greet a lot of wonderful people thorough this workshop/exhibition. Thanks, Mari Mäkiö for giving me such a excellent opportunity.

Also, our performance calligraphy x onomatopoeia sounds was successful!
雪月花 “setsugekka” – an idiom in Japanese that means beauty of four seasons. Hope to see all of you again!