Sung EunJi / Korea

Sung EunJi


Choreograph, Visual art, Film make

Residency April 2019






The work takes place across and beyond the stage, screen, canvas, and studio with various mediums; and makes use of entanglement of personal, professional and performance identity. Working as a choreographer and a member of visual art team OKI, EunJi employs her dance background and her perspective towards visual art and film is confronting the very notion of media art, dancing and performance. Curious about visible/invisible space and movements of a medium on it, the artistic direction of her projects goes beyond limitations of space and the definition and effects of movements.

One of her visual art/dance exhibition Lost you for a sec addresses the implicit politics that underlies their friendship: the border restrictions that prohibit them from living together, and the technological means through which they can continue to engage and support one another. Since the end of 2017, this practice has been grounded in fortnightly skype sessions in which the three meet: a sprawling, playful period of empty time – of stupid jokes, collective moaning, and technological stutters – through which they experiment with the performance and materiality of digital communications.


彼女が作った「 君を一瞬失った/一瞬消えた」というダンス・ビジュアルアート/視覚芸術コンセプト。暗黙の了解の上に成り立っている友情を取り上げ、渡航制限で一緒に住むことも出来ないためにテクノロジーにより互いに関わり合い、支え続けていることに向き合っている。2017年末以来、隔週で3人で気軽に話したり、戯言や文句を言ったり、科学技術を失敗したりする、半分遊んでいる無秩序なビデオ会議を行うことにした。それを通してデジタルコミュニケーションに演技的可能性などがあるか実験している。

Translation: Olly Thwaite, Yuko Kanda


Presentatiom @Open AIRY
13:30-15:00 wed 3rd April

Sung is focusing ‘Natto 納豆 and physical expression’ in this edition AIRY
any information of Natto in Kofu is welcome.


Interactive Exhibition @Takasagoyu

Do yo like ‘natto’?

I’d like to share the mid-orocess of the work I started with an interest in natto. From an idea of おたく(otaku). I related myself as otaku to art works.

For the exhibition, I interviewed people in Yamanashi about their Natto recipe and memories on it and I will share some of natto dishes I learned from them during the exhibition.


納豆に関する興味から始めたこの進行中の作品を、皆さんと共有したいです。私は自分自身をアート作品の中でオタク(otaku) と位置づけます。