Marit Shirin Carolasdotter/Sweden

Marit Shirin Carolasdotter


Performance, Dance, Video, Installation

Residency April 2019






Wandering on and on in a great forest without thought of return

As children we saw mysterious paths, did you wonder where they led to?

Nature designed as a readout to beyond and beyond through Japanese gardens and temples.


It remains there as a potentiality.

A nomad wander in coexistence with nature – meets another person from another world, yet realise that they have a lot in common. My project is a traveling, collaborative project where I merge Dance, Music and Visual art together into a unique eco-system of its own. Everywhere I travel I meet people who are moving or who wants to move, and the purpose of this art is not to ask why, but how?

By studying the soil where we are born out of, we can reconnect with our tactile senses. This powerful tool we have called body, has receptors that is rarely in contact with plants and earth. I believe we forget what it feels like to use our hands to trace nature.

I work with ‘Humans & Soil’ to create a community worldwide and I want to remind people about what we can learn from native cultures and their care-taking of land.









Translation: Olly Thwaite, Yuko Kanda


Presentation @OpenAIRY
13:30-15:00 wed 3rd April

Presentation today of my project “Humans & Soil” – a dance and music collaborative project between indigenous peoples. In this edition about Sámi and Ainu land rights.


‘Human & Soil’

4/26 fri: Workshop @AIRY

with live music Mitsuru Tatsuno 龍野 充

4/27 sat: Performance @AIRY

This is an ongoing work-in-progress that explores humans’ relationship to earth from the perspective native cultures such as; the Sami of the north, the Ainu of Japn and Maori of New Zealand.

How does cultural background affect how the body is seen? How is identity connected with self expressin and performativity? How do I put myself, the body, in between representation? How is preservation of culture and repatriation important to indigenous bodies?


文化的背景は身体の見え方に影響するか。 アイデンティティーは自己表現やパフォーマンスとどのように関連するか。 どうやって自分自身の身体を表現するか。 文化の保存と先住民たちへの再配分はどうかなど 

workshop with with live guitar Mitsuru Tatsuno
workshop participants