Amie LeGette/USA

Amie LeGette



Resdency June 2019






I make paintings simultaneously in two scales- small works on paper, and larger oil paintings. The small works are often an initial step and direct the larger pieces. I have been thinking more about the relationship between the two.

This past year I began a series of works on paper titled Accumbent. Accumbent is a scientific term referring to the way an embryonic leaf will wrap around the edge of a seed before folding in on itself. I often use watercolor and gouache as an initial step within my painting process, so these pieces were seeds to the larger works. It also references the wrapping action of the secondary forms. I wanted them to communicate touch and atmosphere that felt more internal and bodily. The oil paintings that followed where titled Nascent. I desired to find parallels between the body and the environment and used spaces and forms that felt embryonic and emerging.

I am often attracted to things that hold ambiguity. Maybe not fully formed, but open for different interpretations. My work often appears biomorphic and touches on representationalism, however is not totally identifiable. My hope is that they still feel familiar, familiar in the way an audience may connect through an experience of their own. We do not always look at art for explanation, we often look for evocation. Evoking a sense of familiarity and connection through abstraction is and has been a goal of mine.





Translation: Olly Thwaite, Yuko Kanda


Wet on Wet workshop held by Amie LeGette


My desire to visit and work in Japan came partially from my love of washi paper. I decided that during my time at AIR-Y I would work exclusively on paper. My time here is also focused on scale.

As a painter, I am often directed to go bigger. This, as of late, has felt problematic to me. I believe Japan to be a great place to explore working on a small scale. So, while I am here, the work I am making is small, on papers (such as washi), cut, folded, collaged, and a bit sculptural.

私が日本を訪れて制作をしたいという願望は、和紙を愛していることから生まれました。AIRYでの制作は紙だけで作業しようと決めました。 私の日本での時間は作品の規模にも焦点を当てています。

アーティストとして、私は大きな作品を作ることを指示されることが多いのですが、そのことに最近では疑問を感じます。 小規模での作業を探求するのに日本は最適な場所だと思います。 ですから私が日本にいる間は、和紙などの紙上に切り取り、折りたたみ、コラージュ、そして少し彫刻を施した小型の作品を作っています。