Thomas LO Si In/Macau

Thomas LO Si In


Graffiti, Installation, Painting, Short Movies

Residency September 2019


ロー・シー・イン (トーマス)




Born in Macau, living at the edge of the small hill for 30 years. When I was small, I used to bring a small chair to the terrace to see the greenery scenic of the hill, the hill changes everyday, the songs of birds and the dancing of the squirrels are so attractive, I just sit down there day-dreaming all the time. I love to listen to the nature, I like to understand what I am dreaming. So as now I love to use the local resources for inspirations and form the linkage of me and the city. I try to use visual images to express my inner feelings, thoughts and my status, and share them with the others.

 私はマカオで生まれ、30年間小さな丘の端に住んでいます。 小さい頃、私はその緑の景色を眺めるために小さな椅子をテラスに持って行きました。丘の風景は毎日変わり、鳥の歌とリスの踊りはとても魅力的。ずっと夢を見ているようです。 私は自然に耳を傾けることを好み、夢見ていることを理解したいと思います。 現在は地元の資源をインスピレーションの源として、自分と街を連動させることを考えます。 私は自分の内なる感情、考え、そして自分の状態を表現し、他の人たちと視覚的なイメージを共有することを試みます。


講師:トーマス・ロー/ マカオ

LO Si In (Thomas) /Macau
lives and works in Macau
Graffiti painting&spray, Installation, Short Movies





① AIRY会場EXHIBITION 会場:山梨県甲府市丸の内2-37-2

date:2019.9.20(fri)18:30-20:00 opening

MMM Café/ Macau Cuisine & Drink

9.21(sat)22(sun)11:00-18:00 Exhibition

artist:Stefan Guggisberg/ Switzerland  mixed media

Thomas LO/ Macau  Graffiti, Installation     

Masako Danno 団野雅子/ Yamanashi Japan Japanese Painting


山梨県甲府市相生1-3-16  2F outside wall 14 meter wide

2019.9.15(sun)16(mon)9.21(sat)22(sun)23(mon) 8:30-17:00

Thomas LO Live Gaffiti by Spray

Live Graffiti by Thomas LO (MCZ)/Macau [Happy Zai]
2019 September 1min version
Edit by Thomas Lo


Interview to Thomas LO (MCZ) /Macau
5min version
Interview and Edit by Olly Thwait

What do you imagine when you hear a word graffiti? Hip hop? Illegal drawing on the subway?
According to MCZ Thomas, graffiti is something to convey a positive message to people in the city. You can see the smiling character in the wall painting on the CANVAS. I feel like that character represents the personality of artist. Peaceful, chilling and very gentle. Against the powerfulness of graffiti, he was delicate and charming character. While he was working on the wall. I sometimes go and see him painting. I was amazed how fast he can paint and how deeply he concentrates on the work. As an art student, I’ve learnt many thigs from him and sincerity toward art was one of them. (Gaku OKATA)
(インターン 大方岳)