Judy Pilarczyk/Poland

Judy Pilarczyk



Painting, Drawing

Residency October 2019






My practice is focused on figurative painting and drawing where the human being is the main subject. I have always been interested in painting people as it’s the most complex and absorbing theme; I am fascinated by our mental and emotional state, philosophy, thinking, love etc

My current paintings question intimacy as a form of self-love:

How intimate do we get with ourselves, how affectionate do we become? How much do we understand ourselves, our needs and dreams?How remote do we become when we feel lonely?    How much do we love who we are when we go through difficult times? Do we realise that no one can make us happy if we are not happy with ourselves? I am not interested in myself as a subject for painting but I am someone who I’ve gotten to know better than anyone else therefore my paintings are very often self-portraits. Choosing monochrome adds more harmony and intimate feelings to my artworks.

At AIRY I want to continue doing intimate paintings and make a series of small artworks. I hope to make a 20-page artist’s book in collaboration with poets living in Kofu city. My objective is to explore poetic response that my work might evoke amongst artists from a different field; each poem will respond to each painting that I will make.



私たちは自分自身とどのくらい親しくなり、愛情深くなりますか?  自分自身、欲求、夢をどれだけ理解していますか?         孤独を感じたとき、私たちはどのくらい寂しく感じますか?     困難な時期を経験するとき、私たちは自分自身をどれほど愛していますか?                              自分自身に満足していなければ、誰も自分を幸せにすることはできないことを気づいていますか?                    自分自身をよく知っているので、私はよく自画像を描きます。モノクロームを選択することで、作品に階調と親密感が増します。


Translation: Olly Thwaite, Yuko Kanda


タイトル : Realistic Drawing
講師 : Judy Pilarczyk ジュデイ・ピラークチク/ポーランド
会場 : AIRY 2Fスタジオ
対象 : 中学生以上8名くらい
費用 : 1000円 *DMまたはメールにて事前予約制