Mori Yuni in Vancouver


2019年8月3日、4日、カナダ・バンクーバーのパウエルストリート周辺にて毎年開催される「Powell Street Festival」に参加しました。



このフェスティバルの実行員に所属するLeanne Dunicが2013年に甲府に滞在した際に出会い、そのつながりで今回演奏にお招きいただきました。

2日間の公演で、8/3は屋内ホールにて、現地在住の日本人書道家、姫洲さんの書道パフォーマンスと演奏とのコラボレーション。8/4日は屋外ステージにて、こちらも現地在住の日本人シンガーソングライター、Kohei Yoshinoさんと一緒に演奏させていただきました。

また、このフェスティバルは多数のボランティアスタッフによって支えられており、閉会後の8/6に開かれた彼らへのAppreciation Partyでは、事前に彼らからリクエスト曲を募って日本の歌を数曲演奏しました。日本へ行ったことのないスタッフが多いのですが、それにも関わらず日本のポップソング、アニメ主題歌など私も知らない曲のリクエストをたくさんいただき、日本の今に対する関心の高さを感じました。

I participated to the annual Powell Street Festival around Powell Street in Vancouver, Canada on August 3rd and 4th, 2019.

Powell Street, where many Japanese people used to live. Today, there are many Japanese residents and many people are familiar with Japanese culture such as martial arts and calligraphy. The purpose of this festival is to introduce the past and present of Japanese culture.

This is the 43rd year and it has become a major summer event in Vancouver.

The former AIRY artist Leanne Dunic who belongs Artistic Director, I met her when she stayed in Kofu in 2013 and I was invited to play this time.

Two days performance was a collaboration between Japanese calligraphy artist Himesu-san, a Japanese calligrapher on August 3rd. I performed with Kohei Yoshino, a Japanese singer/songwriter in the outdoor stage on August 4th.

The festival was also supported by a large number of volunteer staff, and at the Appreciation Party for them held on August 6th after the closing. We had a several requests of Japanese songs. Many staff members have never been to Japan, but despite that, I received many requests for songs that I didn’t know, such as Japanese pop songs and anime theme songs, and I felt a high level of interests toward Japan!!

Yuni with a Japanese calligraphy artist Himesu

Yuni with Kohei Yoshino a singer/songwriter

the Appreciation Party