Teresa Currea/Colombia

Teresa Currea



Drawing, Cutting Paper, Bookbinding

Residency March 2020






I have been working with drawing and cut paper since almost ten years. It is the aim of my work to create small universes with paper, exploring fiction as a path for expressing the complex nuances of our daily situations. Using different elements for inspiration like plants, animals, and everyday objects, and mixing them into something new, using the infinite possibilities of drawing. At the beginning of my career I used just paper in all their multiplicity, but now I add to my work different objects like lightbulbs, wires and little doll hands. In every single piece I look forward to find a special conjunction of elements and characters.

For this one month art residency in Japan I would like to work with the third volume of the Hokusai manga “Fanciful, mythical and supernatural”, redrawing some of that characters of Japanese mythology and take pictures of them as if they where living in modern Kofu.


日本でのこの一ヶ月の滞在制作のために、北斎漫画の第3巻「奇想天外」を元に、日本の神話の登場人物の一部を描き直し、現在甲府に住んでいるかのように写真を撮りたいと考えます。 (Translation: Olly Thwait, Yuko Kanda)


Installtion View with Teresa Currea