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アート&インスピレーション を綴る ⛰ ゆるゆる山梨ハイキング日記


2021.02.27 ⛰千代田湖畔→ 白山 → 健康の森 → 片山

今回のハイキングは、やっぱり今まで一番綺麗な山道と景色でした! 湖の隣に少し風が強くて寒いが、服を十分に着たら大丈夫です。少しいつもより長いハイキングでしたが、あまり大変な山道ではなかったから三時間ぐらいのハイキングでも全然大丈夫でした!

The hike of last Saturday was probably the most beautiful out of our hikes so far! The wind next to the lake was a bit cold, but with enough clothes you’ll be fine. This hike was a little longer than previous ones, but it was quite an easy road so 3 hours passed without any problems.


What I liked the most about this hike was Shiroyama (white mountain) with its white sand. From the top of the mountain you could also see Yamanashi and the lake, so the sceneries were very pretty 🏞


On the way back we walked near this lake, which reminded me of all the lakes in Finland and it felt relaxing. Finding a lake in Japan truly is rare!


2021.02.21 ⛰甲府駅→ 遊亀公園動物園


This time we walked 30 minutes from Kōfu Station to Yuki Zoo. The weather was perfect, so a relaxed city walk felt good. For me as a Finn, 18 degrees and sun is basically a summer weather☀️


Yuki Zoo was the first Japanese zoo for me to visit. I had heard some stories of them, so I had some idea about what to expect.


Of course seeing happy and cute animals made me happy, but that wasn’t the case most of the time. Looking at animals put to way too small cages, I could’t help but hate humans. We really shouldn’t take anything we want just because we can.


The most heartbreaking was the swan there. The cage was way too small for it, and all we saw was it trying to hopelessly get out, but ending up just staring at the river right next to the cage. As I’m used to seeing swans in my summer cottage where they live in the nature with their families and swim on the lake, looking at this made me so sad. I just wanted to help it but I couldn’t.


I was happy to see even the cute penguins looking happy. However, I can’t suggest this zoo to anyone. If a zoo doesn’t think about the animals’ well-being, I think we shouldn’t support anything like that.


2021.02.07 ⛰AIRY→山梨県立美術館


AIRYから出発して、45分ぐらい山梨県立美術館まで歩きました。This time instead of hiking, we took a little walk. We started from AIRY and artived to the Yamanashi Prefectural Museum of Art in about 45 minutes. The weather was perfect for a walk, 15 degrees and sunny🌞


I liked especially this little road and cherry trees you can see on the pictures. It was very quiet there, and it was pretty even if the cherry trees aren’t blooming yet. I definitely want to see this place when the cherry trees bloom! Once I saw the river, I felt like it’s like Yamanashi’s Meguro river 🌸


At the Yamanashi Prefectural Museum of Art we took part in a workshop of an artwork there called Tables. I had a chance to hand-sew something I would not usually make.


Once the hanami season starts I really want to take a walk here again!


2021.01.30 ⛰
緑ヶ丘体育館駐車場 →湯村山東屋/甲府市



This time we went hiking to Yumurayama! There are various routes to choose from, also very long ones, but we went for this one to Azumaya that was a little difficult but last only one hour there and back. We climbed up in the forest, and chose this easier path on the way back. It was pretty windy that day, but it was sunny and it got warm as soon as we climbed a little ☀️


We had these two cute guides for the hike, which made it a lot more fun. Looking at the two run up the hill all excited made me want to climb up faster too 🥾


I think in Yamanashi, no matter where you go for a hike, you will always be rewarded with a beautiful landscape when you reach the top. Today we saw again the beautiful view of Yamanashi, the surrounding mountains and Mt. Fuji. As the route today was pretty steep, it really felt like a good refreshing exercise!


2021.01.17 ⛰勝沼駅→つぐら市

 今回のハイキングは、勝沼ぶどう郷駅から歩いて、つぐら市の朝市に行ってきました🍇 勝沼ぶどう郷駅から30分ぐらい歩いて、山梨の下に可愛いマーケットがありました。今回のハイキングは少し逆に最初に山を下げて、戻ったら山を登りました。

This time we went hiking from Katsunumabudokyo Station 🍇 After about a 30 minute walk, there was a cute market that is held once a month. This time we did our hike in an unusual order – first we walked down the hill, and on the way back climbed up.


There were many kinds of food and handmade items sold at the market. The candy in the picture is a famous handmade caramel that sold out quickly also this day 🍬


As a hike, this one was like a combination of hiking and a city trip. At the market you can get inspiration from the grape tunnel and the handmade items, and near the station there was a beautiful little bamboo forest that looked like a real-life painting 🎍


I recommend this hike for everyone who wish to try a city-like hike and make a little trip at the same time!


2021.01.10 ⛰甲府駅→愛宕山


On Sunday, we went for a little hike near Kōfu Station. I hadn’t tried hiking in Yamanashi before, so I didn’t quite know what to expect. It was nice that the route started right next to Kōfu Station and the weather was good. Sunny and 4 degrees – perfect for a Finn though someone might find it a bit chilly. What I was surprised about was that we found a plum tree blooming even if it’s only January!


I think this hike is good for people who aren’t used to hiking or would like to try it. It takes only about 30 minutes to reach the top, so you’re not too tired at the end and get the feeling you could try hiking also another time. Even if it’s a small hike, you’re rewarded with a beautiful scenery of Yamanashi and the surrounding mountains. Yamanashi looked beautiful on a sunny day, as if it was sparkling.


Because of corona, I think many of us have ended up staying at home a lot. To feel refreshed and get inspiration, I think a hike like this is such a good and easy way to safely enjoy outdoors!