Amanda Joy Calobrisi/USA

Amanda Joy Calobrisi


Painting(oil,acrylic,gouache), Drawing, Sculpture

residency July 2017







作家の絵画は、経験的・心理的・そして新しいフェミニストの典型に存在する。 画面の深い色・自由なパターン・荒々しい地肌により作家自身の内面が明らかになる。 有機的な形ともつれたマークが絵筆の動きから生まれる。 これにより、絵画の絶え間ない静けさにもかかわらず、図形が一定の動きの領域に存在することが可能になる。 これら静かな不協和音の中から、人生・歴史・女性・欲望・緊張・友情と愛を熟考して欲しい。

During the residency at AIRY I have begun a series of paintings and drawings inspired by Yosano Akiko. Through my research Akikosan has become both a heroine and a friend. My admiration of her commitment to give tanka and modern poetry, an active and empowered female voice, has only grown. I identify strongly with her undying curiosity, fascination with life and death, capacity for love and dedication to “embracing the immortal beauty of art”. In both Akiko’s poetry and in my own paintings the women who appear are both heavy with reality and coated with imaginings. The figures are all at once archetypical, autobiographical and divine. Our works together ponder love, sexuality, gender and the ache of loneliness. Researching the poet has opened many doors, I have thought of her as my guide on this trip and she has led me to her heroine the goddess Amaterasu-omi kami. I traveled to a few of her ancient spiritual sites; the “power spots”, in Takachiho; Amanoiwato and Amanoyasukawara and to Ise to see Meoto Iwa. I have really only scratched the surface of this project, as I begin to read the poems and letters Akiko wrote while traveling in Paris, I realize that the end of this trip may actually only be the beginning.




(translated by Nagisa Mitsumori)





Yorozuya Shuzo in Fujikawa-cho Yamanashi, once Akioko Yosano & Tekkan lived/made Tanka.