Tara O’Conal/Australia

Tara O’Conal


video,  sound installation

residency July 2017









状況は記録された現実の枠内で見つけられ構築される。 そしてライブイベントと仮想メディアのスペースの間のダイナミクスを探究する。 作品は静かで集中的な視点を持ち、存在の自然な知覚について考えるものだ。


Over the past month in Kofu I have spent much of my time absorbing natural elements and environments. Through a meditative focus on these environments I have explored the sensory interactions that emerge between my body and other life forms. Textures, forms, contours, dripping, gushing, buzzing, floating, undulating, rhythmic. I am attentive to states of movement, noise, silence, stillness, the intervals between one thing and another. The waterfall is always moving and each movement is different, but continues to maintain a unity, like a body. If I watch the waterfall for a long time I begin to feel its rhythms in my own body and its sound and movement feel as though they are a part of me.