We participate CampBasel 12th-18th June



We participate to CampBasel at Basel Swiss 12th -18th June,

if you are there or close on this duration we love to see you come and join us.

AIRY Japan:

Toshihito Tosso Watanabe

Josephine Vejrich

MIna Ino

Izumi Sakamoto




CAMPBASEL is about art and how you, as an artist, deal with our crazy world. Please do not only bring pieces of your work, bring yourself IN, create OUT put and confront yourself with critique.
We at CAMPBASEL try to offer you the easiest way to exchange ideas, produce them on spot and get feedback instantly.Location
Holzpark-Klybeck at the river Rhine. The area was a former part of the Basel harbor. Now it is home of cultural projects and a place to be.