Kei Ota (太田恵以)Japan,USA

Kei Ota

born in Japan lives in NY

painting, drawing, photography

residency September – October 2017







Kei Ota (b. 1988) was born in Osaka, Japan and grew up in New Jersey, USA. Previously she spent 16 years as a full-time ballet dancer before graduating from New York University in 2013 with a BFA in Studio Art. She currently works as an art educator for Studio in a School and Queens Museum in NYC.

This will be Ota’s first extended stay in her mother country since she was a child. In returning to her father’s hometown of Kofu she intends to investigate her deep ancestral connections and Japanese roots. Her research includes the lives of her late grandfather Eizo Ota and her late uncle Toru Ota. Eizo served as a Chief of Police in Kofu, implementing the first traffic technology in the 70’s. He was not only a civil servant, but an artist as a self-taught photographer. His son Toru, having watched his father’s dark room procedures, went on as a photojournalist with a 30-year career before his untimely passing in 2016.

Utilizing Eizo and Toru’s personal archives and collecting anecdotes from friends and family, Ota hopes to retrace her family’s steps and record both the visible and invisible changes in the city of Kofu since their time.

Ota will explore how the longing for home and cultural identity within herself shift as she uncovers her family’s lineage of image-makers, from Eizo to Toru. She hopes to create a dialogue around the idea of memory, loss, and a reconfiguration of identity based on bi-cultural experiences between the US and Japan.

Ota works in painting, drawing, and photography. Through the lens of biculturalism and her experience as a dancer, she is interested in investigating the power of the visual image and its physical and emotional presence to the viewer.









Flowing Out 2017 出店


Kei Ota Exhibition “えいぞう”

Sat 28th-Sun 29th @AIRY








日程: 2017年10月28(土)29(日)11:00-18:00

会場: 400-0031 山梨県甲府市丸の内2-37-2  AIRY


   28(土)16:00-18:00 無料・予約不要