Andree-Anne Mercier/Canada

Andree-Anne Mercier



Painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, computer art

Residency October – November 2017


アンドリーアン・ メルシー





I’m a multidiciplinary artist; painting, drawing, sculpture, installation and computer art are my skills. I want to include in my work kitsch of different cultures and nation. In order to do so, I must learn and open my universe.
My approach is eclectic : it varies of abstract arts to figurative portraits; installation to collage; illustration to video. What gathers my corpus it’s a certain taste for irony, absurd and everyday life. On the visual plan, the pastel or pop colors, the rounded off and soft forms, miniatures, compose the majority of my work.
My practice explores the universe of popular culture and tends to question various aspect of the society. I offer a mockery of the society through absurd, colored and dreamlike universe. I want to raise the commonness of everyday life and give it an impressive status. My approach tends to accept, to analyze and to use all the elements carried by hand to make it playful and accessible. I work with objects who have served and are now old-fashion, anecdotes which took place and were
transformed and forgotten in time. They are there and waiting to serve.
The use of mass consumption is for me a way to question and criticize the subject. An auto-derisory shutter sector is always present in my work; I’m include in the mass thus, I self-criticize myself. I use kitsch as esthetic template and the ways of marketing popular culture as autopromotion of my work.
I also play with the status and convention of the art world; transform an object from a trash can into an art piece, it’s fascinating. The mediocrity calls out to question me and I position it in an imaginery universe, where the limit between truth and forgery is thin. Playful and easily accessible, my work questions the everyday life of the mass. By using key referents and humour, it can be appreciated
by the common run of people.