Sandra Leandersson/Sweden

Sandra Leandersson


Textile, photo, text, video

residency March 2018








Central for the artistic practice is the existential wonder, sometimes trough
collecting material from nature, photo, collage, text but every so often trough
embroidery with beads and thread. I proceed from a color or a piece of fabric that is appealing at the moment and sketch forms that I want to embroider. Often it is abstract forms that I extract from my fantasy, it can be a feeling that wants to come out and get a place in the world. By using my imagination I feel the freedom to continue to materialize, explore and go beyond what I know. Other times I use forms that are very clear in what they symbolize. Incommon for both approaches is the will to find a language to describe the subtleties, unsteadiness, joys and meanings -impossible to categories – that are the core in our being. Playfulness is an important component and the color scheme has romantic references. The embroidery can be flat but also applied on a 3-dimensional form. In size they varies from 10×10 cm –
1×1 m. To embroider is a structure for me to act within that also have endless
possibilities and in this overwhelming world I’m experiencing that to embroider gives sense to slowness.
During my stay at AIRY I want to sketch on embroideries that are more rich in content, use layers and different textures and use the circle form as a background.


刺繍は平面だけでなく立体の場合もあり、サイズも10x10cmから1x1mまでと様々だ。彼女にとって刺繍をすることは際限のない可能性の中やこの巨大な世界の中でゆったりとした感覚を味あわせてくれるものである。AIRY滞在中は内容に富み、レイヤーや様々な種類の素材を組み合わせたり、背景には円形を使いたいと思っている。Translation : Mina Ino


「春の風/Scenes on Earth」

March 24,25th  11:00-18:00 @AIRY

March 23,24,27,28,29th  11:30-18:00 @Naomi Camp

Naomi Camp:



Central in my practice is the existential wondering, I am collecting emotions and experiences and make embroideries with threads and beads out of what I feel. I see the embroidering process, the action in itself as the art. To embroider is a structure for me to relate to in everyday life, it gives the slowness that I need a meaning. I am interested in shapes and symbols and use this in my work together with a lot of color.

During my stay at AIRY I have been working on a project I call “Dear life”, it’s a tribute to life and I base every work within the project on the circle shape.



AIRY滞在中は、“Dear life” (親愛なる生命、命、一生..)と名付けたプロジェクトに取り組んできました。生きとしいけるものへの称賛、讃歌として、丸い円の中に全ての作品を描きました。translation: Nagisa Mitsumori



venue:Naomi Camp