Amber Ablett/Norway

Amber Ablett


Performance, text, conversation, research, sound, video

residency May 2018







Amber Ablett works with conversation, research, performance and text, with a step away from the spectacle, rather concentrating on the long term ponderings that art can introduce. From her position as a female, British, Irish, Trinidadian artist at home in Norway, Ablett seeks to engage with wider contemporary social questions of place, nationality, identity and language. Her work investigates whether, if our identity and language are both constructed and controlled by the society around us, can speaking be a route to revealing and understanding who we are?

Ablett’s work takes the form of long term investigations into the way we communicate and relate to language, shared with audiences through sounds and video installations and performance events. There is a strong emphasis on the discussions that art works can provoke outside of the gallery space.

In Bergen, I run a small café within an art center, with an aim to continue the dialogue around the exhibitions shown in the main gallery space. Rather than in a lecture or in a seminar, we see the best place to talk about art to be with friends over food or drinks, and we bring this ideology to the way that we run the café.

I would like to hold a similar one-off event at AIRY, where we can use the dinner table and food as an informal and horizontal environment to talk. Basing an artist presentation over a meal rather than as a formal presentation, I would hope to leave room for talking and discussion so that I am also learning from those around me.





translation:Ino Mina