Jordan Mitchell-Fletcher /Australia

Jordan Mitchell-Fletcher



sculpture, installation, ceramics, drawing

residency August – September 2018







My practice plays with the conventions associated with craft, the handmade, installation and basic sculptural principles. Concerned with the tangent of making and the residues it accumulates, my work is often recycled as a way of considering sculpture as an ongoing process. Interested in the capacity of materials to affect spontaneity and action, my practice calls to question various binaries we use to understand not only matter, but the digestion of the everyday.

Upon visiting Japan in 2016, I developed an interest in ceramics, ever-present as one of the oldest Japanese crafts. I am particularly interested in Arita, where it is rumored ceramic remnants don’t go to waste, rather are displayed around houses and gardens, and pressed walls as decorative features. Identifying with this tradition, I plan to visit Arita and other prefectures in Japan, take classes in ceramics, learn and engage in temporal modalities of place. Combining the concepts of mentoring and travel I will explore the latent potential of site and context.

I would like to approach AIRY at the end of my travels, responding to learning and guidance through the medium of ceramics and the temporariness of installation. Delving into an environment of reflection, study and play, I will explore what it means to learn from exchanging skills and seeking assistance from a varied community. My project will focus on handling, methods of production, interaction with environments, and the alchemical transformations that a material undergoes, which hold congealed moments in a broader social trajectory.




Translation: Mina Ino