Julie-Ann Simpson /Scotland

Julie-Ann Simpson



painting, drawing, printmaking

residency October-November 2018


ジュリー・アン シンプソン





Painting is an act of preservation.  Through painting we allow ourselves time to understand and visualise our ideas and emotions and to engage in critical reflection.  Time spent sitting in the studio, looking at the work, is a crucial period of active stillness.

There is something inherently compelling in the slow motion of painting; its static dynamism which records a passage of time; the hesitation before starting a line, a chaotic flurry of paint, considered, rhythmic marks.

In many ways these processes which make up the act of painting have become significant themes within my work as well.  Initially using observations and memories as starting points, my practice is often an attempt to make visible that which is unseen or intangible.

In some ways, I employ a synesthetic approach, exploring the language of painting to describe a sensory experience.  My work addresses the idea of liminality and everyday juxtapositions; the porous boundaries between interior and exterior spaces, man and nature, dreams and reality.  The paintings sit in that transitional place, often beginning as representations, but eventually seem to slip into ambiguous afterimages.






Workshop [Playing with Shapes] drawing & collage 




Using an arrangement of still life objects as a starting point, the workshop will explore techniques of drawing and collage to create an image.

This workshop will allow participants to try different mediums, textures and styles to make a lively, playful drawing.


会場:甲府市丸の内2-37-2 AIRY二階スタジオ







There is something about these two groups of islands – the UK and Japan – where I find a connection and maybe it is in the landscape.  Japan feels foreign but familiar at the same time.

The paintings themselves are usually semi-abstract and relate to the experience of the senses.  In some ways, I am trying to replicate the feeling of a specific situation or memory.  Memories are funny things; you might remember one random specific detail, a smell, or a sound; color is often enhanced.  These are things I think about when I make a paintings.

イギリスと日本の2つの島国に共通するものを感じるとしたら、それは景観にあるかもしれません。 日本は私にとって外国ですが親しみを感じます。

私の作品は基本的に半抽象的であり、感覚の体験に基づいています。 いくつかの点で、私は特定の状況や記憶の感覚を再現しようとしています。 記憶とは面白いものです。 ランダムな特定の詳細、匂い、または音を覚えているかもしれませんし、 色はしばしば強調されます。 このようなことを私は絵を描くときに考えているのです。