Tsai Kuen-lin/Taiwan

Tsai Kuen-lin



Painting, Mixed Media, Sound sculpture, Printmaking, Photography, Video, Public art

residency October 2018


ツァイ クエン・リン





Born in Tainan in 1979, Tsai Kuen-Lin graduated from the MFA Program in New Media Art at the Department of New Media Art of the Taipei National University of the Arts, BFA Program at the Department of Fine Arts of the National Taiwan University of the Arts, and Fu-Hsin Trade and Arts School respectively.

Currently, the artist works in Taipei. In recent years, he has been using sound and plastic pipes as the basic elements for his creative expression. He aims to use hearing in order to affect the inertial thoughts people usually have towards space and place. By means of dislocation the audience is allowed to rediscover the space.  The material itself is the artist’s communication tool, he collects sounds, images and stories to transform them into art forms, try to present for people—in digital age, we always ask everything to be quick and easy but eventually only consumption left, because human nature is greedy. Therefore he believes it is important to use the senses to experience the real things, even sometimes it is very slowly; and he think the arts is a good medium of experience, through participation in art, people can get new experiences, and try to change their life with the new experience.

Solo exhibitions include: “The Invisible Sound” at Liang Gallery in Taipei in 2016, “Treesure House” at Waterloo Arts in Cleveland in 2015, “As We Hear/Say” organized by the Taishin Bank Foundation for Arts and Culture in 2015, “Transformation of Experience” at 789 Chicken Farm in Taoyuan in 2013, and “Sound Home” at Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts in 2011.

1979年台湾生まれのツァイ・クエン−リンは、復興商工職業学校、国立台湾美術大学 のファインアーツ学部でそれぞれ美術を学んだのち、修士課程ではニューメディアアーツを 専攻し卒業。


材料そのものが作家のコミュニケーションツールである。彼はサウンド、イメージや物語を集め、アートへと形を変え、提示を試みます。このデジタル時代、常に私たちは スピードや容易であることをすべてに求めますが、結局消費することだけが残ります。なぜならば欲深さが人間の本質であるからです。それゆえに、彼はたとえそれが時間を要することがあっても、実際に物事を体験するという感覚を使うことが大切だと信じています。またアートは体験をするいい媒体だとも考えています。アートへ参加することを通して、新しい体験を得られますし、それが生活や人生を変えることもあるのです。Translation: Mina Ino




会場:甲府市丸の内2-37-2 AIRY2階スタジオ

講師:ツァイ クエンリンTsai Kuen-Lin /台湾


要予約:定員10名 16(火)までにDMまたはメールで申し込む(お名前と連絡先)




We can cook with local people, and get a warm lunch, discourse about the sounds, hearing experience, and the local stories, they can know me by this lunch, I also can get some material maybe.

Also, I like to join the public events, if I can go to the local people life, I think I can get more different and interesting stories.