Natalie Andrewson/USA

Natalie Andrewson


comic, printmaking, illustration

Residency October 2019






I am interested in exploring themes of fantasy and imagination for young women, pulling inspiration from intense nostalgia and personal narrative as well as current challenges and local environment. Constructing dark, yet whimsical stories of powerful women on adventures gives me an outlet for the everyday obstacles I face as a woman in a patriarchal world. I hope my work wakes the imagination in the viewer and they linger in magic for a moment.

I use Risograph as tool to make these narratives, which are often dismissed as unimportant and naive, and the Riso makes them feel grand and timeless. The numerous layers of ink creates a luscious texture that looks similar to old advertisements, comics and woodblock prints. The Risograph inspires both nostalgia and innovation, which I think is the perfect medium to express the work I care deeply for.

During the residency I intend to focus on developing a foundation for a longer narrative form, be it comic or picture book, with a series of sketches, paintings, comics and Risograph work. The collection would center around fantastical themes with one common narrative, which would be inspired by my time in Yamanashi.




Translation: Olly Thwaite, Yuko Kanda


Fantasy Flower Workshop;

タイトル:Fantasy Flowers
講師:Natalie Andrewson ナタリー・アンドリューソン/USA
会場:Kofu Scramble Park (屋外公園)
費用:1000円 *DM又はメールで事前申し込み制
雨天時はCafe Moalaにて開催です。

Choose flowrers
3 steps of drawing Fantasy Flower Drawing
1. Draw fowers as you look
2. Draw without looking at flowers
3. Draw an imaginary world of flowers
using color pencils
using color pens


Last Stage Show;

  • Natalie Andrewson ナタリー・アンドリューソン/USA(10月滞在)



“During the residence, artist focused on developing longer narrative forms such as comics and picture books, including a series of sketches, paintings, comics and lithographic works. This collection is a fantastic story based on one theme, inspired by the time spent in Yamanashi. “



展覧会来場者のコメント(菊地原 梓)


comment ( Kikuchibara Azusa)

I went to the AIRY exhibition, then I was thrilled with all the wonderful pictures. A really cute girls with a different expression !! I also like the partner of the girls Black Cat🐈I bought a piece of ‘ fighting woman and beast’ it’s kind of Greek mythology I think.I forgot the important thing! Tomorrow! Until 18:00 open. After all it is more enchanting to see real pieces more than photos.

photo by Azusa


Paint on Glass @Terasaki roji cafe;

photo by Yucco
iCLA Lecture

Residency artist Natalie Andrewson_USA in October 2019
Interview and edit by Olly Thwaite