Carla Cañellas/Spain

Carla Cañellas


drawing, painting, installation, video

Residency October-December 2019






I work with the construction of identity in different social contexts. My artistic practice questions society through the tools of criticism, education and transformation. I’m interested in creating identity portraits through dialogues with the viewer in order to trace the construction of personal narratives.

I develop my work through the disciplines of drawing, painting and video. Also I develop my work through collective collaboration and educational workshops. Since 2006 I’m a member of Fotoeduterapia: Photography as an educational tool in this sense, generates content, strategies and ways of examining contemporary practices to be applied within art therapy, psychotherapy as well as social intervention. Last year I published my first book: ‘Arrested’, a project about the influence of the economic crisis and unemployment in Spanish society. I have shown my work in selected individual and collective exhibitions within Europe and Japan. I’m represented by Silvana Retamal, the director of “A ciegas Gallery”  in Spain,



ワークショップ: 2006年以来、私はFotoeduterapia(フォト のメンバーです。この意味での教育ツールとしての写真は、芸術療法、心理療法、および社会活動に適用される現代の習慣を問い掛ける内容、戦略、方法を生み出します。


スペインの「A ciegas Gallery」(ディレクターSilvana Retamal代表)

Translation: Olly Thwaite, Yuko Kanda