Kristine Dragland/norway

Kristine Dragland


residency October- December 2015

video, installation, sound, drawing, painting








I graduated with a BA in Fine Art from Queensland College of Art, Brisbane in 2005 and an MA in Fine Art from The National Academy of Fine Arts, Oslo in 2009.

Working with a range of mediums I have a thematic interest in the relationship between art and psychology, and how these differerent areas approach questions around consciousness, subliminal stimuli and personality in today’s society.

A selection of recent projects include co-curating Karaoke Nights with Peter Booth at gallery Demon’s Mouth in Oslo, August 2014.  Karaoke Nights included 42 artists from Australia, USA and Norway who were invited to make a background video to a song of their choice. The gallery was turned into a karaoke bar with comfotable couches, soundproofing materials, drinks and lights. It was open for booking for private groups over a period of three weeks. The videos were shown there with sing-along texts for visitors, creating a new way of showing videoart, as well as giving the artists a new way of working.

Other recent projects includes a solo exhibition at Fotogalleriet in Oslo, participation at Østlandsutstillingen and an artist presentation at Oslo Fotokunstskole.

Upcoming events include solo exhibition at Trøndelag Senter for Samtidskunst, Trondheim, 2016.

At present I am predominantly making works around subject matters such as different levels of mental consciousness, how our personality is looked up inside our brain, and to what degree art can be perceived as a type of subliminal stimuli.




最近のプロジェクトでは2014年8月にピーター・ブースと協働制作した「カラオケ・ナイト」(オスロgallery Demon’s Mouth)があります。「カラオケ・ナイト」はオーストラリア・アメリカ・ノルウェーから待された42人のアーティストが、自分の選曲にその背景の動画を制作するプロジェクトです。ギャラリーには居心地良いソファと音響がバーとともに設置されて、飲み物や照明も完璧で、3週間に渡ってお客さんの予約を受け付けました。これらのビデオは訪問者に歌詞とともに披露されて、ビデオアートの新たな見せ方のみならずアーティストの新たな制作の方法を示すことができました。






Karaoke Nights 2014

Intermezzo #5 at Demon’s Mouth

by Kristine Dragland & Peter Booth