Ritali Chione /Hong Kong

Ritali Chione

Hong Kong

lives and works in Barcelona


Paintings, illustrations, multimedia

residency February-March 2018







As a realistic portrait painter my primary concern would be the aesthetic of my artwork. Besides the aesthetic, I always contemplate what should be the relationship between artist, object (the sitter in case of portraits painter) and the art viewers.  Art should be an interaction, a dialogue, an exchange of ideas. Traditionally portraits were often commissioned by the rich and powerful while the painter would need to please their clients. Or the painters would pay the sitter to pose for them and serve as a silence object. I would like my sitters to tell their stories and the resulted artwork would be a collaboration.

My proposed project for the residency would be “Everybody has a story”

We are like stories. We are constantly telling and hearing stories. My artwork would be a series of portraits of local residents or illustrations inspired by the residents’ stories. The participants should be non professionals (not writers, filmmakers nor bloggers).  The aim is to give people who would not normally involve in creative process a chance to tell their stories to the world. The stories can be personal histories or entirely fictional. The artist will act as the editor and the producer. At the exhibition an except of the story will be presented alongside each painting. The full audio stories will be available online.



作家はモデルになる人たちの彼らの物語を聞いて作品とコラボレーションする。人は絶えず何かしらの物語を話したり聞いたりしているし、私たち自身も物語のようなものなのだ。作家はこのレジデンシープログラムにおいて”誰もにでも物語がある” というプロジェクトを提案している。地域の人々のポートレイトや彼らの物語からインスピレーションを受けたイラストのシリーズを制作する。対象はライターや映像作家、ブロガーのような専門的な人ではない方がいい。普段の生活で創作活動とは無関係であろう人々に彼らの持つ物語を世界中に伝える機会を与えることがねらいだ。その人の歴史でも完璧な作り話でもよい。作家は編集者やプロデューサーのような役割をし、物語の一部を抜粋してそれぞれの絵と合わせて展示をする。また話してもらった物語の音声記録の全てをオンライン上で視聴可能にするつもりだ。

Translation: Ino Mina