Ji Yong Kim/South Korea

Ji Yong Kim

South Korea


drawing, painting, video, mixed media

residency July -August2018







My works in recent years had seen drastic changes both in concepts and visual languages.   I found myself increasingly drawn to and inspired by traditional Buddhist art.  In the hindsight, this was not a surprise considering my past adolescent years spent living in Myanmar, a Buddhist country located in Southeast Asia.  I began to utilize shapes, colors, and symmetry found in Buddhist art and incorporated them into my artworks, while reading the history and influences of Buddhism in South Asia and beyond.

I am interested in an intersection of traditional images/structures of Buddhist art and images/ icons from contemporary popular culture.  Recently, I am fascinated by how these two seemingly opposite spiritual and cultural forms adopt, merge, and blend into one another.  Use of symmetrical designs and patterns, Mandala-esque structure, and gateway or entranceways found in my drawings and paintings often evoke images used for spiritual contemplation.  Yet within this other world, it is occupied with various images pulled from popular cultures, ranging from advertisement, comics and anime, to virtual world and cyber-space.  The use of picture plan as an entrance to another world is an ongoing obsession for me.  The multiple levels of diagrams, structures, and gateways can signify hierarchical spiritual realms, layers of consciousness, or even sublevels of physical human anatomy.

私の作品の中に登場するシンメトリーなデザインや文様らマンダラ風の構図、門や通路といったモチーフの使用はスピリチュアルな瞑想のイメージを呼び起こすものです。しかしその一方で、広告、漫画、アニメからバーチャルワールドやサイバー空間に至るポップカルチャーから飛び出してきた様々なイメージに占められている別の世界があります。出入り口の構想は妄想の段階ですが、複数の図形や構造、門は階層的でスピリチュアルな領域、または均一な身体的構造の意味を持つかもしれません。translation: Mina Ino