William Matheson/USA

William Matheson



painting, drawing, video

residency December 2018






My current paintings explore conflicted relationships based on touch, interaction and control, manifesting themselves as awkward yet sensual moments between physical bodies. A foot on top of a face, a foot on a shoulder, and even a disembodied leg searching for connection all reveal a thread of uneasiness and the absurd. How we communicate, and all so often miscommunicate is at the core of my current work.

My process begins with locating and re-working found sources- appropriated images become reconsidered, portraying something that shifts between precarious and playful. The figures I create often contain a sense of ineffectuality, like performers ill equipped for their roles.

At AIRY I want to continue with utilizing figurative work to explore the absurd, while also incorporating elements from recent readings of poetry and literature. I’ve been engaging with the work of Kitasono Katue and Sagawa Chika, and I’m very excited by the both poet’s usage of dark mercurial imagery in conjunction with abstraction. I would hope to make a group of small paintings at AIRY that incorporates these inspirations, culminating in a series that continues my exploration of communication and interaction in a more abstract, dark, slippery fashion.





Title: A Cage Within A Bone

Artist: William Matheson/usa

2014-2016 MFA, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond VA

2009-2013 BFA, Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland OR

Date: 2018.12/23sun- 24mon 11:00-18:00

Venue: Artist In Residence Yamanshi [AIRY] 2F Gallery

Opening Reading Party: 23sun 16:00-18:00

Poetry Reading with English & Japanese

Poets: Kitasono Katue, Chika Sagawa+Christmas Drink

Closed 24mon 13:30-15:30 clsed sorry

William brought 2 Japanese poet books from Portland. These are written by modern poets lived and worked in early 20 c. who are reevaluated recently by young new generation. He has been inspiring from these poems and made these drawings in first week in AIRY. It was a quick drawing using calligraphy black ink which is his first challenging use in Japan. Then he started oil paintings on wood panels or canvas.

Shredding the Tapestry of Meaning / Katue Kitasono 1902-1978


Also he was inspired of picking up Japanese traditional tool for display, which is Emonkake/ 衣紋かけ.

We’ve got a good opportunity to review Japanese culture and tradition from a young American artist coincidentally.

タイトル:「A Cage Within A Bone」*北園克衛の詩から引用



会場:AIRY二階ギャラリー 予約不要・無料

オープニング・パーティー 23日(日)16:00-18:00







What The Water Tells/はしご湯

What The Water Tells / はしご湯


2 days to ladle the Former public bath and the Current public bath by ART




エアリーでは、2005年以来甲府市を中心に、海外作家と地元作家の協働展やワークショッフを開催してきました。現在は、元銭湯「高砂湯」を舞台に今年4回目の展覧会を計画中です。アートを通じて多様な価値観を容認し、より豊かな社会をつくるための取り組みとして、さまざまな表現と鑑賞者が出会う場の創出を目指します。今回は二つの老舗銭湯(高砂湯と喜久乃湯温泉)を舞台とします。共に90年以上の歴史を(有した)有し、地域に愛された癒しの場所での展覧会とオープニングです。それは、長きに渡り人々に憩いの場を守ってきた*銭湯運営者たちと海外作家たちとのコラボレーションとも言えます。個人店が花水木に沿って軒を連ねるラブリーな朝日商店街を散歩し、そして二つの会場をはしご湯。「What The Water Tells」 水が私たちに語りかけるものをテーマにした新作をお楽しみください。


Exhibition @Takasagoyu  展示は「高砂湯」会場のみ

日時:2018.11.23 Fri. 11.24 Sat. 10:00-17:00

Performance & Talk: 両日15:00-17:00

エッセイ「Daily Miracle」朗読(英・日)アナ・スターン/デンマーク


会場:甲府市朝日2-16-10 高砂湯



Julie-Ann Simpson ジュリー・アン シンプソン(スコットランド)ドローイング、絵画

Anna Stahn アナ・スターン(デンマーク) ドローイング、文筆、パフォーマンス

Anna Muchin aka Scarlett O’Hanna アナ・ミューチンakaスカーレット・オハナ(ベルギー) 音楽、パフォーマンス

Yuyen Lin-Woywod ユウイェン・リンウォイウッド(台湾、ベルリン) ビデオ

Opening Party@Kikunoyu Onsen オープニングは「喜久乃湯温泉」にて

日時:11:23 fri. 17:00-21:00

会場:甲府市朝日2-16-10 喜久乃湯温泉 二階大広間


大人1500円、小学生以下600円 *展示会場(高砂湯)入場料込み


For more information:新情報日々更新中

HP: http://air-y.net

FB: http://www.facebook.com/AIRyamanashi

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/airyamanashi

高砂湯 Takasagoyu 1924(大正13)-2017(平成29)年



甲府市朝日2-16-10 / 2-16-10


喜久乃湯温泉 Kikunoyu Onsen 1926(昭和元)年創業



甲府市朝日5-14-6 / 5-14-6


主催 / Organizer : Artist In Residence Yamanashi [AIRY]

協力 / Cooperate : 高砂湯 Takasagoyu(福岡二三子、由紀子Fumiko & Yukiko Fukuoka)

喜久乃湯温泉 Kikunoyu Onsen(平賀忠臣 Tadaomi Hiraga、松村理恵 Rie Matsumura)

表紙イラスト / Front Illustration : アナ・スターン Anna Stahn

裏紙イラスト / Back Illustration :エマニュエル・モンティエル Emmanuel Montiel

デザイン / Design : 筒井一葉 Kazuha Tsutsui


高砂湯Takasagoyu 2016(平成28)「高砂無尽」から


喜久乃湯温泉Kikunoyu Onsen
















山梨日日新聞 11/22 付け文化欄


 高砂湯会場/Venue of Takasagoyu 11/23,24


Julie-Ann Simpson/painting,drawing

Julie-Ann Simpson /Scotland


Anna Stahn/drawing, printing, text, bookbinding

Anna Stahn/Denmark


Anna Muchin/music, photo, poem

Anna Muchin/Belgium


Yuyen Lin-Woywod/video

Yuyen Lin-Woywod/Taiwan, Germany


参加型パフォーマンス/Participatory performance ①

[Daily Miracle] Bathhouse

Anna Stahn (English) + Yukako Atsuchi 厚地由佳子(Japanese)

11/23 version

[Daily Miracle] Gardener

Anna Stahn + Michika Araya 新谷みち香

11/24 version


参加型パフォーマンス/Participatory performance ②

meditation with original soundtrack

Anna Muchin



喜久乃湯温泉会場/Venue of Kikuniyu Onsen 11/23

Opening Party with きりたんぽ鍋


UTY テレビ「ニュースの星」で紹介されました。

photos : Emmanuel Montiel








Anna Muchin/Belgium

Anna Muchin


https://scarlettohanna.com/ www.annamuchin.com

Music, Visual Arts, Performance

residency November-December 2018







I see art making as a way to mirror and question how we move ourselves through existence, as an attempt to crush preconceived answers on how to live and how to love, and hopefully, make people wander-wonder through poetic journeys.

Half-French and half-Greek multi artist Anna Muchin lives in Brussels and performs mostly as SCARLETT O’HANNA. She has released records ‘Cheap Bling Bling’ (2011), ‘Impostor’ (2012) and ‘Romance Floats’ (2016) under this name in Europe and Japan,  New ‘Gone for Pearls’ (2017).


フランスとギリシャの血をひくマルチアーティスト、アナ・ミューチンは、ブリュッセル在住。主に「スカーレット・オハナ」の名で活動している。スカーレット・オハナとして、2011年にアルバム「Cheap Bling Bling(安っぽいアクセサリー)」、2012年「Impostor(ニセ者)」、2016年「Romance Floats(ただよう恋)」をヨーロッパと日本で、2017年「New ‘Gone for Pearls」をリリースしている。

New ‘Gone for Pearls :




Performance Descriptions:exhibition + collective sound meditation

Water is a theme around which I’ve often reflected and worked. I came up with the title What The Water Tells having in mind the idea of flows, movement, time, and our own personal stories. To me it’s also a place, somewhere I often return to and take heart from. Through photography I’d like to share different textures and moves of the sea that inspired me, as well as make room for the present moment through sound with ‘Somewhere to Go’: a n invitation to collective meditation.

What tells the water is Now.

Engage people in a collective sound meditation. With eye masks on and original soundtrack.

「水」は私が頻繁に反応して用いるテーマです。 流れ、動き、時間、私たち自身の個人的な話を念頭に置いて「What The Water Tells」というタイトルを思いつきました。 そこは私を心から受け止めてくれる場所です。 写真を通して、自分が刺激を受けたさまざまな素材や海の動きを分かち合い、今現在この時のために「ここではないどこか」を表現する音で会場を満たしたいと思います。



Participatory performance 11/23,24



Anna Stahn/Denmark

Anna Stahn



Text, Sculpture, film

residency 2018 November






I live and work in Copenhagen. I am a visual artist, writer and filmmaker, often combining all three medias in film, drawing or installation projects.
Aesthetically and content-wise, I am interested in sociality and finding ways of working in social plat-forms, but keeping a strong sense of own-style and handwriting. Beside my own praxis I participate in a lot of collaborations and run a weekly writing group at the art academy in Copenhagen. Here, we develop student-based teaching, respond to each other’s work and create new work collectively. I also run a small publishing house Longetti with a Danisg writer Julia Bertelsen, we publish short stories, essays and non-fiction.
Another continuous element in my works ate the use of garnish, hobby materials, make costumes, wearable sculptures, social performance experiments,
and write poetry in a consumerist pop language to investigate the feminine, the comic and the cute.
I feel related to artist as Isa Genzken, Meret Oppenheim and writer Hiromi Ito and young poets writing in the genre ‘Gurlesque’ (girly and grotesque) in this interest.
My work have been published in several magazines in Denmark and in one New York based magazine, I have published two small books.
In the past years I have been making a collaborative film project with colleagues
in Tokyo, the collaboration gained both aesthetic experience, language
experience and helped me find new potential for works, expanded my skills and
thoughts and I wish to return and learn more, collaborate with more Japanese
artist who work differently from me but whom I share visions and interest with.

社会性に関心があり、SNSなどソーシャルプラットホームの中で働く方法を探しています。しかし、自分のスタイルの強い感覚や手書きを継続してもいます。さらに、多くのコラボレーションに参加したり、コペンハーゲンにて毎週のライティンググループを運営したりしています。このグループでは互いの作品について意見しあったり、共同で制作を行うと言った生徒が中心となる学び方を開発しています。また、小さな出版社『 Longetti / ロンゲッティ』も他のライターと共同運営し、短編集やノンフィクションのエッセイなどを出版しています。私の作品の中の要素は他に、装飾や好きな素材を使うこと、衣装や着用可能な彫刻の制作、社会的性能の実験、詩を通して女性らしさを理解すること、漫画、可愛いものなどがあります。
数年の間、東京で合作映画制作に携わりました。それは仕事につながる出会いや技術や視野を広げる美しい経験でした。自分とは全く異なる日本人のアーティストと共同制作を行ったり、意見や関心について話してみたいです。Translation:Mina Ino

Anna Stahn, the writer of ‘Daily Miracle’ and Yukako Atsuchi, the Japanese translator will read the text ’Bathhouses’ together out loud at the exhibition in the closed Takasagoyu Kikunoyu Onsen bathhouse in Kofu as a performance for the opening in English and Japanese.

‘Daily Miracle’ is a small book containing four short stories and various illustrations of painted prints and will be published in Japan this autumn Friday afternoon. Its about sorority, fallen-fruits, jealousy and companionship and translated by gifted translator and reader Yukako Atsuchi into Japanese.




[Daily Miracle] It consists of four short stories by bilingual
Anna Stahn
Translated to Japanese by Yukako Atsuchi
Participatory reading performance English & Japanese /参加型朗読パフォーマンス日英
Day 1 : [Bathhouse] with Yukako Atsuchi  厚地由佳子
Day 2 [Gardener] with Araya Michika 新谷みち香

Yuyen Lin-Woywod/Taiwan, Germany


Yuyen Lin-Woywod

born in Taiwan, works in Germany


video, installation

AIRY residency November 3-15th 2018

Move Arts Japan [MAJ] artist





2018年11月3-15日 エアリー滞在

Move Arts Japan [MAJ] 招へい作家


Residence plan
I grew up in Taiwan and later moved to Germany. When I go to a new place, I always search for cultural similarities and differences between Taiwan. I am currently researching language. My grandmother spoke Japanese and Taiwanese, but I only speak Mandarin, English, and German. I want to create a story and a tutorial for which body language can be used in the places I stay. Every region has a special body language. I want to find out which kind of body language is unanimous for everyone.

レジデンス プラン

Artist profile
1) “We can’t come from nothing.” Taiwan & Europe Exchange Exhibition, HaoHaus, Taipei, Taiwan, 2018
2) “Membrane” Project by documenta 14, Athens & Cassel, 2017
3) “”MASS” solo exhibition, Kulturbahnhof Stellwerk, Cassel, Germany, 2017

Base of activity: Berlin, Germany; Taipei, Taiwan
Media Used: Moving image, installation

My videos are using experimental mix digital pictures with a mixture of found footage, as well as performance, in order to rethink the relationship between Internet media and social communities. My work focuses on transforming daily life activities into theatrical staging. In my practice, I use unofficial memories to facilitate the re-enchantment of national and family history, while recreating the realities that surpass reality at the same time.

アーティスト プロフィール
1)2018年、台湾、台北、ハオハウス、台湾・欧州交流展:『We can’t come from nothing.(私たちは無から何も生まない)』
3)2017年、ドイツ、カッセル、Kulturbahnhof Stellwerk:個展 “MASS(質量)”


プログラムタイトル:Move Arts Japan アーティスト・イン・レジデンスプログラム

助成:平成30年度 文化庁 アーティスト・イン・レジデンス活動支援事業
協力:アーツ千代田 3331、AIR 3331、ゼロダテアートプロジェクト、Artist in Residence Yamanashi[AIRY]、Art Space 寄す処、AYUMI GALLERY/CAVE AIR、Asialink Arts (University of Melbourne)、BigCi、 PAIR (Artist in Residence Pier-2)
プロジェクト名:Move Arts Japan アーティスト・イン・レジデンスプログラム2018


【AIR 3331が連携するMove Arts Japan アーティスト・イン・レジデンスプログラム 2018とは?】
ポータルサイトの運営を軸に「移動型 AIR プログラム」を提案するMove Arts Japan:以下MAJは、初の試みである海外との交換プログラムを実施。MAJがこれまでに培ってきたネットワークを活かし、国内6団体、海外3団体と連携してプログラムを運営します。アーティスト主導型の旅で、能動的に見つけた視点をリサーチ結果として、アーツ千代田 3331にてアーティストトークと成果物の展示を行います。


Lost in translation- Workshop for gesture

 失われた翻訳 – ジェスチャーのためのワークショップ






– ジェスチャーと身振りを明確化する(約10分)
– ジェスチャーの例を挙げ、参加者はジェスチャーの文化について考察を行う
– 諸外国、または日本の異なる地方の文化・ジェスチャーを比較
– 成果として短いビデオクリップと写真を撮影


“What is a gesture? By definition, a gesture is a movement of a part of the body, in particular the hand or head, which is intended to express an idea or convey meaning. In Latin the verb gestuare refers to the management of the body or how to carry oneself and the body. In modern Italian gestire means “to manage.”

Gestures include a wide spectrum of codified behaviors and communication—from the simple and unintentional to the complex and mimetic—which might seem universal but are always embedded within specific social, institutional, and temporal histories.”

For today our workshop we will talk about Mimesis, Control (behavior) in different Culture and situations.

Rundown for the Workshop (duration 45min)

-How we definite the gesture and the sign language.(around 10 min)

-The gesture example and to invite the participator to think about the gesture in their culture.

– to compare the gesture in different culture and province in Japan or other countries.

Make an own gesture.(around 20 min)

-Take short video clip and picture as result.



[Fat Girl]2016  video  1min.17sec.

The girl was crying in sadness as she kept squeezing out her body fat in the scene. Everyone is worried about the body shape these years, especially females. At first people tried to avoid obesity because it causes illness and could be fatal. From 1960s the concept of thinness disseminated from media, and the idea of beauty of thinness is deeply ingrained in the society, and it is like a collective ideology so widespread to the extent of compulsiveness because no one wants to be different from the others. Thinness becomes a fashion that represents the anxiety and nervousness.

彼女はバスルームで体脂肪を絞り、悲しみで泣いていました。 今日では誰もが体型を心配する風潮があり、特に女性はその傾向があります。 まず人々は肥満が病気を引き起こし、致命的になる可能性があるためそれを避けようとしました。 1960年代からメディアから発信された痩身信仰、痩せていることが美しいという考えは、今でも社会に深く根ざしています。そして人々は他者とは異なることを望んではいないので、痩身信仰は強制力を持って社会に広がり、集団的イデオロギーとなったのです。 痩身は不安と緊張を表すファッションです。

Tsai Kuen-lin/Taiwan

Tsai Kuen-lin



Painting, Mixed Media, Sound sculpture, Printmaking, Photography, Video, Public art

residency October 2018


ツァイ クエン・リン





Born in Tainan in 1979, Tsai Kuen-Lin graduated from the MFA Program in New Media Art at the Department of New Media Art of the Taipei National University of the Arts, BFA Program at the Department of Fine Arts of the National Taiwan University of the Arts, and Fu-Hsin Trade and Arts School respectively.

Currently, the artist works in Taipei. In recent years, he has been using sound and plastic pipes as the basic elements for his creative expression. He aims to use hearing in order to affect the inertial thoughts people usually have towards space and place. By means of dislocation the audience is allowed to rediscover the space.  The material itself is the artist’s communication tool, he collects sounds, images and stories to transform them into art forms, try to present for people—in digital age, we always ask everything to be quick and easy but eventually only consumption left, because human nature is greedy. Therefore he believes it is important to use the senses to experience the real things, even sometimes it is very slowly; and he think the arts is a good medium of experience, through participation in art, people can get new experiences, and try to change their life with the new experience.

Solo exhibitions include: “The Invisible Sound” at Liang Gallery in Taipei in 2016, “Treesure House” at Waterloo Arts in Cleveland in 2015, “As We Hear/Say” organized by the Taishin Bank Foundation for Arts and Culture in 2015, “Transformation of Experience” at 789 Chicken Farm in Taoyuan in 2013, and “Sound Home” at Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts in 2011.

1979年台湾生まれのツァイ・クエン−リンは、復興商工職業学校、国立台湾美術大学 のファインアーツ学部でそれぞれ美術を学んだのち、修士課程ではニューメディアアーツを 専攻し卒業。


材料そのものが作家のコミュニケーションツールである。彼はサウンド、イメージや物語を集め、アートへと形を変え、提示を試みます。このデジタル時代、常に私たちは スピードや容易であることをすべてに求めますが、結局消費することだけが残ります。なぜならば欲深さが人間の本質であるからです。それゆえに、彼はたとえそれが時間を要することがあっても、実際に物事を体験するという感覚を使うことが大切だと信じています。またアートは体験をするいい媒体だとも考えています。アートへ参加することを通して、新しい体験を得られますし、それが生活や人生を変えることもあるのです。Translation: Mina Ino




会場:甲府市丸の内2-37-2 AIRY2階スタジオ

講師:ツァイ クエンリンTsai Kuen-Lin /台湾


要予約:定員10名 16(火)までにDMまたはメールで申し込む(お名前と連絡先)




We can cook with local people, and get a warm lunch, discourse about the sounds, hearing experience, and the local stories, they can know me by this lunch, I also can get some material maybe.

Also, I like to join the public events, if I can go to the local people life, I think I can get more different and interesting stories.



Julie-Ann Simpson /Scotland

Julie-Ann Simpson



painting, drawing, printmaking

residency October-November 2018


ジュリー・アン シンプソン





Painting is an act of preservation.  Through painting we allow ourselves time to understand and visualise our ideas and emotions and to engage in critical reflection.  Time spent sitting in the studio, looking at the work, is a crucial period of active stillness.

There is something inherently compelling in the slow motion of painting; its static dynamism which records a passage of time; the hesitation before starting a line, a chaotic flurry of paint, considered, rhythmic marks.

In many ways these processes which make up the act of painting have become significant themes within my work as well.  Initially using observations and memories as starting points, my practice is often an attempt to make visible that which is unseen or intangible.

In some ways, I employ a synesthetic approach, exploring the language of painting to describe a sensory experience.  My work addresses the idea of liminality and everyday juxtapositions; the porous boundaries between interior and exterior spaces, man and nature, dreams and reality.  The paintings sit in that transitional place, often beginning as representations, but eventually seem to slip into ambiguous afterimages.






Workshop [Playing with Shapes] drawing & collage 




Using an arrangement of still life objects as a starting point, the workshop will explore techniques of drawing and collage to create an image.

This workshop will allow participants to try different mediums, textures and styles to make a lively, playful drawing.


会場:甲府市丸の内2-37-2 AIRY二階スタジオ







There is something about these two groups of islands – the UK and Japan – where I find a connection and maybe it is in the landscape.  Japan feels foreign but familiar at the same time.

The paintings themselves are usually semi-abstract and relate to the experience of the senses.  In some ways, I am trying to replicate the feeling of a specific situation or memory.  Memories are funny things; you might remember one random specific detail, a smell, or a sound; color is often enhanced.  These are things I think about when I make a paintings.

イギリスと日本の2つの島国に共通するものを感じるとしたら、それは景観にあるかもしれません。 日本は私にとって外国ですが親しみを感じます。

私の作品は基本的に半抽象的であり、感覚の体験に基づいています。 いくつかの点で、私は特定の状況や記憶の感覚を再現しようとしています。 記憶とは面白いものです。 ランダムな特定の詳細、匂い、または音を覚えているかもしれませんし、 色はしばしば強調されます。 このようなことを私は絵を描くときに考えているのです。


Matthew Forsythe/Canada

Matthew Forsythe



painting, picture books, comic books

residency September-October 2018








I make paintings and picture books and comic books. I paint with gouache and watercolor and pencil and colored ink. My books have been published around the world and some of them have won awards.

Animation background:

I was also lead designer on the animated TV show, Adventure Time.


A major theme in my work is human connection/disconnection with the natural world and our collective unconscious.

Goal of this residency:

During this residency, I would like to paint in bigger formats; incorporating oil paints and acrylics. While in Japan, I would like to do more research on Japanese picture books and local painting traditions and find ways to further incorporate those elements into my work.

私は絵画、絵本、コミックを制作しています。 ガッシュ、水彩絵の具、鉛筆、カラーインクで描きます。私の本は世界中で出版され、そのうちいくつかの作品で受賞も経験しました。



Translation : Mina Ino


My intent for the first month of the residency is to make a series of illustrations that do not conform to the usual expectations from clients and customers and that are instead influenced by the experience of AIR-Y and living in Kofu.

This includes representational paintings (such as the Yamaha building) and more expressionist landscapes (such as Postcard #2)

In the next month, I want to pursue these approaches and develop more narrative work (like a short comic) and bigger expressionist paintings.



来月は、これらのアプローチをより深め、短編漫画のような作品づくりに展開していきたいと思います。また大きいサイズの風景画にも挑戦していきたいと考えています。Translation : Nagisa Mitsumori



Artist Talk & Kids Drawing Workshop


開場:甲府市朝日2-16-10 高砂湯 「Whirlpool/うずしお」展




Artist Talk 13:00-14:00

Marni Zain Odin マルニ・ザイノディン/マレーシア(メールアート)

Sarah Gonzales サラ・ゴンザレス/カナダ(イラストレーター)

Matthew Forsythe マシュー・フォルシス/カナダ (イラストレーター)

Kids Drawing Workshop 14:00-16:00

講師:Sarah & Matt   サラ・ゴンザレス+マシュー・フォルシス






Workshop will consist of Art Games

-Fukuwarai, with cut vinyl stickers and markers on large paper

-Exquisite Corpse, a collective of assembled drawings that form a unique character

-Blob Party, create and imagine anything from blobs of paint



作家:マット フォーシス/ カナダ (9-10月滞在)






Sarah Gonzales/Canada

Sarah Gonzales



Illustration, concept art, painting, graphic design

residency September 2018







I have a Visual Communication Design background with a focus in Illustration and currently work as a Concept Artist in the Video Game industry at Square Enix Montreal.

I work both traditionally and digitally and often fuse the 2 mediums. My traditional mediums include coloured pencils, water colour, gouache and acrylics.

Loneliness and happiness are common intertwining themes within my work that are layered visually and metaphorically.

During this residency, I hope to explore the natural environments of Yamanashi and incorporate these into my work. I would also like to expand my visual storytelling practice through experimental mini comics and illustrations.




今回の滞在では、山梨の自然を探検し、それらを作品に取り込みたいと考えています。実験的な小さなコミックやイラストを通して、視覚的な物語の制作もしたいと考えています。Translation : Mina Ino


Water God

My work fuses contemporary subjects and universal themes with aesthetic techniques inspired by Renaissance portraiture, Japanese woodblock prints and elements of graphic design.

This series is a mix of patterns and characters that are inspired by the textures of water in all it’s different forms and details. Walking through Takasagoyu, I was inspired by the faded colours of the tiles and the simplicity of the space. I’ve placed the paintings underneath the taps to draw back to the origins of inspiration, as if water were flowing out to create these paintings.

By experimenting with different styles and compositions with acrylics, gouache, water colour and coloured pencil, each piece explores water as a complex character emerging from the taps.




アクリル、グワッシュ、水彩絵具、色鉛筆を組み合わせる試みを実験的にしてみました、すると、それぞれのメディウムが、蛇口から流れ出す水を特徴的に捉え、表していることに気がついたのです。Translation :Nagisa Mitsumori





Artist Talk & Kids Drawing Workshop


開場:甲府市朝日2-16-10 高砂湯 「Whirlpool/うずしお」展




Artist Talk 13:00-14:00

Marni Zain Odin マルニ・ザイノディン/マレーシア(メールアート)

Sarah Gonzales サラ・ゴンザレス/カナダ(イラストレーター)

Matthew Forsythe マシュー・フォルシス/カナダ (イラストレーター)

Kids Drawing Workshop 14:00-16:00

講師:Sarah & Matt   サラ・ゴンザレス+マシュー・フォルシス





Workshop will consist of Art Games

-Fukuwarai, with cut vinyl stickers and markers on large paper

-Exquisite Corpse, a collective of assembled drawings that form a unique character

-Blob Party, create and imagine anything from blobs of paint


Marni Zainodin/Malaysia

Marni Zainodin


Flickr: marni in januari

Fb: Marni Zainodin.Poskad

Blogspot: Marni Zainodin. Postcard & Sketch

Postcard illustrator , travel sketcher , mail art

residency September 2018







It’s a postcard size art. I would sketch, illustrate, draw, paint, stamp, collages, stencil, paper cut and sketch. Mostly sketch. My artwork are inspire by nature and surrounding. Cultural, food, heritage, building, ice cream, tofu , anything interesting.

It’s fascinating about postcard. It tells story, giving experince, learning , giving information, suggestion etc. All in 4 by 6 inch papers , and stamps, and post office.

Which is Japan are among best that I’ve known about postcard/ mail cultural – and the postal system. I want to learn and experimental more about this in land of Japan. Sharing both Malaysian cultural as well.



私が知る限りでは、日本にはポストカード/手紙文化と最高水準の郵便システムがあります。私はそれについて学び、実験したいと考えています。マレーシアの文化も共有します。Translation : Mina Ino


〇講師:Marni Zainodin / Malaysia 9月滞在作家


③9/22(土)23(日)「Whirlpool / うずしお」@高砂湯にて作家作品と共に展示
「Whirlpool / うずしお」@高砂湯 http://air-y.net/archives/category/blog/archives/10022

Thank you for joining ” Travelling Sketch Workshop in Kofu ” by Marni


Dear Airy and Kofu City:

The postcard art, It tells story, convey message to mail it to family member, friends or to yourself – the warmest regard one could get. It is also ‘a moving gallery’.

As postcard are my medium- for certain visiting a post office and mail a postcard are a must to my everyday activity – although I never wish to overspend buying a  stamp- which I did. And yet – I still keep buying stamps.   I walk, travel and as a Muslim I am intrigue by one of the city project – A Map for You – A Muslim friendly guide for finding good Halal or vegetarian food.  It prove to be great help and interesting outlook about the café life here in Yamanashi.

Kofu, the easy pace city I came to known of- has giving me a moment that I never forget. The opportunity to be in workshop and hear story from people of Kofu was a wonderful experience. Some of these postcard on exhibit are from peoples that live in the city. They are too kind, language always came to difficulity to me, but kindness are often language of it’s own.

A visit to Takasagoyu, the bath House are amazing chance to get to know one of many Japan cultures. Several of these postcard are illustration. The used of indigo blue are inspire by favorite colour from Japanese tradition. And red are inspire from colour of red grapes that known as the best fresh produce of Yamanashi. I would spent remain of my days here in Kofu eating grapes.


親愛なるAIRY そして甲府の街:



また、私は一人のムスリム(イスラム教徒)として、街のあるプロジェクトに心を動かされました。”A Map for You”、ムスリムの人々に協力的なハラルフードやベジタリアンの料理の情報が載るガイドマップです。大きな助けとなっただけではなく、山梨のカフェ文化に大変、興味を持ちました。


高砂湯を訪れてみて、ここは日本文化の一部を知るには最高の場所だと気づきました。ポストカードの作品のうち何枚かはイラストレーションです。インディゴブルー(藍色)は私の最も好きな日本の伝統色。赤は山梨特産で、今が旬の葡萄から発想を得ました。残りの甲府での日々、大好きな葡萄を食べながら過ごしたいと思います。Translation : Nagisa Mitsumori