Judy Pilarczyk/Poland

Judy Pilarczyk



Painting, Drawing

Residency October 2019






My practice is focused on figurative painting and drawing where the human being is the main subject. I have always been interested in painting people as it’s the most complex and absorbing theme; I am fascinated by our mental and emotional state, philosophy, thinking, love etc

My current paintings question intimacy as a form of self-love:

How intimate do we get with ourselves, how affectionate do we become? How much do we understand ourselves, our needs and dreams?How remote do we become when we feel lonely?    How much do we love who we are when we go through difficult times? Do we realise that no one can make us happy if we are not happy with ourselves? I am not interested in myself as a subject for painting but I am someone who I’ve gotten to know better than anyone else therefore my paintings are very often self-portraits. Choosing monochrome adds more harmony and intimate feelings to my artworks.

At AIRY I want to continue doing intimate paintings and make a series of small artworks. I hope to make a 20-page artist’s book in collaboration with poets living in Kofu city. My objective is to explore poetic response that my work might evoke amongst artists from a different field; each poem will respond to each painting that I will make.





Translation: Olly Thwaite, Yuko Kanda


タイトル : Realistic Drawing
講師 : Judy Pilarczyk ジュデイ・ピラークチク/ポーランド
会場 : AIRY 2Fスタジオ
対象 : 中学生以上8名くらい
費用 : 1000円 *DMまたはメールにて事前予約制


iCLA Lecture:


Last Stage Show:

  • Judy Pilarczyk ジュディ・ピラークチク/ポーランド出身ロンドン在住(10月滞在)



Portrait x Tanka 短歌





Collaboration with Tanka group (organized by Shinobu Kurosawa, Kurosawa group)
Tanka by Shinobu Kurosawa, Hiroshi Asakawa, Hiroko Enami, and Rieko Hiraga will be exhibited simultaneously.
An attempt to sing an imaginary Tanka from portraits drawn by the artist,
edited after returning to England to publish collaborative art book of portraits and poetry.


Tanka Workshop:

「その先に 何が見えるの 少しだけ 光はあるの たずねたくなる」宏子

「ワイエスが ふとよぎるよな そのタッチ 心模様は 画面の奥に」理恵子

「黒シャツに 沈めた悲しみ まとう人 淡い光を 受けて立ってる」洋

「乳首の 向きの違いは どこまでも 交わらずして はなればなれに」黒沢


Residency artist Judy Pilarczyk_Poland in October 2019
Interview and edit by Olly Thwaite

Thomas LO Si In/Macau

Thomas LO Si In



Graffiti, Installation, Painting, Short Movies

Residency September 2019


ロー・シー・イン (トーマス)




Born in Macau, living at the edge of the small hill for 30 years. When I was small, I used to bring a small chair to the terrace to see the greenery scenic of the hill, the hill changes everyday, the songs of birds and the dancing of the squirrels are so attractive, I just sit down there day-dreaming all the time. I love to listen to the nature, I like to understand what I am dreaming. So as now I love to use the local resources for inspirations and form the linkage of me and the city. I try to use visual images to express my inner feelings, thoughts and my status, and share them with the others.

 私はマカオで生まれ、30年間小さな丘の端に住んでいます。 小さい頃、私はその緑の景色を眺めるために小さな椅子をテラスに持って行きました。丘の風景は毎日変わり、鳥の歌とリスの踊りはとても魅力的。ずっと夢を見ているようです。 私は自然に耳を傾けることを好み、夢見ていることを理解したいと思います。 現在は地元の資源をインスピレーションの源として、自分と街を連動させることを考えます。 私は自分の内なる感情、考え、そして自分の状態を表現し、他の人たちと視覚的なイメージを共有することを試みます。


講師:トーマス・ロー/ マカオ

LO Si In (Thomas) /Macau
lives and works in Macau
Graffiti painting&spray, Installation, Short Movies





① AIRY会場EXHIBITION 会場:山梨県甲府市丸の内2-37-2

date:2019.9.20(fri)18:30-20:00 opening

MMM Café/ Macau Cuisine & Drink

9.21(sat)22(sun)11:00-18:00 Exhibition

artist:Stefan Guggisberg/ Switzerland  mixed media www.stefanguggisberg.com

Thomas LO/ Macau  Graffiti, Installation www.mczthomas.com     

Masako Danno 団野雅子/ Yamanashi Japan Japanese Painting www1.linkclub.or.jp/~danno/


山梨県甲府市相生1-3-16  2F outside wall 14 meter wide

2019.9.15(sun)16(mon)9.21(sat)22(sun)23(mon) 8:30-17:00

Thomas LO Live Gaffiti by Spray

Live Graffiti by Thomas LO (MCZ)/Macau [Happy Zai]
2019 September 1min version
Edit by Thomas Lo


Interview to Thomas LO (MCZ) /Macau
5min version
Interview and Edit by Olly Thwait

What do you imagine when you hear a word graffiti? Hip hop? Illegal drawing on the subway?
According to MCZ Thomas, graffiti is something to convey a positive message to people in the city. You can see the smiling character in the wall painting on the CANVAS. I feel like that character represents the personality of artist. Peaceful, chilling and very gentle. Against the powerfulness of graffiti, he was delicate and charming character. While he was working on the wall. I sometimes go and see him painting. I was amazed how fast he can paint and how deeply he concentrates on the work. As an art student, I’ve learnt many thigs from him and sincerity toward art was one of them. (Gaku OKATA)
(インターン 大方岳)

Stefan Guggisberg/Switzerland

Stefan Guggisberg

Born in Swiss lives/works German


drawing, painting

Residency September 2019






Since the advent of quantum theory we can assume that the universe does not reduce to elementary particles. If the universe is not made up of particles, it cannot be partitioned. This also means that we humans are not parts of reality but rather participants; we enter into the universe at the same time as it enters into us. I am a participant in a process of continual genesis. The universe is continually forming itself anew from out of a living web of interrelations at the micro level. It is from this structure that everything comes into being. As one of its participants I have direct knowledge of its nature, I have direct knowledge of the interrelations between spirit and matter, of the nature of the living.

In my work I am attempting to let this knowledge guide the process. The main constituents of this process are the application, distribution and removal of paint on paper. The aim is to develop a chaotic chromatic structure, which I intuitively attempt to steer into an ordered pictorial structure. This structure is the result and manifestation both of inner movements and the external visible world. I see the intersection of the two as a kind of cosmology.



Translation: Olly Thwaite, Yuko Kanda


① AIRY会場⛰EXHIBITION 会場:山梨県甲府市丸の内2-37-2

date:2019.9.20(fri)18:30-20:00 opening

MMM Café/ Macau Cuisine & Drink

9.21(sat)22(sun)11:00-18:00 Exhibition

artist:Stefan Guggisberg/ Switzerland  mixed media www.stefanguggisberg.com


photos by Aki Yamamoto


I saw two of Stefan’s creating style during September 2019.

The first is Erasing/Removing oil color that is applied on a thick paper. He never uses a brush. Erasers are cut a sharp angle in this technique. He erases or removes oil colors instead of adding, he has created this style while ago by himself.

The second is drawing on a tablet by pencil then print out on a photographic paper. We almost believe that must be a photograph but this is a drawing. Soft and blurred gray tone attracts us a lot.




Oliver Thwaite/UK, Japan

Guidance – Revelations

Oliver Thwaite

born in UK, lives/works in Yamanashi Japan


painting, drawing, sculpture



イギリス生まれ 山梨県在住




Artistic styles of the ancient worlds 古代世界の美

The ancestors of Art Civilization and Human Experience アート、文明、人類の歩みと祖先たち

Their lives Our life 彼らの人生、私たちの命

Their memories Our memory 彼らの記憶  私たちの記憶

Do you remember? 忘れてない? I ask you – look! 頼むよー見て!  

From a young age, the artist has had a deep fascination with ancient cultures and their artworks. This exhibition was created from a personal desire to reconnect with these long-gone civilizations, and study their various expressive styles in order to deepen his own range of artistic expression. On a broader level, he hopes to showcase their richness and rekindle some interest in them. The main cultures and  civilizations that formed the inspiration for this exhibition include: 

Egyptian, Mayan, Aztec, Olmec, Mixtec, Mesopotamian, Middle Eastern, Indus Valley, Easter Island, Indonesia, Chinese, Britannic, Slavic, Celtic, Germanic, and Australian Aboriginal. 

作家は幼少期からは古代の文化と彼らの芸術作品に深く魅了されていました。 この展覧会のコンセプトはこれらの古代文明と自らを再接続し、 彼自身の芸術的表現の範囲を深めるために様々な表現スタイルを研究したいという個人的な欲求から生まれました。 広義では、彼は古代文明の豊かさを披露し、人々にそれらへの関心を寄せて欲しいと考えています。 今回は約10点のアクリル絵画を中心に展示します。

*この展覧会のためのインスピレーションを形成した主な文明は以下 エジプト、マヤ、アステカ、オルメック、ミシュテック、メソポタミア、中東、インダスバレー、イースター島、インドネシア、中国、イギリス、スラブ、ケルト、ゲルマン、オーストラリア先住民


Exhibition [Guidance Revelations] Oliver Thwaite /UK & Japan
August 2019

伽藍-がらん 本杉郁雲


本杉郁雲 MOTOSUGI Ikumo /Japan


2019. 08. 16(fri) – 20 (tue) 11:00-18:00





1987 東京世田谷生まれ 山梨県北杜市在住


日常のなかの非日常的な風景 瞬間を被写体を選ばず写す。


一方で寂寥感に満ちた心象風景を主なテーマに撮られた写真群「伽藍 -がらん-」を制作。

モノクローム写真の強コントラストの画面はまず初めは寂しさや孤独感を醸し、 やがてそれは人恋しさや暖かさといったヒューマンな感覚を呼び覚ます。


今回はこのシリーズ(全て ゼラチンシルバープリント) から9点を展示する。


1987 born in Setagaya Tokyo

Lives/works in Hokuto City in Yamanashi

He started taking photos in his teens; however, it became his main focus after retiring from a company at the age of 24.

He is able to capture unusual scenery or moments found in daily life.

He also captures lifelike images of music festivals and art festivals from all over.

But on the other hand, he expresses the loneliness or sadness, and this is seen in his album “Galan”. You can enjoy these 9 pieces from the series in the exhibition at this time. –all are gelatin silver print.

translation: Nagisa Mitumori

Opening Party
Sunday 18th August 16:00-18:00 @AIRY studio
bring your own bottle [byob]


伽藍 - がらん –  

伽藍堂(がらんどう)ときけば馴染みがある かもしれない。[中に何もはいっていない、また だれも居ないさま。がらんとして広いこと]を指す。 語源には,[寺院の中で伽藍神を祀っている堂を 「伽藍堂」といい、その堂の中は何もなく広々 としていることから]とする説がある。また木の洞(うろ) を指すこともある。 環境的な空虚感を表現する場合、若しくは寂寥に満ちた 心象風景を指す場合に使用する事もある。 この何もない空間 には本当に何もないのか。 何もない を認識し、自分の意識がそこに置かれた時 にみえるものがある。それは日本人的な感覚なのかもしれないし、私だけのものかもしれない。 そのぽっかりと空いた空間に美や畏れ、自分たちがまだ 認識できない 何か をおもう行為がある。それを認識する事が、この作品群”からんどう”を制作する目的と意味とする。               2019年8月 本杉 郁雲

Olha Pryymak/Ukraine

Olha Pryymak



Painting, performance, sound sculpture, tea making, video and print

residency July 2019







I am a London-based Ukrainian artist and herbal tea maker who uses art as a tool for remembering and applying inter-generational knowledge in impactful ways.  My current body of work originates in fascination with folklore surrounding herbal tea and medicine. I recreate the elements of Eastern European healing tea drinking rituals in the form of participatory performances. The background of long lineage of women-herbalists in the family gives me the agency to activate these exchanges. The most recent concept of tea performances, designed within the framework of SPACE London Creative Network, invites audience to describe/recreate for me their personal rituals, addressing the disturbance and entropy in social fabric.  

Audience participation is very important for me. I start with inviting one to three people for conversations around a cup of herbal tea.  I like calling these meetings over tea – ‘social sculptures’.  The reiterations of the performances at the Phytology Bethnal Green Nature Reserve and the Ennismore Old Sessions House served as a launch pad for the consequent painting works. The paintings are exclusively of women in various states of action, urging for change,  fulfilling their desires and crafting own narratives.



Translation: Olly Thwaite, Yuko Kanda


タイトル 「Tea Session Workshop」

アーティスト:オーラ・プリマク /ウクライナ http://opryymak.com



会場:アーティスト・イン・レジデンス山梨 2階スタジオ




Title [Tea Session]

Artist : Olha Pryymak /Ukraine

Date : 7/6 sat, 7/13sat, 7/20 Sat 11:00-12:00

Venue : Artist In Residence Yamanashi [AIRY] studio 

Address : 2-37-2 Marunouchi, Kofu, Yamanashi

Fee : donation required

Applicate : FB event page, FB or Instagram DM


Olha invites the audience to participate in her drinkable sculpture to both take it in as an object of contemplation and consumption.  The audience are welcome to taste the fermented drinks displayed in the installation.  The fermented drinks – kvass, kefir and amazake – are all ancient low-alcohol recipes, kvass being first recorded in the Kyiv Rus Chronicles.  Fermentation, as well as dried herbs serve as a metaphor for transformation, death and rebirth. As bacteria breaks down the plant ingredients into easily digestible nutrients, it is transferring energy to their next consumer in the food chain.

The miniature dioramas that comprise the sculpture along with the drinks are populated with anthropomorphic figures. The Jomon dogu-like imagery brings to mind the idealised hunter-gatherer society in equilibrium with nature. The uncanny landscape where normally delicate dried herbs menacingly tower over the clay figurines bring to mind the role of humans in their environment. 

This sculptural installation represents the negotiation between natural and man-made.  

The artwork offers the audience a frame for participation and transformation as they insert themselves into nature’s greater metabolic system.

 オーラは冥想と飲料の対象として、それを取り入れるために彼女の「飲める彫刻」に参加するように観客に勧めます。観客のみなさまにはインスタレーションに展示されている発酵飲料を味わっていただけます。発酵飲料のクバス、ケフィア、甘酒 はすべて古代の低アルコールレシピで、クバスは最初にKyiv Rus Chronicles(原初年代記)に記録されました。発酵または乾燥ハーブは、変容、死、そして再生の比喩として役立ちます。バクテリアは植物の成分を消化しやすい栄養素に分解するので、食物連鎖の次の段階にエネルギーをつなぎます。





とある休日、AIRY に滞在中のアーティスト、オーラさん のティーセッションに参加させていただきました。学校から帰るとランドセルをおろして庭のハーブを摘み、木陰でハーブティーをたしなむのが至福のひととき、という子供時代を送った私にとって、まさにどストライクなワークショップでありました。タイムやベリーの葉、ローズヒップなどを素敵なケトルで煮出して。
(Fluunt 甲府オーナーシェフ 風間由布 右端)

Stephanie Whitelaw /UK

Stephanie Whitelaw



installation, sculpture, eco therapy

Residency July 2019







I am an installation Artist, Sculptor and Eco Therapist who is working site specifically within both urban and natural space. Building installation inside and outside; I predominantly work with wood, stone, mirror, fabric and with the land itself.  I am currently working with fallen tree, minimising my material use. My work is sight responsive, reacting with sensitivity – to what already exists. Following organic processes of ephemerality, fluidity and transformation my work attempts to make connections that are seen and unseen – revealing the threads that run through ourselves and our environment.

I believe it is important to honour what is already here. I create transitory installations, establishing a space where the elements meet and harmonise momentarily, underlining a state of impermanence. I also use photography to explore the seen and unseen, capturing something that will never be here again.

I have three years experience facilitating creative Art workshops with community groups in London and Edinburgh. I believe creativity is born out of Nature – we are all creative and nature can help guide us back to our intrinsic creative selves.  I am interested in the deep exploration of the self in nature and what it evokes for us creatively.

During an Artist Residency in Shimoyoshida, Japan last year, I was able to build and reconfigure an outdoor installation space for the local community. I worked closely with the land and natural form and material.  Working with earth and land rhythm, The space was liminal in its fluidity – evolving and lyrical. This concept of ‘liminality’ is something I am still exploring within my work.  I believe it is both local and universal and exists everywhere.

During my stay at Airy, I plan to develop ephemeral installations that explore liminality; as a place where we find ourselves passing through.  Liminality is a rite of passage where everything is fluid and nothing is fixed. I believe without hierarchy or order, transformation can take place.  Merging Art and Eco Therapy, I would also like to reach out and provide workshops for the local community., further exploring how we relate to each other and to our surrounding environment and the objects that inhabit it.



私はロンドンとエジンバラのコミュニティグループと一緒にクリエイティブアートワークショップを円滑に進めた3年間の経験があります。創造性は自然から生まれたものだと思います -。私たちは皆創造的であり、自然は私たちを本来の創造的な自己へと導きます。私は自然の中で自己を深く探求し、それが創造的に私たちに何を呼び起こすかに興味を持っています。

昨年、日本の下吉田でアーティストレジデンシーで、私は地元のコミュニティのために屋外のインスタレーションスペースを構築して再構成することができました。私は土地や自然の形や素材と密接に協力しました。地球と土地のリズムを使って作業すると、その空間は流動性の点で限界的でした 。進化と叙情的ーこの「限界性」の概念は、私がまだ私の仕事の中で探求しているものです。私はそれがローカルでありそして普遍的でありそしてどこにでも存在すると信じます。


Translation: Olly Thwaite, Yuko Kanda



A big “Mandala” installed by all the participants using natural materials. Some material of flowers and branches are prepared by artist and staff the day before.

精神を落ち着かせる など
Installation starting by the center of Mandala

Plus we started walking to the park and touch the trees, smell the flowers, picking up stones before creating Mandala. It was s good start of releasing our sensory. 


山梨の自然からインスピレーションを受けた作品をインスタレーションとして展示します。 また、エコセラピストでもある作家ステファニーが、五感で楽しむ「愛宕山サイレントウオーク」を開催いたします。 両日とも10:00エアリー出発 12:00同解散、予約制です。 歩きやすい靴と雨具をご用意ください。12才以上、各回5名まで。無料 お名前、希望日、電話番号を添えてメールにてお申し込みください。


the landscape speaks by Stephanie Whitelaw is a participatory installation in response to a series of walks made from Kofu city to the forest of Mt. Atago. The work explores the boundaries that exist between the urban landscape and the natural world. 

Stephanie has explored themes of ritual and journeying; using the body as a bridge between the city and the forest.  Fragments of the walk can be seen in her installation; words, objects and forms are held in space. 

The landscape speaks will involve a guided sensory walk in silence, inviting the viewer to experience the sensory shifts that take place in nature.  The aspect of silence is central to the work;

silence can help to steer our attention to the changes that are happening within and out-with the body as we journey through

The installation will develop and evolve as participants take part; echoing the true unfolding aspect of nature itself







Nature is our home. 自然は私たちの共通の家という言葉が印相的。


Amie LeGette/USA

Amie LeGette




Resdency June 2019






I make paintings simultaneously in two scales- small works on paper, and larger oil paintings. The small works are often an initial step and direct the larger pieces. I have been thinking more about the relationship between the two.

This past year I began a series of works on paper titled Accumbent. Accumbent is a scientific term referring to the way an embryonic leaf will wrap around the edge of a seed before folding in on itself. I often use watercolor and gouache as an initial step within my painting process, so these pieces were seeds to the larger works. It also references the wrapping action of the secondary forms. I wanted them to communicate touch and atmosphere that felt more internal and bodily. The oil paintings that followed where titled Nascent. I desired to find parallels between the body and the environment and used spaces and forms that felt embryonic and emerging.

I am often attracted to things that hold ambiguity. Maybe not fully formed, but open for different interpretations. My work often appears biomorphic and touches on representationalism, however is not totally identifiable. My hope is that they still feel familiar, familiar in the way an audience may connect through an experience of their own. We do not always look at art for explanation, we often look for evocation. Evoking a sense of familiarity and connection through abstraction is and has been a goal of mine.





Translation: Olly Thwaite, Yuko Kanda


Wet on Wet workshop held by Amie LeGette


My desire to visit and work in Japan came partially from my love of washi paper. I decided that during my time at AIR-Y I would work exclusively on paper. My time here is also focused on scale.

As a painter, I am often directed to go bigger. This, as of late, has felt problematic to me. I believe Japan to be a great place to explore working on a small scale. So, while I am here, the work I am making is small, on papers (such as washi), cut, folded, collaged, and a bit sculptural.

私が日本を訪れて制作をしたいという願望は、和紙を愛していることから生まれました。AIRYでの制作は紙だけで作業しようと決めました。 私の日本での時間は作品の規模にも焦点を当てています。

アーティストとして、私は大きな作品を作ることを指示されることが多いのですが、そのことに最近では疑問を感じます。 小規模での作業を探求するのに日本は最適な場所だと思います。 ですから私が日本にいる間は、和紙などの紙上に切り取り、折りたたみ、コラージュ、そして少し彫刻を施した小型の作品を作っています。


Kayleigh Fogle/USA

Kayleigh Fogle



Illustration, New Media (interactive digital projects)

Residency June 2019






As a visual artist working in interactive digital media, I create immersive spaces that combine both virtual and tactile experiences. I achieve this convergence through the development of small-scale “casual” video games using the RPGMaker series of engines for 2D/pixelated work, and Unity for 3D-based virtual reality projects. These worlds expand into the fabrication of physical objects, such as custom peripheral controllers, illustrated zines, and handmade toys. Exploring emotional comfort in the context of imaginative play defines the ways in which I become more comfortable with myself as an individual. Soft colors, simple environments, and round, friendly characters contribute to my primary goal as an artist: create accessible places of comfort, connection, and belonging.

インタラクティブ・メディアアートのヴィジュアル・アーティストとして、私は視覚と触覚を結合させた没入型の空間を創造します。私は、2D /ピクセル化されたRPGMakerシリーズのエンジンと、Unityという3Dベースのバーチャルリアリティ・プロジェクトを使用して、小規模の「カジュアルな」ビデオゲームを開発することによって、この組み合わせを実現しています。これらの世界は、カスタマイズされた周辺制御装置、イラスト付きのジン、手作りのおもちゃなどの物体の製造にまで及びます。想像力豊かな遊びの文脈のなかで感情的な快適さを探求することは、私が個人として自分自身がもっと快適になる方法を明確にします。柔らかな色、簡素な環境、そして丸くて親しみあるキャラクターが、一体感や繋がり、快適な場所を創造するという私のアーティストとしての第一目標に寄与しています。

Translation: Olly Thwaite, Yuko Kanda


Foodie Character Making workshop held by Kayleigh Fogle


“My Friend Melon” is a cute, casual video game about food, friendship and small discovers. Play as Pan (a bunny or bear) and Melon the frog collects ingredients for Ultimate Snacks and cook up a relaxing time. The game is free to play during the open studio [Play in the Rain] in AIRY. Also will be able to download through [omulette.itch.io/my-friend-melon] 

We look forward to seeing you!




download ‘ My Friend Melon’ on this QR cord

illustration works

Noriko Nakamura/Australia

Noriko Nakamura

Born in Japan based in Australia


Installation, Sculpture

Studio Artist May 10th-23rd 2019


ナカムラ ノリコ



スタジオアーティスト 2019年5月10-23日

Animism is the belief that the boundary between the physical and spiritual is not absolute, but can be transgressed. According to this idea a spiritual force resides in all things; animals, objects, even landscapes. My work uses stone carving and organic elements to make installations drawing on ideas of animism and ritualistic practices.

In my recent exhibition “Erosion” , large limestone boulders were placed in their natural state, forming an anchor in the centre of the exhibition space, creating a path between the video projections which documented the environment and literal, physical form in Mount Gambier. My previous work had consisted of smaller scale hand carved limestone sculptures with designs informed by mythology and folk-tales. I was originally going to carve limestone for this exhibition, however after visiting the quarry in Mount Gambier and deep consideration, I decided to leave the boulders in the forms in which they were excavated. I realised that excavation is a large form of carving from the earth by mechanical forces. I seek to show how materials change in an effort to temporarily transgress boundaries that are set up by systems of categorisation.




AIRY’s current studio artist Noriko Nakamura (Melbourne) is joining Open Airy program. We have organised a casual cross talk event for this Saturday. Baby Rina is joining too. Please come along, kids are all welcomed.

Title: Kofu→London→Melbourne Dates: Saturday 18th May 1:00pm-1:20pm Artist talk 1:30pm-2:30pm Cross talk

Talk topics: Why did I leave Japan? My story of how I moved to Australia after dropping out of high school in Kofu. Thinking about Kofu from an overseas perspective. Motherhood etc.

This is an English and Japanese bilingual event. No booking needed. Free entry.

Noriko Nakamura She was born in Kofu in 1986. She currently lives and works in Melbourne. Noriko moved to Australia after dropping out of high school in Kofu. She graduated from high school in a small town called Geelong. After this she moved to England to study fine art at Central Saint Martins college for a year. Following this Noriko studied fine art for four years at Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne. She maintains her art practice while teaching at Melbourne Uni. Noriko has an 11 month old baby and is a current Airy studio artist until the 23rd of May.

5月のスタジオアーティスト ノリコ ナカムラ(メルボルン)がオープンエアリーに登場します。気軽なクロストークの会を計画しました。

1:00pm-1:20pm 作品紹介
1:30pm-2:30pm Cross talk

会場:甲府市丸の内2-37-2  AIRY 二階スタジオ

作家:ノリコ ナカムラ


ノリコ ナカムラ
Web: www.noriko-nakamura.com
Instagram: @norikonakamuracat


projector showing of these 10 years art works

cross talk with the participants
Yamanashi Jpmon Dogu inspire on Animizm or Motherhood
The first Happy Birthday to Rina next week














Created with great influence on Japanese Shinto Animism

How to convey it within the framework of western culture

Life lives on everything

I am attracted to Japanese houses especially ‘Fusuma’

It is a door, a wall, and a mechanism that changes the space

The sculpture works mainly use limestone

A life should be dwelling on a stone raised by seawater at the bottom of the sea

Involved in Artist Run space for 5 years in Melbourne

How do I change after having a baby?

Want to make use of the joy I get from childbirth and child care

Women can change physically and mentally

I do not think that it is difficult to produce because there are children

The concept of motherhood will be added to future research and creattion