NEWS 2018

2018, December 12th OpenAIRY with VAN COLLAR


2018, December 1 st 「アート談話室」with Yuyen Woywod


2018, December, William Matheson/USA

William Matheson/USA

2018, November 23-24th  [What The Water Tells]はしご湯@高砂湯@喜久乃湯

What The Water Tells/はしご湯


2018, November-December, Anna Muchin/Belgium

Anna Muchin/Belgium

2018, November, Anna Stahn/Denmark

Anna Stahn/Denmark

2018. November 3-15th, Yuyen Lin-Woywod/Taiwan, Germany

Yuyen Lin-Woywod/Taiwan, Germany

2018. October, Tsai Kuen-lin/Taiwan

Tsai Kuen-lin/Taiwan

2018. October-November, Julie-Ann Simpson/UK

Julie-Ann Simpson /Scotland

2018. September-October,  Matthew Forsythe/Canada

Matthew Forsythe/Canada

2018. September,  Marni Zainodin /Malaysia

Marni Zainodin/Malaysia

2018. September, Sarah Gonzales/Canada

Sarah Gonzales/Canada

2018. September 18, 22, 23 「Whirlpool/うずしお」



2018. August-September,  Jordan Mitchell-Fletcher /Australia

Jordan Mitchell-Fletcher /Australia

2018. July 28-29  『Scent of Water セント・オブ・ウオーター』

Scent of Water セント・オブ・ウオーター

2018. July-August,  Ji Yong Kim

Ji Yong Kim/South Korea

2018. July,  Calvin Pang

Calvin Pang/Singapore

2018. July, Daniel Persson

Daniel Persson/Sweden

2018. July,  Ulrika Netzler

Ulrika Netzler/Sweden

2018. June, Emma Anna

Emma Anna/Australia


2018. June, Fiona K. Lau

Fiona K. Lau/USA


2018. 16-17 June [AMFY] A Map For You

A Map For You [AMFY]


2018. 26-27 May [TipTip,PlopPlop 湯気が天井から]

「TipTip,PlopPlop 湯気が天井から」


2018. 01 May, Amber Ablett/Norway

Amber Ablett/Norway

2018. 22 April



2018 11th April

Had a studio visit of Saari residence Finland

2018 April-May, Heikke Rönkkö / Finaland

Heike Rönkkö/Finland

2018 April-  We start Thursday Calligraphy class in AIRY


2018. April – June,  Latisha Horstink / Netherlands

Latisha Horstink/Netherlands

2018. April – May,  Mari Makio / Finland

Mari Mäkiö/Finland

2018. April,  Alice Blanch / Australia

Alice Blanch/ Australia

2018. March 1st-31st  CHEONG Hoi I/Macau

Mel Cheong/Macau

2018. March 1st-31st  Sandra Leandersson/Finland

Sandra Leandersson/Sweden

2018. March 1st-31st   Julia White/Australia

Julia White/Australia

2018 February /Open Call for Intern Students



2018. January_Chiang Mai Art Study Tour/チェンマイの旅

Chiang Mai- art study tour

2018. February 1st- March 31st  Ritali Chione / HongKong

Ritali Chione /Hong Kong

2018. February 1st-28th   Danika van Kaathoven /Netherlands

Danika van Kaathoven/Netherlands

[COLOR] Yamanashi University Art Club “BIVU” group show


[ADDICTION] Mina Ino solo show

ADDICTION /Mina Ino 井野美奈




Amber Ablett/Norway